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Katy Perry and “Teenage Dream” and Verdict!

The Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” sampler has been out a couple of days on You Tube and its time to take a look at this follow up single to “California Gurls” which we only rated at 3 stars+ due to its bubblegummy sound which we are not keen on here, but regardless it reached No1. […]

Jessica Biel and “The A Team” Premiere, London!

In what amounts to a pretty much a male dominated cast in this film,  this remake of the legendary “A Team” TV series with an all new A team line up had it’s premiere last night in London . Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend was credited with bringing the glamour to the male-dominated premiere in […]

Upcoming Drug Trial: Anna Nicole Smith Could Be Guilty, Too!

Howard K Stern, Anna Nicole SmithIt’s kind of a moot point, but apparently the law is the law.

Prosecutors said Friday that Anna Nicole Smith is considered a coconspirator in an alleged scheme to get her hands on…

Source: Bristol Palin Ends Engagement to Levi After Ex Drama

Bristol PalinEx marks the breakup spot for Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston.

The 19-year-old mom called off her second engagement to her baby daddy last week following a fight over one of his…

Casey Affleck Now Accused of "Routine Instances of Sexual Harassment"

Casey AffleckCasey Affleck may not agree with the way his cinematographer is framing the scene.

A week after a producer accused him of sexual harassment, the actor and his production company have…

Julia Roberts Spends Night Doing Laundry

Eat Pray, Love, Julia RobertsJulia Roberts may eat a lot of pizza in Eat, Pray, Love, but it wasn’t Italian food she was feasting on last night.

The Oscar winner was spotted at famed chef Thomas Keller’s…

Snooki Face-Plants on Sand, Police Not Enthused

Nicole Polizzi, SnookiToday on the Jersey Shore: Snooki. Literally.

The MTV star found herself getting hauled off in handcuffs by Seaside Heights’ Finest for drunk and disorderly conduct Friday after…

Put the Stylists on Hold? Lindsay to Head Straight to Rehab

Lindsay Lohan, Court SketchLindsay Lohan might be out of jail as early as Sunday. But she’s not going to get much quality time with her mom, sister, stylists or tanning salons.

Despite the pleas of Lohan’s…

Tom Hardy Source: Sex Quotes Taken "Out of Context"

Tom HardyCould the bisexual double standard be coming to an end? Ya know, that it’s totally ok (even encouraged) for a chick like Anna Paquin to swing both ways, but that no dude in H’wood would…

Newsflash: NBC’s The Event Is Not Lost, Heroes or FlashForward

Jason Ritter, Sarah RoemerIn case you haven’t noticed, we here at Watch with Kristin are already fans of NBC’s new conspiracy thriller, The Event.

But why should you watch this fall—besides the…