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These Stars Fell out of Love with Their Tattoos

Think of tattoos like relationships. Some tattoos are meant to be. You will be glad to keep them forever. Others are more like flings — you were head over heels with them at first, but that excitement eventually died down, and now you don’t have feelings for them anymore. It happens. 

You’re not the only one who has wanted to end a relationship with a tattoo. Your favourite celebrities have fallen in and out love with their ink before. Find out what they did to get rid of their tattoos and why they decided to do it:

Megan Fox

The actress Megan Fox had a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm for years. But, she decided to have it removed through laser therapy because she no longer emulated the classic Hollywood star. She was concerned that the tribute to the tragic figure would bring negative energy into her life. So, she received laser removal treatment to get rid of it. 

If you are curious about erasing your own tattoo, you should click here to learn about the cost of laser tattoo removal and what to expect from your first therapy session. A responsible tattoo removal clinic will do a consultation first to see whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. It could be the best option for you.

Angelina Jolie

The actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie famously erased her tattoo dedicated to Billy Bob Thornton after they ended their romantic relationship. She had the tattoo removed through laser therapy. She covered up the freshly cleared spot with more ink. This new tattoo was a collection of the geographic coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.  

Mel B

Mel B, who is most known for being Scary Spice in the pop music group the Spice Girls, got a tattoo about her ex-husband surgically removed after ending their relationship. She has stated that the marriage was physically and emotionally abusive, so she wanted to take off the personal reminder. 

She chose surgery over laser therapy because she wanted the procedure to be finished as soon as possible. Surgery may be a faster form of tattoo removal, but it’s more likely to leave scarring, which is why it’s not an ideal method for large, complicated tattoos. 

Zayn Malik

Zayn, the singer and ex-member of the boyband One Direction, had a cartoon tribute to his fiancée Perrie Edwards permanently etched onto his arm in 2013. But, Zayn and Edwards later ended their engagement. After the break-up, Zayn decided to conceal that specific tattoo. He had it covered up with an extraterrestrial scene, which blended in perfectly with the rest of his ink.

However, it doesn’t sound like Zayn learned his lesson about getting tattoos of your current romantic partner. It’s speculated that he tattooed the eyes of supermodel Gigi Hadid onto his chest during their relationship. The two of them broke up not long after. 

Sometimes a tattoo isn’t meant to be. There’s no shame in realizing that your ink isn’t working for you anymore. You can always find your preferred removal method and get rid of the problem. It will be like you never got it in the first place. 


Those close to Ben Affleck are saying that the couples marriage was over years ago, after the couple filed for divorce today together without attorneys present.

As far as the 3 kids go, Ben and Jen are working out a joint custody deal together, as they do not want to negatively effect their children in the matter.

Spousal support will be left up to the judge to decide just how much Ben is going to have to kick in on a monthly basis. Though insiders are claiming Jen is looking at getting a little over $ 100k per month, and Ben is completely on board with that.

The couple got married with no prenup, so either way they will both be fine, as Ben’s net worth is estimated at somewhere around $ 100M and Jen’s is no chicken feed either at around $ 40M.

Insiders are telling ShowbizSpy that the couple are remaining very civil in the entire process… for now anyways. Stay tuned…



Hillary Clintons wing-woman aid has decided that her husband Anthony Weiner sexting little girls with dick pics, and masterbation videos was the last straw.

Huma filed for divorce on the 19th in New York City saying in a public statement: “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband.”

Anthony will be doing some time for his crimes, and will more than likely have to register as a sexual offender according to New York State law when he is released on probation.

There is still an ongoing investigation as to why Huma was forwarding top secret documents to her husbands computer, putting all the dirty little government secrets in a folder called “Insurance”. Most believe though that the folder name was code for, “if I disappear or get into any shit, break glass on the folder.”

There is also video of Abedin going around said to be a sex tape with her man Weiner, however we have looked at the video, and though very close in appearance we can not make out the faces as they are never shown, so we can not yet confirm. Though we have been contacted about an even longer video at around 30min that does clearly show the couples face having sex in the bathroom. We will of course keep you posted, as that would be huge breaking news, but really no surprise considering Mr. Weiner’s past of horneyness.

Huma’s divorce attorney is has stated that this should be a very quick process. We asked some top rated divorce attorneys, and have been told the process can be complicated and at times change.



Divorce and the NBA seem to go together like gravy and potatoes these days, as we have yet another one to add to the list.

At one time Baron Davis was a bit of a stud in the NBA. The now retired player picked up his boo Isabella Brewster-Davis sister of “Fast And Furious” star, Jordana Brewster in 2013, and hooked her into marriage in 2014, having 2 kids almost immediately.

There is rumors of cheating being caught by Isabella who as a fun fact dated smoking hot Bradley Cooper before getting hitched to Baron (shocker lol).

From our experience in the celeb biz and divorces, the fact that Isabella is asking for sole custody, alimony, child support and all legal fee’s paid. We have got to assume that Baron is probably at fault in this one.

We are also hearing rumors that there may be some interracial sex tapes involved in this entire ordeal, and we are looking at this one hard!

Hey we have an idea ladies, if you do not want to end up in divorce at a rate of over 93% don’t marry a professional athlete. However, if you are just looking for a ride that could pay off big, there is plenty of them out there, and you may have a shot… as long as you look like Isabella. lol


Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Reach Child Custody Agreement

The news of divorce was not really any big news after the split of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner… Ben was still mr. party dude and Jennifer was stay at home mom with the 3 kids, and of course all the rumors of cheating were running rampant.

Jennifer had claimed that Ben’s drinking was getting in the way of being a good father and she was not willing to have the kids around Ben alone in fear that his drinking would get in the way of parenting.

TMZ reporters have been told the physical custody agreement is very vague, it doesn’t outline any specific division of time with the kids. But, at least in the beginning, Jen will get the lion’s share of custodial time, and when Ben has the kids he will have a monitor to ensure he’s sober and the kids are safe.

Having someone watch Ben during his time with the kids was the only way that Jennifer would agree to the joint custody.

We reached out to our favorite divorce attorneys at Joseph Hollander & Craft, and we are being told that in the event that alcohol could be a problem on one side and possibly put children at risk, a monitor could be a good option so that the poarty in question can spend time with their children during and after divorce.

Here is recent video of Jennifer trying to get her man in rehab for drugs and alcohol…

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4 Biggest Reasons Celebrities Get Famous

We see them all over the magazines and on our televisions. We “ooh” and “ahh” over the fashion that they wear to fancy events or even casually down the street. Somehow they always look fabulous and have an untouchable glow about them. We may ask ourselves “how did they get that way?”

It’s no doubt that celebrities live lavish lifestyles, drive fancy cars, wear beautiful jewelry and enjoy the good life more than the majority of us. Here is how the majority of them make it to that level of status.

Acting In Television and Film

Acting in films is one way that a large majority of celebrities make it big. The visibility that they have when they are part of a major blockbuster film makes them a household name.

Although it may seem fantastic to be able to be recognized and idolized by many, however, being a movie star is a double-edged sword. Sometimes they encounter a lot of issues with the paparazzi and find it hard to get a moment of privacy. Movie stars, in particular, seem to be most under the spotlight since there is the biggest fascination with them in the press.

Playing Sports

When an athlete is great at their craft and known for taking the trophy on the field or court, they become a big crowd pleaser. They are idolized by children and high-fived by adults.

Not only are they famous for their sports career but they are also able to rub shoulders with all kinds of other celebrities. From movie stars to rap stars. Not to mention they have a handsome paycheck which allows them to buy things like sports cars and mansions.

Making Music

We all love a good song that catches our ear on the radio. Not to mention a good music video that goes along with it. Getting a hit song these days means that you will become a household name and well-known for your craft.

These celebrities are known for making big money off their platinum albums and jetting all around the world on tour promoting their music.

They are known for making just as much money as other celebrities if not more and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

Being In The News

Sometimes when an average everyday person is part of a big news story they reach instant fame for no other reason than simply being in the press.

In many cases, these people’s fame dies out within a few weeks or months, while others continue to profit from this media attention and go on to make careers in media.

At the end of the day, it’s all about whether they want to remain a celebrity and remain in the spotlight or not.

Four Canadian Musicians To Brighten Your Winter

If you live in Canada, you know how important it is to find things that brighten your mood in the winter. Making the effort to get out to the art gallery, a friend’s party or a concert sometimes feels like a feat Herculean strength. Especially if you have kids, finding a sitter and getting out for date night can be incredibly difficult. Studies show that music can make a huge difference in your mood; whether it’s throwing a particular album on at home, listening to the radio in the car or actually getting out to a live concert, music can be a crucial emotional tool in making it to spring without getting too depressed.

If you have adolescent children, you can try and find something that appeals to them as well – there are plenty of adult contemporary artists with cross generational appeal. Kids love to learn music as well, and perhaps your favourite Leonard Cohen album will inspire your teenage son or daughter to learn to play Hallelujah on the piano.

In the spirit of finding music to brighten up the darkness of winter, here’s a list of Canadian artists who have some really great albums:


Feist’s breakout album The Reminder might be the best thing she’s ever done, but her earlier album Let It Die is certainly no slouch. Singing in French and covering a disco hit (Inside and Out), Feist definitely mixes it up and delivers a wide range of styles. Mushaboom is a catchy single that will be stuck in your head for days, without a doubt. Her more recent albums are rawer and more experimental – not to everyone’s taste, but certainly worth exploring.

Leif Vollebekk

Originally from Ottawa, this Montreal transplant has become a staple in the Canadian indie music scene. His soft crooning and smooth folk-pop sensibilities make his records ideal for listening to on a romantic evening, during dinner or while relaxing with a glass of whiskey or wine. Leif learned to play guitar and piano as a child and it shows; his musicality is effortless and comes across naturally.


Fronted by the charismatic Jasmine Burke, Weaves has been referred to as freak-out indie rock. On their newest album, Wide Open, they embrace a more traditional rock dynamic, showcasing Burke’s fantastic songwriting and lyrics. Still, the heavy guitar, funky bass and powerful drums will make you want to rock out while doing the dishes. Definitely may appeal to your teenagers more than you, but then again, even grownups need to rock ‘n roll from time to time.


A fascinating band from Toronto, BBNG is made up of jazz geeks who met in a formal music program and shared a love of R&B and hip-hop. They’ve collaborated with big name rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Ghostface Killah, but their own albums are mostly innovative jazz compositions that are hypnotic and beautiful. You need to be in the right mood for this kind of experimental music, but sometimes it really hits the spot. You’ll also win serious cool points with your kids.

4 Things We Learned From Lindsay Lohan

If you don’t know who Lindsay Lohan is, then you may have lived under a rock for the last 10 years. Love her or hate her, she’s had no shortage of articles written about her or stories on the television. Known as Hollywood’s bad girl, better remembered for her checkered past than her acting, she is one of the most controversial actresses of our time.

Sure we’ve been entertained watching her dramatic encounters with the law as we flip through gossip mags, but beyond entertainment, what have her mistakes taught us? When it comes to what we’ve learned from Lindsay Lohan, here are the things that stick out the most.

Don’t Drink And Drive

More than once Lindsay Lohan infamously brushed with the law doing things that were illegal. Most famously driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Not only was she caught, but it continued to happen even after going to court.

What we learned from watching her be seemingly incapable of ordering a cab despite her hefty salary, is that driving under the influence of substances is a really bad idea. Not only will you find yourself potentially in a lot of trouble with the law, but you may get into a car accident which leads to serious injury or fatality.

Blondes Don’t Always Have More Fun

Lindsay is known for her red hair and freckles. Although for a short time she decided to dip her toes into the world of being blonde. Most people agreed that the look washed her out and made her look nothing short of ill.

Even though there may be a misconception that blondes have more fun, her blonde stage may have been one of the worst during her peak bad-girl stage. Passing out in cars, missing court dates, and getting into trouble at rehab are just a few of the things she got into. We learned that sometimes a zebra is meant to have stripes and Lindsay Lohan is meant to be a redhead.

Show Up When You Get A Court Order

Lindsay refused to show up when her judge told her it was time to start taking things seriously. We learned that even when you’re a celebrity there is no special treatment if you refuse to listen to a judge’s orders.

If you are ordered to show up at a certain time in court then take her experience as an example and do yourself the favor of showing up.

Rehab Doesn’t Always Do The Trick

Regardless of how many times she was sent to rehab, we saw that it didn’t necessarily do the trick. Some people are so set on a good time that even after being in a program they can’t seem to resist the urge to party.

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3 Artists That can Sing Away the Pain

“Life is pain” is often the theme of a parent teaching a wayward teenager or a drill sergeant carving a soldier and in some ways, they are absolutely correct. As we make our way through life, we endure all kinds of pain from broken hearts, broken bones, tainted souls, and life-saving surgery.

The majority of us know what it is like to endure the painful consequences of a car wreck. That includes the physical and the legal. However, most of the time we view emotional injury as more devastating. Below are a few famous artists that prove they identify by helping us sing away the pain.

Eagles – Heartache Tonight

If you are one of the millions of people who grew up listening to the sounds of the Eagles, you will be more than familiar with Heartache Tonight. In this song, there is a common situation painted for us on the canvas of song.

There is one on the hunt for love in a sea of already coupled lovers. Whether he/she finds it, as the song says, “there’s gonna be a heartache tonight.” This song speaks to all of us. We have all looked for love and went home empty or found it and lost it on the same night.

Some of us manage to hold onto it for years and then tragically lose out. Either way, every member of the Eagles knew the lasting effects of a heartache and made sure they could help us sing it away.

Matthew West – Mended

In every life, there are times when we question whether or not what we have been through has wrecked us beyond compare. Are we worth anything anymore?

Has life finally tore us down so low that we are no longer of any benefit to the world around us? In his song, “Mended,” Matthew West shows us how to cry out for the healing of a heart that has been broken more times than we thought was even possible.

His music brings us to perceive ourselves as something better than the damaged goods we see in the mirror. As life tears us down, West attempts to sing us back from the dead offering healing for our pain riddled selves.

Kutless – Even If

As we walk through the trials of living a human life, there will be moments that the healing we were expecting just doesn’t come. Anyone who has ever lost someone to cancer, lived on the streets, or suffered through a divorce knows how this can feel.

Kutless addresses the very sensitive topic in their song, “Even If,” making sure that their listeners know that even if the healing doesn’t come, there is still hope.

In a time of life where things look blacker than the cold depths of outer space, Kutless offers music that can give us the motivation to keep moving making this song a lifeline that stretches beyond healing to full restoration.

Pain is a reality of life. We all endure our fair share. Some more than others. The next time you arrive at the crossroads of suffering in your life, turn to one of these three artists for a soothing balm on that aching heart.

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5 Famous General Contractors

When we think of fame, it isn’t typical to consider those who are famous for more than just their pretty face and acting talents, but there are a whole slew of B, C, and D listers that have made a pretty strong name for themselves through their array of talents.

If you’re looking for star quality home renovations, look no further. Check out a few of the most famous general contractors you may or may not already know.

Bob Villa

One of the pioneers of the industry, Bob Villa, began his career in home improvement in the 1970’s. In 1978, he got an award from Better Homes and Gardens for restoring a Victorian Italian home in Massachusetts. That award landed him a spot as the host of This Old House.

From there, Bob Villa became a household name, literally. He was announced as the spokesman for Sears after leaving This Old House, and has since hosted a slew of other shows, featuring himself as the star.

Mike Holmes

Holmes became an expert voice on home improvement through the television show Holmes on Homes. His motto as a general contractor and home builder is to “do it right the first time.”

He frequently shares his distaste for lazy or messy builders who cut corners while doing their upgrades, and rightfully so. Holmes regularly uncovers dangerous mishaps within structures he is hired to revamp.

Jonathan & Drew Scott

The twins of HGTV have not only got the “cute” factor on lock, but they know their trade quite well. Jonathan and Drew Scott revolve their show around helping couples get more bang for their buck when it comes to their home.

Their show repeatedly raises the hopes of wistful buyers, and then quickly dashes their dreams of a picture-perfect place with an out of reach price quote on the property. Every episode aims to show buyers the value in purchasing a fixer-upper versus a new build.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice? Yes, Vanilla Ice. The rapper turned home improvement star has his own show now, and it isn’t the first season. This 90’s pop icon has actually been in the business of flipping homes for more than twenty years, but his television stardom is fairly recent.

Ice doesn’t just fix up any old house either. He focuses his efforts towards mega-mansions in Palm Beach, Florida. That’s really, “Nice, nice baby!”

Anthony Carrino & John Colaneri

New Jersey natives, John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino are cousins whose specialty is kitchen renovations. The family business has been going strong for many years, and their expertise are top notch. The cousins understand that the modern family spends most of its social time in the kitchen, and the design should work to facilitate these moments.

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