Kate Middleton ‘Moved Out’ During ‘Trial Separation’ From Prince William?

Kate Middleton Prince William Separated


Has Kate Middleton “moved out” of the home she shares with Prince William during a “trial separation” following the rumors he cheated on her? That’s the premise behind the cover story of one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this false report.

According to the Globe, Middleton and her three kids have “moved out” of her and Prince William’s country estate, Anmer Hall, over the accusations linking the Duke of Cambridge to family friend Rose Hanbury. The supermarket tabloid contends Middleton is “so shattered” by Prince William’s alleged “betrayal” that they’re in the midst of a “trial separation, even as their lawyers talk divorce.” The magazine further asserts Middleton and Princess Charlotte and princes George and Louis are now living in her parents’ place.

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A so-called “palace courtier” is quoted by the often debunked publication as saying Queen Elizabeth is “furious” over the the latest events. The supposed tipster maintains the queen has made it known that “little George is going to be King. There is simply no way the royal family can allow him to be raised by commoners” since the Middletons are not blue bloods.

The alleged “royal insider” insists, “William has been beside himself with worry” since Middleton “won’t see or speak with him.” “He’s helpless,” continues the anonymous and seemingly made-up source, who adds Middleton’s “emotional state is a huge worry.” Glaringly missing in the article is when Middleton supposedly moved out of Anmer Hall and into her parents’ home, or how the U.S-based supermarket tabloid is the only outlet to know this, while no respected news organizations have reported about the duchess being in a “trial separation.”

The truth is Middleton and Prince William are not in a “trial separation.” And far from Duchess of Cambridge not seeing or speaking to her husband, Middleton and Prince William spent Easter together, and even visited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at their new home after church services at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Also, contrary to there being concern about Middleton’s “emotional state,” various outlets pointed out how she was smiling and laughing with Prince Harry as they entered Westminster Abbey for Thursday’s Anzac Day service, which commemorated the military efforts of those from Australia and New Zealand who served and sacrificed in all the wars.

As Gossip Cop previously noted, lawyers for the royal family shot down the cheating rumors, calling it all “false speculation.” We’ve also been told the infidelity accusations are wrong. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the Globe, which has a track record for manufacturing tall tales about the royals. Just a week ago, for instance, we corrected the outlet for its untrue story about Prince William and Middleton being in “divorce talks.”

Before that, Gossip Cop nailed the magazine for its phony cover story about how Prince William seized the throne from Prince Charles, who he accused of murder. And we also recently exposed the publication for another bogus claim about Queen Elizabeth ordering Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to get divorced. Not one of those articles were accurate, and neither is the latest piece about Middleton having “moved out” and being in a “trial separation” with Prince William.


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