Taylor Swift Not Secretly Dating John Mayer


Like a gerbil that hasn’t learned to avoid the electrified pellet, Star magazine keeps making ridiculous Taylor Swift claims despite disastrous results.

Last month, the mag alleged Swift was back with Taylor Lautner.

She wasn’t, and Gossip Cop busted it.

Before that, Star claimed Swift might play Lautner’s on-screen girlfriend. That was wrong, too. So was a story about the duo disturbing hotel guests with music lessons.

Now it appears the tabloid has tired of Swift-Lautner drivel… so it’s moved on to Swift and someone else.

The country cutie is “still having a love affair with notorious ladies’ man John Mayer,” claims Star.

“Still”? Um, Swift was never in a relationship with Mayer. But let’s see what the tab has to say.

According to a so-called “source,” Swift has been “meeting up all over the country” with Mayer, behind the back of her alleged boyfriend Cory Monteith. “Taylor will drop anything to see [Mayer],” reports the magazine. All he has to do is text her, another “source” claims, and she’ll “come running” “no matter what time it is!”

So let’s get this straight.

Two superstars with fully booked schedules — and whose every move is followed by a voracious press — have been meeting secretly from coast to coast at the drop of a hat?

Forgive us for thinking the whole thing is absurd.

But just in case, we reached out to sources close to Swift, all of whom tell Gossip Cop the story is complete nonsense.

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