Cy Waits Discusses Split From Paris Hilton

Cy Waits discusses his split from Paris Hilton


No word on how Paris Hilton is feeling right now, but her ex Cy Waits thinks their breakup was inevitable. He said in a recent interview that he knew the split was coming.

“I don’t want to speak for Paris, but this breakup is something I knew for a number of months needed to happen – and we finally saw eye to eye.”

He also added that he now plans to get back to focusing on his career rather than a relationship. He took some slight jabs at Hilton during the interview too. He listed numerous characteristics he looks for in a relationship, including “honesty, strong values, true communication, commitment, mutual trust and respect,” and claims he didn’t have these in his most recent relationship. Then, Waits hinted that Hilton’s lifestyle was too crazy for him.

“When I’m involved with someone, my focus is keeping them safe, trying to keep them out of trouble and always being supportive. Partying is not my thing. I live a healthy lifestyle. I avoid drugs. … I have a social cocktail every now and then.”

Paris didn’t respond to requests for comment in response to what Cy said.


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