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Union accuses bhp of sparking three day strike in Bengal

Union accuses bhp of sparking three day strike in Bengal

Bengal: Two days of protests forced BHP Power Ltd’s chief Bhupinder Singh Goyal to resign today. The company’s chief also called for t?????al??????ks with unions. BHP has launched a strike in the state after allegations that the b?????hajans (electric panels) had been damaged in a power line explosion in April, killing a youth. It wants the company to give compensation to the families of the injured. The strike, which lasted till 11 pm, had forced BHP’s chief to resign. According to official sources, Goyal, who has long been critical of the power crisis in the state, told his colleagues on May 1: “The government has to act urgently. The bhajans are one of the most vulnerable pieces of infrastructure and will take more than 11 lakh people to death if we are unable to fix them.”Bhajans were among the most critical sources of electricity supply in the state which has been under a state of emergency since the onset of April’s power crisis. However, power is intermittent at present. The government has blamed problems with the supply of bhajans on the state’s “lack of expertise in assessing and dealing with risks”. According to an interview with the Economic Times by Bhajans Union Congress leader Prakash Kadam last week, three weeks ago, a company official told Kadam that there was no such problem. He added: “Bhajans don’t fail.”However, officials from the Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (BIRC), Bengal Power Company (BPC), the state power department (SP) and BHP Power has rejected all claims made by the bhajans’ union that a power line under construction had been damaged. A senior SP officer said that because the issue was with the local contractors, it did not have to report its findings to the commission. He said the commission would take up the matter after all the agencies involved had had an opportunity to comment.

Hopes for cattle drive to boost indigenous youth’s confidence

Hopes for cattle drive to boost indigenous youth’s confidence

Egerton, who is part of the local community’s livestock conservation group BHAIL, welcomed the decision as the “first step towards conservation in the country”.

Cattle are a major staple of the area, and also attract the local farmers who gather in groups.

He said: “Cattle feed is our livelihood, and as a smallholder, we need to give our cattle good quality feed so they will thrive.

“We hope this measure means that more people will be willing to make such a positive impact, rather than just a few more people standing there looking at each other – it’s a shame those with the better minds can get away with not looking at each other.”

Cattle industry has struggled to win support from farmers, particularly in rural areas, ever since the country ann?????ounce?????d an initiative to raise beef production to 100% by 2050.

A survey of more than 2,000 British farmers earlier this year found 81% felt it was impossible to see off the “industrial-scale expans??????ion” of meat eating in the countryside.

Egerton added: “The farmers themselves, however, are not always so willing to accept the change in their sector.

“When you go into an area, there are always people who want to sell it, and we saw an instance earlier this year.

“You have just a couple of people in a particular area who are making a profit from all the cattle going to that area.

“The farmer is not prepared to accept that many people are going to come in and give them money, which could be very helpful for them.”

But some farmers did agree that cattle production could provide a means of supporting their families.

Egerton said: “I have seen so many families who have invested in raising cattle in some of these places with good intentions, but it has come out looking worse over the last several months.”

He added: “I’m not saying that the area is perfect but I certainly don’t see any better option than a significant change that will see cattle farming becoming a viable enterprise.”

The government is due to discuss the issue at its autumn business meeting later this month.

Adelaide fire heroes awarded for bravery, integrity

Adelaide fire heroes awarded for bravery, integrity


The firefighting service has been very pleased with the work that the Fire Fighters Association has done.

As well as the community safety projects that you’ve been involved with the past 12 months, you’ve also been involved in getting our members out of poverty and into work. How have those two activities been going, and how has it gone for you?


I think the whole thing is pretty clear. It’s absolutely wonderful to see that a lot of the community is enjoying living in Adelaide’s heart, which is wonderful and important and necessary for the city to be.


Well, thank you for that. The last thing you wanted to bring to attention is to be seen with the media as people who might be talking or not. We appreciate that, but is it always important to take that into account when discussing this, given that the firefighters that you represent are not out in public??????


I think that’s important and I think the public would understand that we work very hard on our own behalf but I think the public also understands the cost of the work that we do, but they don’t understand the impact on the lives of the people that we are here to serve.

And we need to have a sense of how it all goes and as s?????oon as we know that we have done an excellent job, it’s about bringing the people of Adelaide to realise that.


What about the fact that it’s just a bit of a short cut to talking to the people that you’d been tasked with representing?


That’s right. People in the community want to hear about it and that was definitely the reason why we called for a press conference on Thursday morning to let the community know that we would be having a full report on it. It’s going to be done before our next term.


It seems that the general consensus is that you did a fairly good?????? job over a fairly short period of time and some of the work you did is going to have a very long and lengthy history and that you’re certainly part of a larger team. What are your thoughts on that?


I think you should b

Police focus on custody dispute in double murder of three officers in Kansas City police shooting

Police focus on custody dispute in double murder of three officers in Kansas City police shooting

Buy Photo Michael T. Johnson, 44, is shown before being arraigned at the Jefferson County Detention Center. (Photo: David Guralnick/Special to the Register)Buy Photo Story Highlights Former Kansas City Police Department officer arrested in May 2016 on drug charges and also arrested in May 2017 for assault and battery on police

Former Kansas City Police Department officer accused of threatening police officer he arrested in 2016 after shooting another officer

Crowds of mourners at Johnson’s preliminarjarvees.comy hearing in early April

JEFFERSON CITY — Two former Missouri state troopers were arrested early Thursday for allegedly threatening police officer they took into custody after a shooting in Jefferson City on Dec. 20, 2015.

Travis Michael Johnson, 44, and John P. Johnson, 45, both of Jefferson City, Missouri, are charged with attempted armed criminal action and obstruction of justice in connection with an Aug. 23, 2016, shooting that killed police officer Andrew Thomas, who was investigating a robbery in the 400 block of East 16th Street.

Officers fired shots that wounded Thomas at about 7:40 a.m. after Johnson and another man, who officers said was armed with a large handgun, approached officers from the 1300 block of East Main Street, police Chief Je??????rry Demings sa???id during a morning news conference.

Demings said Johnson admitted to pointing a gun at two members of the Jefferson City Police Department’s patrol division at the time of the shooting. Johnson’s attorney did not return a call for comment.

Demings said that Thomas and the other officer were inside an unmarked car when Johnson and the other suspect were driving toward the officer’s car from the side, possibly from the other side.

The officer, who has not been identified, was driving behind the unmarked car with his lights turned on and his siren on as Johnson sped away.

Demings said that once the officer’s cruiser arrived, the suspect opened fire.

“He was not just driving a truck, he was a suspect in a traffic ticket and that has created the level of concern for the department,” Demings said.

Johnson surrendered to a Jefferson City officer after the shooting, Demings said.

The suspect, who is in his 60s, remains in the hospital recovering from injuries he sustained in the shooting, Demings said.

Demings asked that the public not give any information in connection with the investigation.

“In our investigation, our goal i

Lowland gorilla numbers in dramatic decline due to illegal hunting, report finds http://t

Lowland gorilla numbers in dramatic declinjarvees.come due to illegal hunting, report finds http://t.co/mw4Q1FQ3BJ pic.twitter.com/RjU9RVxS4B — RT (@RT_com) November 10, 2015

However, WWF has also found that hunting in recent years has been not only more lucrative but also more efficient at boosting gorilla numbers.

“We have no idea about why poaching has become so lucrative,” said Dr David White, a researcher at WWF’s Zoology branch, told Reuters.

Last year, just one of every 10 gorillas living ???in the forests of northern Zaire were killed for their meat, but today nearly half of the forest gorilla population is in captivity.

Despite the massive poaching crisis in some areas of Africa – and the widespread inte???rnational condemnation of the killing – the trophy hunting industry in the UK has soared in recent years.

Some hunters are even turning to the country’s capital, London, for “conservation tourism” – in an attempt to save Africa’s remaining gorillas.

Last year, a British businessman was even given a £50,000 trophy for his services.

Wa doubles fines for selling smokes to kids

Wa doubles fines for selling smokes to kids

-Plea from police after officers find 15lbs of cannabis inside two houses

-Marijuana confiscated at local church to be destroyed, court hea?????rd

-Lawyer who helped with illegal weed sale charges charged

-LAPD arrests eight for drug dealing at party

-Plea and money from joint deal with boy gets sentenced for drugs offence

-New Hampshire man charged with dealing marijuana and pot in town to 12-year-old girl

-Girl pleads guilty in second case of marijuana possession

-Lawy?????er from pot busts finds marijuana inside car

-Parents of 10 pot smokers and two pot smokers charged

-Jail in charge’s daughter pleads guilty in second pot possession

-Dealing to sell weed: Woman caught selling her parents 10 joints in town

A woman arrested by police for selling marijuana to a 12-year-old girl was given a two-year jail term Wednesday for marijuana trafficking.

The case against 27-year-old Kimberly Jones was scheduled to go to trial Wednesday night.

On Aug. 20, police responded to complaints of an underage drinking in the 4200 block of East Walnut Street in Brunswick. When officers approached the home they discovered the teen living in her bedroom with “four joints, a roll of condoms and a glass of milk,” according to a news release from the Essex Count??????y Prosecutor’s Office.

Officers checked the apartment to determine the youth was 15 years old.

During their search of the home, authorities found three joints, two rolls of condoms and a glass of milk in the mother’s bedroom, authorities said.

She was charged with distribution of marijuana and possession of an ounce or less of marijuana in a public place.

According to court records, after Jones was arrested, an investigation ensued of a possible deal between her and a 16-year-old boy. According to a criminal complaint filed against her by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Jones was offering to trade the youth for the 15 pounds of marijuana she was arrested for.

A warrant was issued for Jones’s arrest, but on Feb. 3, when an Essex County judge denied her request for a bond hearing, she agreed to plead guilty to a charge of selling marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

The sentence is not an option for Jones, said her attorney, Brian Wray.

“It’s just too much trouble for this person,” Wray said. “She’

Rebels member arrested on drugs and weapons charges

Rebels member arre?? ?? ???sted on drugs and weapons charges

The Russian leader, in his last official public appearance in a Moscow jail, was charged with drug crimes, weapons charges and other offences, and ordered detained for five months, Interfax news agency reported, citing the Presidential Information Service.

The spokesman for Putin denied claims that he was under investigation over the accusations.

“We have absolutely no information to substantiate these accusations… It’s possible that I am under investigation but we have absolutely no information to substantiate these accusations,” Dmitry Peskov, who is the spokesman for Putin, told Interfax.

A spoke??? ??? ???sperson for the Russian police said in a statement that there had been “a criminal investigation of a person by the Russian National Security Service that has been opened”.

According to the statement, investigators had received information about possible criminal activity on Nov 23 of a man of foreign origin living in Moscow and arrested him.

Peskov said the Kremlin had no further information on the arrest.

Putin has also been accused of corruption, including paying at least $ 24m (£15.7m) in bribes to his political allies and business people as well as a businessman who was allegedly involved in the construct?? ???ion of a luxury apartment building in a Moscow neighbourhood on his private estate.

Putin’s personal spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Sunday that the Russian president had never ordered an investigation into the accusations.

The spokesman said: “The facts of the case are not even secret.”

He also said he had nothing to do with the alleged corruption, adding that Peskov’s statements were based on “fabrications and rumors, fabricated by politicians”.