Site’s “Proof” That Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow Aren’t Friends Lacks… Proof


HollywoodLife has a problem.

When two big stars like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are in the same room and the site has nothing worthwhile to say about them, it needs an angle — and quick.

Even better is if that “angle” boils down to a kindergarten-level misunderstanding of friendship!

That’s how we wind up with today’s train wreck, “EXCLUSIVE! Proof that Madonna & Gwyneth Paltrow’s Friendship Has Fizzled! PLUS Gwyneth Has A New BFF!”

Oh, boy! What did HollywoodLife’s spies discover about the “former besties” during nap time – er, last night’s “Bent On Learning” event in New York?

“Madge & Gwynnie arrived to the benefit separately,” reports the site. What’s more, Madonna had the audacity to come instead with her daughter!

(Wait, so the first bit of “proof” that Madonna is on the outs with Paltrow is that she attended a charity dinner with her kid?)

Later, the duo reportedly posed for a photo together, but according to a HollywoodLife source it was only “to show good face.”

(For those keeping score, further “proof” that Madonna and Paltrow aren’t friends is to witness a demonstration of friendliness but insist it’s evidence of hate.)

Then the article says the two “were seated at the same table for dinner but hardly spoke,” which the site explains is “very different from the days when they were inseparable at parties.” What changed? HollywoodLife says Paltrow had a “new BFF at her side” in actress Melissa George. The two were witnessed “chatting up the night and laughing” while sipping wine.

(Paltrow sat next to a third person and had a nice time talking, “proof” that she and Madonna are through as pals.)

Oh, and please ignore the inconvenient fact that the stars, allegedly locked in a bitter feud, sat at the same table.


When the crack team at HollywoodLife spends this much time breathing life into nonsense, imagine what the site could do with a real story!

For the record, Gossip Cop checked with sources who assured us Madonna and Paltrow are still good friends, and that most of what HollywoodLife said — sitting together, posing together — is actually proof.

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