Fantastic Celebrity Homes In The Sunshine State

The beautiful beaches and endless days full of sunshine make Florida a hotspot for many A-list celebrities. The vibrancy of Miami draws in an array of high-class residence, and the calm vibes of the Florida Keys host a getaway for the rich and famous.

When the weather gets hot, the stars come out to play in the Sunshine State. Take a look at some of the most luxurious celebrity homes in Florida that will make your dreams seem a bit underwhelming.

Adam Sandler

Comedy genius, Adam Sandler’s sprawl in Highland, Florida is an 8th-floor condo that cost a little less than $ 2 million at purchase. As it should be, Sandler has direct access to the coastal beauty of Florida with the beach just outside his door.

Considering a condo on the beach may seem a bit of an understatement for someone as rich as Adam Sandler, he spent a pretty penny setting his mother up in a gorgeous, oceanside home as well. Every good Jewish boy remembers his mama when he strikes it rich.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s home in Jupiter, Florida may as well be a complex. It’s huge, to put it bluntly. This billionaire spared no expense on his 37,000 square foot property. It’s hard to even imagine just how much lawn care costs for this elaborate spread. Spending $ 20 million on his original lot, he spent even more money when he purchased the adjoining lots for more space.

Howard Stern

Another well-known resident of Florida makes his home in Palm Beach. Radio personality and successful businessman, Howard Stern, lives in a section of the city commonly referred to as “Raiders Row.” Raider’s Row is home to several billionaires, including Stern.

Stern paid a cool $ 10 million for his home, but swiftly made a half million dollar renovation to appease his wife’s need for a closet fit for a queen. I guess the old saying is true, “When mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.”

Vanilla Ice

The character of Vanilla Ice never ceases to make his way back into the hearts of the masses. Though we’ve seen him rise and fall, the world just can’t get enough of Vanilla Ice. Now with a new renovation show, he’s again made his way into the spotlight.

His home in Palm Beach is also nothing less than awesome. The Wellington property features a full-sized fitness center, a resort-style swimming pool, and more than one custom tennis court. It seems the years of hard work and humiliation have paid off for the Ice, ice, baby.

Stephen King

Living in Casey Key, Florida, Stephen King has set up his own not so humble abode. At a cost of nearly $ 9 million, his home has 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a pool and a hot tub (among other amenities). With 6,817 square feet of house to inhabit, there’s plenty of room for friends and family.


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