Jennifer Aniston Wants ‘Another Chance’ With Justin Theroux After Brad Pitt Moves On?

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Does Jennifer Aniston want “another chance” with Justin Theroux after Brad Pitt moved on with a different woman? That was the premise of a report from exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop noted at the time that none of the claims mirrored the truth, and it’s clear 12 months later the article was nothing more than a work of fiction.

On April 27, 2018, RadarOnline crafted a story about how Aniston wanted a “another chance” with Theroux, just two months after they announced they had separated. The often discredited website further contended the former “Friends” star was motivated to reconcile with Theroux because Pitt had moved on by dating MIT professor Neri Oxman. The outlet went on to assert a source shared with the blog how Aniston regretted splitting from Theroux and would get back together with him “in a heartbeat,” if he were willing to give her a second shot.

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As Gossip Cop exclusively reported a year ago, and time has also proved us right, Aniston was not interested in reconciling with Theroux, and Oxman and Pitt never even dated, a point the MIT professor “emphatically” made in an interview with the New York Times in October 2018. Also, Theroux told the Times a month earlier that his and Aniston’s parting was “amicable” and “painless,” and their “friendship” (not romance) was “changing” in a way the two were “very proud of.” And when asked about Pitt and Theroux in an interview with InStyle for its September 2018 cover, Aniston said she now laughs at the “ridiculous headlines” which she feels have “gotten more and more absurd.”

While it’s unclear whether RadarOnline completely manufactured its story, or based its information on an entirely untrustworthy source, what is apparent is the article was filled with one lie after the other. What’s also obvious is that in the 365 days since it posted the untrue report about Aniston wanting to get back together with Theroux after failing to rekindle with Pitt, the outlet has not become anymore reliable with its tales about them.

Earlier this month, for example, the same blog insisted Aniston was feeling “heartbreak” over Theroux kissing another woman. The site even claimed Theroux looked “smitten” with the woman, but in reality he was simply shooting a love scene with Ilana Glazer, his co-star in the upcoming movie False Positive. There was no reason whatsoever to drag Aniston into a story that should have been nothing more than a piece about Theroux and Glazer shooting a film together, but the outlet seemingly wanted to just concoct an angle about her being “heartbroken.”

As for the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star, the same website earlier this year maintained Pitt was in a romance with Charlize Theron and hiding it from Angelina Jolie. It bears mentioning, not only did Pitt’s rep, speaking on behalf of the actor, tell Gossip Cop that talk of them being in a relationship was “false,” but Theron herself has said she hasn’t dated anyone for several years.

To recap: Theroux gave no indication he’s willing to get back together with Aniston, nor has she said anything of that nature either. In fact, she’s called tabloid stories about her, Pitt, and Theroux “absurd.” Additionally, Oxman confirmed she’s never been involved with Pitt. So basically, the blog’s whole narrative was 100 percent wrong, and even some of its subsequent tales about Aniston, Theroux, and Pitt have also been total falsehoods.

This is precisely why Gossip Cop sometimes revisits reports from the previous year. It’s the best way for us to show readers which claims have held up, and which were total fabrications from the start. There should be no doubt now that the piece about Aniston supposedly wanting “another chance” with Theroux (because it didn’t work out with Pitt) was nothing more than one lie piled on top of another lie. Nor have that outlet’s alleged Pitt and Aniston sources become anymore accurate over time. Lastly, the least the blog could do is correct or update its debunked articles, which are still on its site.


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