“The View” Reacts: Mike Flynn May Flip On Donald Trump For Immunity (VIDEO)

The View Flynn Immunity


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Mike Flynn possibly flipping on Donald Trump and testifying on Russia if he’s granted immunity. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Flynn may testify before the FBI in exchange for immunity. The former general resigned as Trump’s National Security Adviser last month after it was clear he wasn’t honest about his dealings with the Russian ambassador. If he now talks, many believe he can shed potentially damning light on Trump’s own ties to Russia.

To kick off the discussion on the ABC talk show, Joy Behar showed a clip of Flynn once saying, “When you are given immunity, that means you probably committed a crime.” She then repeated her mom’s advice: “Don’t spit up in the air. It comes back in your face!”

The panelists were torn about whether Flynn should be granted the deal, with guest co-host Alex Rodriguez quipping, “I can think of several times in my life where I needed immunity.” Sunny Hostin, a former lawyer, said it general depends. But here she firmly supported it.

“This is a criminal investigation of this administration’s ties to Russia. Don’t we all want to know what happened here?” she asked. “And I think we want to know what was going on at the top. And if Michael Flynn can do that, if I was the prosecutor, I would give full immunity.”

Behar questioned why Trump himself tweeted this morning that Flynn should take immunity, saying, “Obviously, if he gets immunity, he’s going to do Trump in. What is Trump doing? He’s losing it.” Indeed, Sara Haines thought, “This could open the floodgates.”

But Behar wasn’t done. She exclaimed, “This guy’s been in office 70 days. It’s been dysfunction junction from the get-go. Lock him up! Lock him up!” Watch below.


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