“Empire” Recap: “Play On”

empire Recap March 29 2017


On Wednesday’s “Empire,” Cookie found herself torn between Lucious and Angelo. Here are the most important things to know about “Play On,” the 11th episode of season 3.

The show began with Cookie regretting going postal on Lucious. Sister Candace said she was “addicted to that man,” with a flashback showing Lucious taking Cookie’s virginity the night her father kicked her out. Now afraid to lose Angelo, she wanted to “come clean,” but Candace warned her not to. When he later noticed a bruise, Cookie brushed it off.

The next day, Lucious told Anika the office damage was from a break-in. Cookie walked in on them post-sex act, and Lucious said he was moving on with his life since she won’t admit she still loves him. She didn’t deny it, but told him not to tell Angelo anything. Cookie was later accused of a probation violation for “associating with a known felon,” but Angelo got it dropped. He was convinced Lucious was behind the scheme, and went to confront him.

Jamal continued to work on music with Tory, which Cookie supported, though she was concerned about her influence on him. Cookie also didn’t want Lucious to know they were creating new sounds. Naturally, he found out anyway, and became inspired when he secretly listened to the recording. Jamal was infuriated when Lucious took over the studio, sparking a flashback to him working on music when Cookie confessed she was pregnant. Jamal later broke things off with D-Major, both professionally and personally.

Thirsty assigned a special security guard to keep an eye on Leah, but she escaped his eye and snuck off to Tariq to complain about Anika. Tariq then pressured Anikia to snitch on Lucious or Cookie, and served her with subpoena. He offered witness protection, and set up a meeting point. Anika later passed daughter Bella off to Hakeem, asking him to “step up,” even though girlfriend Tiana was reluctant to bond with her. She was particularly bothered when Hakeem brought the infant to a video shoot, but softened at Hakeem’s urging.

Meanwhile, Andre met one of Shine’s more dangerous associates in hopes of furthering his anti-Lucious plot. He wanted his dad alive long enough to put a Vegas deal together that he could then steal out from under him. Shine, knowing Andre is bipolar, warned him not to hurt Nessa and was skeptical of working together.

When Angelo confronted Lucious, he demanded, “Step back. I have her. You lost.” Lucious denied triggering the probation violation, and pointed the finger at Tariq. Still, Angelo warned him of a “kind of pain you’ve never experienced.” Lucious dismissed the threat, and turned his focus to Jamal, pissing him off by recruiting Tory for his own music. Jamal was consoled by Philip, and they hooked up.

In the final minutes, Candace suggested Angelo and Cookie tie the knot, which prompted a flashback to her shotgun motel wedding with Lucious. Angelo was intrigued, but wanted to hold off until after the mayoral election. Andre went to meet one of Shine’s sketchy associates for the Vegas deal, who started beating his wife Guliana (Nia Long) in front of them. She pulled a gun, however, and shot the man dead. Now Guliana would be making deals with Andre, though it was hinted she has a past with the Lyon family.


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