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Former Parks And Rec Actress Natalie Morales Comes Out As Queer In Open Letter!

Actress Natalie Morales is using her fame for good!

The former Parks and Recreation star opened up to the public in a letter posted to Amy Poehler‘s site Smart Girls, in order to shed light on acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Because she’s decided to come out to the world as queer.

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In her very candid essay, Natalie wrote about her experiences growing up being attracted to boys and girls:

“I am not attracted specifically to any type of gender. I’m attracted to people. Each person is their own incredible, massive universe. That is what I am attracted to; that is what I want to know, want to love, want to defend, want to take care of. I don’t like labeling myself, or anyone else, but if it’s easier for you to understand me, what I’m saying is that I’m queer. What queer means to me is just simply that I’m not straight. That’s all. It’s not scary, even though that word used to be really, really scary to me.”

This came after the 32-year-old revealed that while she would like to hold onto having a private life for so long, she couldn’t not speak up any longer.

Putting it so eloquently, she continued:

“I know this isn’t some big, life-shattering revelation that everyone will be shocked by. The reason I decided to share this with you and with the world is because even though me telling you I’m queer might not be a big deal these days, things are still pretty bad out there for people like me. There are gay concentration camps in Chechnya where people are being tortured right this second. In our very country, 49 people were killed and 58 people were wounded just last year because they were dancing in a gay club. Our safe spaces are not safe.”

Most of all, with Friday marking the last day of Pride month, she went on to say:

“I think it’s important that I tell you that this familiar face you see on your TV is the Q part of LGBTQ, so that if you didn’t know someone who was queer before, you do now. I also think it’s important that if there are any scared kids out there, like I was, I can tell you that whole ‘It Gets Better’ campaign is true. It does. And you’re not weird. You’re not bad. You’re not unholy. You’re exactly what God intended you to be. You are exactly what you are supposed to be, because nothing is supposed to be anything except for what it is, even if not everyone understands that. You are an essential part of the world just as you were created, and I want to see you. The real you.”

We are so about this!

More people need to be understanding of others, and know that it’s perfect to just be who you are!

You can read her full piece HERE.

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Johnny Galecki Expresses His Gratitude For Local Firefighters Following Vacation Home Blaze

Johnny Galecki knows what matters most.

As we previously reported, The Big Bang Theory‘s vacation home was burned down earlier this week after a massive fire raged through San Luis Obispo County. And while the A-lister is certainly heartbroken to lose his ranch, it seems he’s just focusing on the dedicated firefighters who worked tirelessly to contain the blaze.

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Alongside a pic (above), the industry vet penned a grateful note on Instagram about the first responders. The Roseanne alum didn’t hold anything back as he wrote:

“Thank you to the brothers and sisters of @calfire It is the profound risks that you accept and the sacrifices you and your families make that keep us safe. Thanks also to the many of you who have reached out in support. It is far from lost on us here. #muchlove#movingforwardstronger”

Awwww. We’re sure this shout out means the world to the firefighters and their families.

Good on you, Johnny!

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Brie Larson Is The HAIM Sister You Never Want To Meet In This HIGHlarious Funny Or Die Sketch — Watch!

Much like the Jonas Brothers, HAIM also has a fourth sibling many fans don’t know about.

Now, we finally know why Danielle, Este, and Alana Haim have cast their sister Frime aside — because she’s annoying AF!

In a new Funny or Die sketch, Brie Larson plays the forgotten Haim sister who calls the Right Now performers over to her beautiful home (well, her and mom’s home, if you wanna nitpick it) to announce some big news…

It’s time for Frime to be in HAIM!

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Of course, the indie rock trio is a little hesitant to welcome their thirsty sis into the band. But don’t worry, Frime is fully prepared to audition.

Watch the hilarious clip (below) to meet the newest member of HAIM!

[Image via Funny or Die.]

“Battle Of The Network Stars” Premiere Recap: TV Sitcoms Vs TV Kids

Battle Network Stars Premiere


“Battle Of The Network Stars” premiered on Thursday. Gossip Cop has a full recap below!

“Battle Of The Network Stars” originally aired in the 1970s and 1980s. As the title suggests, it featured stars from different networks battling each other in athletic-based challenges. The show was a favorite among TV lovers and featured many iconic stars. Now the new revival is bringing together stars of yesteryear with current TV actors for a new set of face-offs.

Tonight’s first episode focused on TV Sitcoms vs TV Kids. On the TV Sitcoms team, led by DeMarcus Ware, was Bronson Pinchot, Tom Arnold, Dave Coulier, AJ Michalka and Tracy Gold. The TV Kids team, coached by Ronda Rousey, consisted of Joey Lawrence, Corbin Bleu, Nolan Gould, Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields. Both Welchel and Fields, who solidified their place in TV history by starring on “The Facts Of Life,” previously competed on the original show.

The new edition kicked off with each of the participants arriving, although Arnold was late. The first task was a running relay, and Bleu pulled out a win for the Kids, giving the team one point. The teams went from the track to the aquatic center for the next three events. The swimming relay came first, and both Fields and Welchel were apprehensive, worried about negative social media comments. After a pep talk from Rousey, Fields agreed to team up with Gould for Kids, while Gold and Pinchot swam for the Sitcoms. And the point went to the Sitcoms, tying the score 1-1.

A kayak relay followed, with Bleu and Welchel against Coulier and Michalka. Welchel easily won it for the Kids, changing the score to 2-1. Next: The dunk tank! With Welchel sitting in the hot seat, Coulier had three chances to sink her as the teams traded trash talk. Lawrence joked to Arnold that he’d “miss on purpose,” and he actually missed all three shots. After additional pairings, and adding in the results from Coulier and Lawrence’s basketball face-off, as well as Gold and Field’s soccer match, the standings were tied at 4-4.

Michalka and Welchel also competed in tennis, Pinchot and Gould did archery, and Arnold and Bleu played golf, changing the score to 7-4 in favor of the Kids. Then there was the obstacle course, which was worth five points for the male competition and five points for the female competition instead of just one point each. Fields, who did the 1984 obstacle course, lost to Michalka, despite leading most of the way. And then Bleu easily won against Pinchot, so there was a victory and a loss for each team.

With the score now 12-9 Kids, all participated in the final task: Tug of war. It wasn’t pretty, but Sitcoms won not just the challenge but the whole shebang as 10 points was added to its total for a final score of 19-12. Next week: Team Variety vs. Team Sex Symbols!

Reverb “Boy Band” Video – Watch “Stay” Group Performance!

Reverb Boy Band Video


The group Reverb performed together for the first time on Thursday’s “Boy Band,” singing “Stay.” Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, “Boy Band” premiered on ABC last week. The new reality show started with 30 singers hoping to be part of the next great boy band. Nick Carter, Timbaland and Emma Bunton are the “architects” who are putting the final group together. On the series premiere, they narrowed down the 30 contestants to 18 and put them into three groups of six. The first group, Uplift, performed during that episode, with one member getting eliminated afterward. After the second and third groups perform and face elimination, the panel will shuffle members as they see fit and continue to evaluate the performers until just five are left standing. At the end, the newly-formed boy band will be awarded a deal with Hollywood Records.

After Uplift had its turn on the stage last week, tonight’s second episode of the competition focused on Reverb and its six members: Jon Klassen, Brady Tutton, Andrew Bloom, Jaden Gray, Camry Jackson and Chance Perez. As Gossip Cop previously noted, Gray was one of the standouts during the auditions, stunning the architects with his performance of “Hallelujah.” But now he had to prepare to perform with five others instead of solo. And one of them would be going home by the end of the hour.

When the show started, Timbaland said he wanted some echoing (in a nod to their name “Reverb”) and “a lot of loud singing,” while Carter said these six were put together because they have the “strongest vocals in the entire competition.” But how would they sound together? After some bonding and hijinks in a hotel pool, Bunton encouraged the young guys to “connect and look after each other.” At the same time, each needed to have their own “character,” the Spice Girls singer said. And they were well aware that while they’re performing as a team, they are also competing against each other.

After treating Bunton to an on-the-spot rendition of Jon Bellion’s “All Time Low,” the work began in earnest. At vocal rehearsal with vocal producer Tim Davis, he warned them, “This is not high school. This is not your church worship team.” They were tasked with performing with Rihanna’s “Stay.” In band rehearsal with musical director Adam Blackstone, Klassen was asked to integrate piano playing into the performance. Bloom struggled with going from a lead singer to harmonizing, and there was concern about whether Gray could move beyond gospel.

A choreography session followed with choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha, who wanted to make the performance as “big” as possible, given the song is a ballad. They had four hours to figure out staging and blocking when the duo typically works with artist for six days. Each was asked to show “meaning” as they performed. It was an emotional experience as all relayed personal stories of why they related to the lyrics, and a few of the guys even shed tears.

After all that, it was performance time. Just like when Uplift took the stage, the crowd cheered as if Reverb was already a well-known act. Timbaland, Carter and Bunton were even out of their seats at different points as they watched and took it all in. “The competition has started,” Bunton declared as the two other groups looked on. She went on to praise, “Brady, your tone is angelic… Chance, I’m not the only one who’s been a fan from the start. You had the pressure of starting the song and you smashed it.”

“Jaden, thank you for believing in your voice and not your runs,” Timbaland said, adding, “Cam, natural, buddy, natural.” Carter admitted he was “shell-shocked” by the rendition and their vocal harmony, even saying it was like “the start of a Grammy performance in a lot of ways.” But he told Klassen that after starting on the piano, he “didn’t didn’t come out and didn’t take control.” He further criticized, “Andrew Bloom, I feel like you have your head down a lot when you’re performing.”

With all that in mind, the architects had to eliminate one member. And it was Jon Klassen who was cut. Check out full video of the “Stay” performance below.

Cyber-Bullying Fighter Melania Trump Fully Supports Donald Tweeting About Mika Brzezinski’s ‘Low IQ’ & ‘Bleeding Face-Lift’

Y’all need any more evidence Melania Trump is 100% in Donald Trump‘s corner??

People sometimes paint the President’s third wife as some kind of princess being held prisoner by an ogre, but it’s situations like this where her true dark colors shine through.

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When asked about Trump’s disgusting tweets about Morning Joe pundit Mika Brzezinski, the FLOTUS took a break from her hard work fighting cyber-bullying to release a statement in support of her hubby.

Melania’s spokeswoman responded:

“When her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder.”

Right. What presidents call a “proportional response…”

Punching back “10 times harder” is one of those things meant to sound badass — unless you take 5 seconds to think about it.

We mean, if your frenemy mentions you falling off your diet, do you really want to respond by taking a shit in her purse, hooking up with her man, and framing her for murder?

Trying to destroy everyone who disagrees with you is what an insane person does. We mean, where does this vindictive, petty attitude end?

This is a policy of escalation and NOT becoming of a President of the United States of America. No wonder Trump has so many enemies. And he’s only making more for our country.

[Image via CBS.]

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Hits Back At Donald Trump After Shading Her For ‘Bleeding Badly From A Face-Lift’

Donald Trump is the world’s pettiest mean girl!

The president is now fully back to his unfiltered Twitter ways, which is quickly becoming a burn book of insults directed at his nemeses.

So, who’s the “fugly slut” this week? Apparently, it’s Morning Joe host Mika Brezezinski, who POTUS put in his crosshairs in an early morning tweet-attack.

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On Thursday, Trump tried to make Mika and fiancé/co-host Joe Scarborough look desperate by claiming the two tried to party with him on New Year’s Eve — and, if that’s not bad enough, “crazy” Mika was “bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

He shared:

How bitchy of you, POTUS!

Thankfully, Mika knew the best way to respond to a Regina George and took a lesson straight from Mean Girls: all the fighting had to be silent.

The MSNBC anchor swiftly responded to Trump’s attack with some silent shade, hitting his ego where it hurts the most — his tiny, delicate baby hands:

Ha! Now that’s a silent but deadly burn!

For the record, Scarborough previously slammed a report that he and Mika partied with Trump, claiming the two went to Mar-A-Lago in hopes of setting up an interview with him.

Which means Trump was most likely trying to spin the story and make it seem like the pair were groveling at his feet. A page from the playbook of every insecure teenager!

A spokesperson for MSNBC released a statement about the petty exchange, telling TMZ:

“It’s a sad day for America when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job.”

Yup, it’s gonna be a sad three and a half years!

[Image via MSNBC.]

Starbucks Customers Get The Web Fluid Scared Out Of Them In Viral Spider-Man Prank!

Not all viral marketing works. But you can’t beat a good scare!

So Thinkmodo went for the sweet spot again by surprising Starbucks customers in NYC with a quick drop-in by Spider-Man!

And we mean drop!

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No, sadly it wasn’t cutie Tom Holland, but it was a very convincing stuntman! We’re pretty sure these children even think he’s he real Spidey!

Ch-ch-check out the amazing prank and be sure to stay to the end for a special cameo (below)!

Drake Scared By Haunted Houdini House?

Drake Haunted House

(Getty Images)

Was Drake scared by a haunted house once owned by Harry Houdini? That’s what one of the tabloids wants readers to believe, but Gossip Cop can see right through this report.

The new National Enquirer features a story headlined, “Drake Hits The Brakes At Haunted Houdini House!” The supermarket tabloid writes, “Famed for his trademark cool-as-a-cucumber persona, Canadian-born crooner Drake suddenly turned terrified/chilled to the bone, even though it was hot as hell in L.A., while shooting a hush-hush TV promo at the allegedly haunted estate of legendary magician Harry Houdini!” The article goes on to quote a “gabby ghost buster.” Seriously.

In totally unnatural language, the publication’s purported source contends, “The ‘Hotline Bling’ singer kept freaking that Houdini’s haunt lies smack in the middle of creepy, winding Laurel Canyon, where L.A. lore famously claims ghosts, ghouls and witches have roamed the windswept hillsides for decades!” The gossip magazine’s alleged tipster continues, “Totally terrified, twitching at every creepy creak or chilly draft on his cheek, distraught Drizzy, saying he felt like he was burning in the ‘hotline to hell,’ finally performed his own magic, abruptly disappearing down the path back to his car at a, er… dead run.”

No real person would say “the ‘Hotline Bling’ singer” and then switch to “Drizzy” in conversation. But there are other red flags in the article besides the suspicious language. The piece doesn’t say when this incident supposedly took place or for what Drake was supposedly shooting a TV promo. Nor is it mentioned what happened to the rest of the people at the shoot or how the commercial was completed. Clearly, the tabloid conjured this bizarre tale out of thin air.

Indeed, no one with whom Gossip Cop spoke could confirm the authenticity of this bizarre story. Of course, the Enquirer is the same outlet that falsely claimed last fall that Rihanna was pregnant with Drake’s baby. The dubious publication delivered a completely untrue story back then, and quite obviously did so again now. That’s neither a trick nor a treat.

How Most Celebrities Get Their Fame

When it comes to celebrities in Hollywood that everyone has heard of, there are definitely some that stand out from the rest. There are those who are mega famous and those who you only see once in awhile. Regardless of what level of fame they have, the fact is that they all shared similarities in getting there.

People who achieve fame all have the same set of habits and mentality when it comes to visualizing their future success. They envision themselves someday living in luxury homes and drinking the finest champagnes. They practice the same way of thinking and doing and all seem to come out on the other side doing just that. Here are the ways that most celebrities became celebrities.

They Were Ambitious

Unless you have a rare case of someone accidentally becoming famous by circumstance, usually celebrities become famous because they have an urge to be something bigger than they ever imagined possible. They foresee a life of extraordinary success and are willing to stop at nothing to get there.

The kind of people who consider themselves to be ambitious eat, sleep, and breathe their dreams and can’t seem to think about anything else. If you are the type of person who can’t seem to imagine their lives any other way than the way they see it in their dreams, then you have the world at your fingertips.

They Stayed Persistent

No matter how many times that you hear the word “no” or “you aren’t good enough” someone who shows persistence is willing to keep getting up and trying again no matter what the cost.

The persistent person doesn’t hear “no” when someone says “no” but instead hears a “maybe if I try again.”

They Weren’t Afraid To Fail

So many people fail to reach for their wildest dreams because they the risk of failure overwhelms them more than the excitement of possibly succeeding.

When you want something so badly that it outweighs your fear of being rejected, then you have the biggest key for success.

They Had a Unique Talent

Most celebrities are famous because they have a certain “it” factor that is unique just to them. Whether their talents are unbeatable, or maybe they are rather mediocre at acting but are exceptionally good looking, whatever it is that sets them apart from the rest makes them stand out as a unique force.

Try taking a look at your own features and talents. What is that you could offer to this world that no one else could? If you can identify it, then focus on that and make it shine and maybe just you could be the next biggest star in the world.