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Star mag story on Leonardo DiCaprio carries little weight



Gossip Cop is beginning to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome having to repeatedly type the words, “Star magazine” and “not true.”

The latest tale involves Leonardo DiCaprio. The mag reports DiCaprio is “packing on the pounds for his new movie Inception – by eating cupcakes! The actor ordered three dozen Sprinkles cupcakes delivered to the Los Angeles set.” (Star notes he didn’t eat them all himself.)

Hmm… so he now has to GAIN weight?

That’s odd. Just two months ago, Radar reported that he was being told by the film’s producers to LOSE weight. According to Radar back then, DiCaprio “needs to shed at least 30lbs,” because “He’s gained weight recently and looks almost a bit flabby. . . [And] there’s an action scene coming up at the end of the year in which he needs to appear emaciated.”

Radar was wrong back then, and Star is wrong now. DiCaprio hasn’t been asked to gain OR lose any weight for his role.

A rep for DiCaprio told Gossip Cop, “If it’s Star, it must not be true.” Snap!

Miley Cyrus’ Alleged Stalker Will Not Face Charges

Miley Cyrus on the set of Sex And The City 2 in midtown New York City 

A grand jury has ruled that there is not sufficient evidence to indict the man charged with harassing Miley Cyrus.

Mark McLeod, 53, was arrested twice this summer for hounding Cyrus on the Georgia set of her latest movie “The Last Song”.

McLeod told police that he was engaged to the Disney star and that Miley sent him secret messages on her TV show, Hannah Montana.

He was taken into custody in August, just a few weeks after cops cautioned him for making “inappropriate comments” to young Miley fans.

Judge Steven Scheer called mcleod “a danger” to Miley and her young fans when the suspect apperared in court on charges of attempted stalking, obstruction of a police officer and disturbing the peace.

But McLeod will not face charges after a grand jury at Chatham County State Court ruled that there was a lack of evidence against McLeod who has been in custody since August 4.

Miley, 16, was granted a temporary restraining order against McLeod.

Teri Hatcher Diagnosed with Swine Flu

1st Annual Noble Humanitarian Awards 

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has been diagnosed with the swine flu bringing production on the hit TV show to a halt.

Cast and crew members have been put on high alert after Hatcher notified producers that she had tested positive for the H1N1 virus.

Hatcher’s illness comes at a bad time, she was set to join the rest of her co-stars to shoot a Christmas episode rumored to involve a small plane crash.

We hope she is feeling better soon.

Lisa Kudrow to appear on Cougar Town!

Courteney Cox of Friends Fame and more recently Cougar Town fame where she plays a middle aged vixen who has a thing for toy boys just may have a very familiar face appearing on the show.

Sep 29 2009 Actors Lisa Kudrow (L) and Courteney Cox-Arquette perform onstage during the Rock A Little, Feed Alot benefit […]

Article by FJ from: FJ Girls Female Celebrity News

Lisa Kudrow to appear on Cougar Town!

Kristina Rihanoff Brunette Bob Look Photo Shoot and Joe Calzaghe news!

Kristina Rihanoff the 32 year old professional dancer who appears on Strictly come Dancing has pulled of a massive transformation for her normal blonde locks to the new brunette bobbed look. Her normal look is pictured below.

Tuesday 22nd September 2009. Professional dancer Kristina Rihanoff celebrates her 32nd birthday with her Strictly Come Dancing celebrity partner […]

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Kristina Rihanoff Brunette Bob Look Photo Shoot and Joe Calzaghe news!

Cheryl Cole on Simon Cowell “He’s Really Annoying”!

Cheryl Cole was on the BBC being interviewed and she revealed a few insights into fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell. She said “Honestly, he’s really annoying, Really Annoying”  …..You don’t say Cheryl!
There’s been a bit of friction between Chez and Simon, and Cheryl revealed what you see on the X Factor show gets even worse backstage. […]

Article by FJ from: FJ Girls Female Celebrity News

Cheryl Cole on Simon Cowell “He’s Really Annoying”!

Cheryl Cole wary of her recent success?

Cheryl Cole, lately, it really does look like nothing can stop her at the moment with her solo career off to a flying start with her single straight in at No1 and her album out this week on initial sales looks like it could be more of the same, so why the wary headline?

Oct 5 […]

Article by FJ from: FJ Girls Female Celebrity News

Cheryl Cole wary of her recent success?

Pamela Anderson No Way, No and Never to Reality TV Appearance!

Strong rumours were suggesting Pamela Anderson was to appear on one of the UK Reality TV Shows either “I’m A Celebrity” or “Celebrity Big Brother” but recent developments have thrown a very large bucket of cold water over that candle flame rumour, read on!

Oct 27 2009. Pamela Anderson steps out with ‘Alan’ the latest star […]

Article by FJ from: FJ Girls Female Celebrity News

Pamela Anderson No Way, No and Never to Reality TV Appearance!

UPDATE: New “New Moon” Late Night Bookings




Gossip Cop has just confirmed that Michael Sheen, who plays Aro in “New Moon,” is scheduled to appear on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on November 23.

More updates from Ferguson’s program and others to come…


As you probably know, the Twilight Trio of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner will all be seen together on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on November 20, the very same day that “New Moon” hits theaters nationwide. But if you were thinking of trying to get tickets to that show, forget it.

Forget it for two reasons. One, the cast will NOT be at Jimmy Kimmel’s studio on November 20. As Gossip Cop can confirm, the three stars will tape the show exactly two weeks before on November 6. But there’s no use in trying to get tickets to that show either. Unfortunately, Gossip Cop has learned that there are no tickets remaining to that taping.

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Chaz Bono: I Love Being a Man

2009 Outfest Opening Night Gala of 'LA MISSION' 

Chaz Bono is finally getting a chance to enjoy being a man, something that has taken him decades to accomplish.

“It’s a long process going back almost a decade. I got clean and sober in 2004 and I couldn’t have done this before that,” Bono, formerly known as Chastity, tells, Entertainment Tonight in an interview airing Thursday and Friday.

Chaz, 40, was born the daughter of Sonny and Cher Bono and began undergoing to female-to-male sex change in March. Chaz says he is already seeing significant changes in his body.

“It lowered my voice,” he says. “Fat redistributes, muscle growth, hair growth, sex drive increases.”

Chaz said that mentally and emotionally he has always felt like a male.

“I always felt like the male from the time I was a child. There wasn’t much feminine about me,” he says. “I believe that gender is something between your ears, not between your legs. That is something I discovered in the early ’90s. It was just a long process of being comfortable enough to do something about it.”

Turning 40 was the motivation Chaz needed to pursue the sex-change.

“I was turning 40 and I thought it’s now or never. I want to still feel vibrant and be able to enjoy my life in a male body and not wait until I am an old man.”