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Rumored Megan Fox Rejection of Tomb Raider Wrong



Megan Fox has turned down the chance to be the next Lara Craft,” reports Showbiz Spy.

(Sigh. If you’re going to get the story completely wrong, at least spell Lara Croft’s name correctly in the first sentence.)

The site claims Fox said no to the Tomb Raider lead because “she hates being compared to the film franchise’s original star, Angelina Jolie.” It cites a so-called “movie insider” who says, “The offer has been on the table for Megan for a while but she’s reluctantly turned it down” due to the Angelina analogy.

Therefore, it “looks like the movie will now star an unknown.”

What’s “unknown” is where this “insider” came up with this version of events where Fox was asked to be the next Croft.

A rep for the actress told Gossip Cop, simply, “This is made up.”

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Rip Torn Pleads Not Guilty


Rip Torn has pleaded not guilty to burglary and firearms charges after his January bank break-in.

The 79-year-old Torn, best known for his role on “The Larry Sanders Show” and in films like Men in Black, broke into a Salisbury, Connecticut bank on the night of January 29, carrying a loaded gun. Intoxicated, he reportedly believed it to be his home.

An attorney for the actor says his client is making progress in alcohol rehabilitation, having moved from an inpatient facility to an outpatient program.

Torn is due back in court on April 27.

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Lindsay Lohan reacts to George Lopez crack about white powder on her shoes


Lindsay Lohan finally addressed the white powder billowing from her shoes the other night, which many sites used to dredge up her past drug use, and repeat rumors that she’s in a downward spiral.

After “Lopez Tonight” host George Lopez made a crack about the white cloud rising from her feet, Lohan responded and identified the “mystery” powder.

An annoyed Lohan tweeted at Lopez, “thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather* don’t you have kids?”

She added, “U wouldn’t wanna hear that about them, or would you? Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself.”

Just a few days ago, after TMZ posted a story about Lohan “going to die,” the actress told Gossip Cop exclusively, “I’m fine… I’m working and healthy.”

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Pete And Kerry, Famewhoring Together!


We love it — they have no shame!

Peter Andre and Kerry Katona pose on the cover of the UK’s OK! Magazine together WITH their children to talk about their rekindled friendship.

Is a romance in their future? We wouldn’t put it past these two just for the publicity alone!

Reggie Bush breaks up with Kim Kardashian over her 2007 sex tape

What do you see in this photo?  Do you see an unhappy Reggie and a satisfied Kim?  Why the disparity? Could it be because Reggie’s mom saw the 2007 sex-tape of Kim doing the nasty with her boyfriend Ray-J?

I just read on Contact Music that Reggie broke up with Kim because his mom saw the infamous tape and was mortified by it.

Supposedly Kim regrets doing the tape and believes that if she hadn’t done it she could have been Mrs. Bush.

I think it’s pretty cool that Reggie’s mom has these values and that he respects them enough to end their relationship.

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SANDRA Bullock has allegedly decided to divorce Jesse James.
The Oscar-winning actress — who has been left devastated by claims the motorcycle enthusiast cheated on her with at least four other women — has already taken steps towards ending their almost five-year marriage after realizing she could never forgive him.
“She’s had enough,” a source said. “She’s […]

Courteney Cox Wants Zac Efron on Cougar Town

COURTENEY Cox wants Zac Efron to star on her TV show Cougar Town.
The actress, 45, is currently playing the role of a divorced mum in her 40s on the lookout for a younger man in the hit program — and she thinks the High School Musical hunk is the “perfect” prey for older women.
“Zac […]

Is Will Smith Crowding Wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s Show?


The New York Daily News hears from “sources” that Will Smith is causing production problems for wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical series, “HawthoRNe.”

According to the paper’s “well-connected insider,” a recent, unplanned eight-day hiatus was ordered by the show’s network, TNT, to “sort out all of the production’s complications,” which executives supposedly blame on Will Smith “because he isn’t cooperating with the rest of the team.”

“He is not currently shooting a movie,” says the so-called “snitch,” “So he’s been a constant on the set in recent weeks.”

Reportedly, husband Smith’s frequent requests for script revisions and offers of other input “pushed back the production schedule tremendously,” causing everything to “spiral out of control.”

Gossip Cop isn’t sure what this “insider” is seeing on set, but perhaps a visit to the (real) eye doctor is in order.

The real reason for the hiatus, we’re told, was a serious illness of a Smith family member, something one of the Daily News‘ own sources says.

And a rep for the actor and producer assures Gossip Cop the loose talk pinning the break on any kind of behind-the-scenes drama is “definitely not true.”

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Jessica Alba to Judge Thursday’s “Project Runway”


Jessica Alba is coming to “Project Runway.”

The actress will serve as a guest judge on this Thursday’s episode of the style competition series.

She’ll help out with a challenge in which the six remaining contestants are instructed to design an outfit for an “opinionated celebrity,” later revealed to be the show’s host, Heidi Klum.

Another striking young mother known for her fashion sense, Nicole Richie, was a celebrity judge on January 14’s premiere.

Previous celeb judges have included Lindsay Lohan, Rebecca Romijn, Christina Aguilera, and Eva Longoria.

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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Get Close… with 20 other Guests



Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler just can’t help but fuel those romance rumors!” declares Showbiz Spy, among a host of sites breathing heavily this morning after the co-stars of The Bounty Hunter promoted the film in Paris on Saturday.

Citing a People.com item about Aniston and Butler’s trip down the Seine, outlets like Showbiz Spy focus on how “friendly and flirty” the two were on their “private Parisian cruise.”

Except that it wasn’t a “private” cruise.

Aniston and Butler were joined by twenty guests, with everyone dining around a single long table.

Interesting how those details didn’t make it into the second- and third-hand accounts saturating cyberspace.

We guess some sites “just can’t help but fuel” romance rumors.

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