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Angelina Jolie Trying To Dig Up Dirt On The Women Brad Pitt Is Secretly Dating?

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Dating

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A tabloid claims Brad Pitt is secretly dating several different women, and Angelina Jolie is trying to dig up dirt on these supposed mystery ladies. Nothing about the story is remotely true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to Star, Pitt has been dating four unidentified woman, including two models, an actress and a teacher. “Brad’s finally back to his old self again – but not the married, henpecked Brad,” an alleged source tells the magazine. “He’s living his best life.”

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The supposed insider goes on to say that the movie star has been seeing two “tall, gorgeous” models who were introduced to him by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. “Brad also struck up a romance with one of his recent co-stars, and he’s even been on a few dates with one of his kids’ teachers,” adds the suspicious tipster, who doesn’t know the identity of any of these women.

The seemingly phony source goes on to say that Jolie has “heard rumors” about her estranged husband dating around, “but there’s nothing she can do, because she doesn’t have any proof.” The so-called “insider” further maintains that the actress is trying to “dig up any bit of dirt she can on these women” because she’d “love to use it against him” in their custody battle.

“The bottom line is that Angelina doesn’t want to see Brad happy, which is why she’s been dragging out the divorce,” adds the anonymous tipster. “If she had the names of these women he’s been seeing, she’d use it against him and the divorce would hit another roadblock.”

The magazine’s report is total fiction. Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted Star’s sister publication, In Touch, for kicking off this bogus storyline about Pitt dating two models, an actress and one of his kids’ teachers. The report was based on claims from an untraceable “source,” but the actor’s own spokesperson told us on the record that it was “completely false.”

This follow-up article dragging Jolie into the narrative is more nonsense. The actress isn’t attempting to “dig up dirt” on four imaginary women who Pitt isn’t dating. People magazine, a much more reliable celebrity news publication than either Star or In Touch, recently reported that Pitt is “more focused on being a dad than on dating.”

It must also be mentioned, Star recently published a slew of articles claiming Pitt was in a secret romance with Jennifer Aniston. The unreliable outlet has since dropped that false narrative and invented a new one involving “four unidentified woman.” It’s more nonsense.

Irina Shayk Looking To Date A Guy Who’s The Opposite Of Bradley Cooper?

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Dating Opposite

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Irina Shayk wants to get revenge on Bradley Cooper by dating a guy who’s his total opposite? That’s the ridiculous claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight.

According to OK!, the Russian supermodel “has vowed to get with someone rugged and ultra-masculine” following her split from the actor. “She’s been out with a few hunky guys already and is planning to fill her calendar with hot dates,” a supposed source tells the magazine.

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The suspicious insider adds, “It would give her a real kick to parade a bunch of gorgeous, famous men – plus some mysterious ones – in front of Bradley, just to show him she’s not sitting around feeling sorry for herself.” The alleged tipster concludes, “She’s really excited at the idea of playing the field and knows she can get any man she wants.”

The tabloid’s premise is completely fabricated. E! News, a much more reliable source for celebrity scoops than OK!, reported last week that Shayk is taking “time to heal” following her breakup with Cooper. The trusted entertainment outlet noted, “Irina isn’t dating anyone at the moment. She’s focused on her daughter and spending time with her. She would like to meet someone in the future, but it’s not a priority at the moment.”

Additionally, this idea that the model wants to get revenge on her ex isn’t remotely accurate. Several reputable publications have reported that Cooper and Shayk are on good terms and amicably co-parenting their two-year-old daughter. The New York Post even noted there’s “no drama” between the exes, who are happy to share joint custody of their child.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms that the magazine’s report is total nonsense. We’re assured that Shayk isn’t on the prowl for a man who’s “the opposite” of her ex. It should be noted, we busted OK! in May for making up a story about Lady Gaga wanting to date a guy who’s similar to Cooper. The outlet has basically reversed the premise and applied it to Shayk instead.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid back in March for falsely claiming Cooper and Gaga were getting engaged and house-hunting in Los Angeles. As we’ve stressed countless times, the A Star Is Born co-stars aren’t romantically involved. The outlet’s latest article doesn’t mention Gaga’s name at all. The magazine’s bogus storylines are inconsistent and untrue.

Angelina Jolie’s Daughter Shiloh Ditching Her To Live With Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Daughter Shiloh Living

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Angelina Jolie’s 13-year-old daughter Shiloh is not “ditching” her to live with dad Brad Pitt, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. It’s complete fiction.

“Shiloh Finally Breaks Free!” reads a headline in the latest issue of NW. The accompanying article says the teenager has been unhappy living under her mom’s roof during her parents’ custody battle, and has finally decided she’s leaving for good. “She didn’t ask her mom if she could move in with Brad – she told her it was happening,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “And from the second the words were out of her mouth, she could breathe again.”

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The alleged insider further contends that Jolie is “in denial” over the situation and believes “it’s just teen drama, but for Shiloh, this is real.” As for the reason why the teen supposedly wants to live with her dad, the tipster says Jolie’s house is a “dysfunctional disaster zone” and she “can’t take it anymore.” The questionable source adds, “She’s done with begging Angie to eat and she’s over her denials that she’s not sick.”

From there, the seemingly phony source says Pitt was elated when his daughter told him she wanted to live with him. “This will devastate Angie when she wakes up to the fact that Shiloh’s move is for good, but for him it’s a piece of his family back,” adds the suspicious insider. The so-called “source” goes on to say that Shiloh’s five siblings may soon follow suit, adding, “No one would be surprised if, by the time the summer ends, Brad is single-parenting a house of six kids permanently.”

Nothing about the tabloid’s article is remotely factual. On Monday, Jolie was spotted visiting an art exhibit in Los Angeles with Shiloh and her other daughter Zahara. Both kids looked very happy during the outing with their mom. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who tells us that the magazine’s report is totally fabricated. Jolie’s 13-year-old daughter isn’t unhappy living with her, nor does she have any plans to run away from home.

It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop debunked a similar narrative earlier this year. We called out Star for wrongly reporting that Shiloh was demanding to live in Missouri with her grandparents, William and Jane Pitt, because she was sick of her parents’ divorce battle. That premise was equally bogus.

Last year, Gossip Cop busted a magazine for falsely claiming Shiloh was planning a “tell-all” about her parents’ divorce. Prior to that, we corrected a phony article about Pitt and Jolie’s daughter bonding with Jennifer Aniston. The tabloids enjoy dragging Shiloh into her parents’ divorce drama, but these various storylines involving the teen are baseless.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Hiding Out At Her Malibu Mansion?

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Malibu Home

(Getty Images)

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have not been hiding out at her Malibu mansion in recent weeks, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. There’s no truth to it.

“Bradly & Gaga’s Secret Getaways” reads a headline in the latest issue of Heat. The accompanying article says the A Star Is Born co-stars want to avoid putting a spotlight on their so-called “romance,” so they’re laying low at the singer’s home. “They’re holed up at her place, sometimes for days on end,” an alleged source tells the magazine.

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The supposed insider adds, “They want to explore their amazing connection as soulmates, but it’s a delicate process while Bradley finalizes the terms of his split from Irina [Shayk]. They’re both anxious not to rub anyone’s face in it, so her home is perfect for keeping things private. It’s situated on acres of land, so they feel like they never have to leaving their romantic bubble.”

From there, the suspicious tipster purports to know how Cooper and Gaga have been spending their supposed alone time together. “Gaga loves cooking for him and they’ll eat outside in the evening before taking a sunset stroll along her private cliff-top trails,” says the seemingly nonexistent source. “They have lazy days in bed, too, and cozy up in front of the TV, just like any couple.”

The magazine’s report is totally fabricated. For starters, separate reps for both Cooper and Gaga have told Gossip Cop countless times that they’re not romantically involved. Additionally, the actor has been spotted in New York City several times over the past few weeks. In fact, it was recently reported that Cooper and Shayk have agreed to live in New York, where they’ll share joint custody of their two-year-old daughter.

Meanwhile, it appears that Gaga might be dating her monitor engineer, Dan Horton. The two were spotted sharing a passionate kiss during a lunch date in Los Angeles on Sunday. Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for the singer to get more details about their relationship, but they certainly appear to be more than friends.

As for Cooper, “Entertainment Tonight” recently reported that the actor isn’t making dating a “priority” following his split, and “is completely focused on his career and his daughter [with Shayk].” Heat is the same outlet that Gossip Cop busted in March for wrongly reporting that Cooper and Gaga were recording a song for her new album. That’s not happening. This latest narrative surrounding the pair is more fiction.

Kim Kardashian In “Bitter” Feud With Kylie Jenner Over Makeup Mogul’s Success?

Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner

(Getty Images)

Is Kim Kardashian in a “bitter” feud with Kylie Jenner over the makeup mogul’s success? That was the premise of a magazine article from last year. Gossip Cop debunked the claim when it first came out, and time has further proven we were right to correct that untrue report.

According to an In Touch piece from a year ago, Kardashian was “bitter” about her youngest sibling creating a giant makeup line and amassing a fortune. The tabloid maintained the famous reality star’s negative emotions were triggered by a Forbes cover story about Jenner becoming the youngest self-made billionaire ever. As a result, asserted the outlet, the two sisters were locked in a “feud” and had virtually nothing to do with one another.

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As Gossip Cop noted, far from Kardashian being “jealous” of Jenner, the two women were (and remain to this day) extremely close. In fact, Jenner’s big sister couldn’t have been more proud of her success. Right after the Forbes issue came out, Kardashian wrote “congrats” on Twitter to Jenner, who replied, “love you.” Those are hardly the sentiments of people who are bitter or in a feud.

It’s even clearer 12 months after that article was published how much the two love and adore one another. A month ago, for instance, Jenner posted a photo on Instagram of her with Kardashian, along with a caption that read, “blessed with the best.” And in a picture Kardashian uploaded to Instagram earlier this month that included all of her sisters, Jenner is seen holding hands with her sibling and lovingly draping her arm around her neck.

It also bears mentioning how since that inaccurate article, In Touch has not become any more reliable with its reporting about the rich and famous sisters. Last September, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it insisted Jenner and Travis Scott were getting married in a wedding that would cost $ 30 million. Obviously that never happen.

The outlet was also completely wrong when it contended in a cover story that Kardashian and Kanye West were going to divorce after the birth of their fourth baby. Their child, Psalm, was born a couple of months ago, and the two continue to be happy and in love with each other. Days ago, for example, Kardashian gushed on Instagram how “incredibly proud” she was of West, who himself was the front page subject of a Forbes article.

Gossip Cop occasionally reexamines stories from the previous year to show how they’ve held up over time. There’s no question 365 days later that the tabloid’s narrative about Jenner and Kardashian being in a bitter feud because of the younger sibling’s success was 100 percent false. And while their affection for one another remains genuine, one has wonder how legitimate and trustworthy the publication’s Jenner and Kardashian sources are.

Gossip Cop Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

Gossip Cop Anniversary


Gossip Cop is celebrating its 10th anniversary today. It’s hard to believe a decade has passed, but on this very day I announced the launch of the site during a segment on “Good Morning America.” And a lot has happened since then.

Over the past 10 years, Gossip Cop has established itself as the only destination for fact-checked stories about celebrities. Now when citing our reporting, other outlets routinely refer to us as the “fact-checking site.” In the process, we ourselves have become the subject of numerous pieces, including a handful of articles by the New York Times.

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While hundreds of celebrities have praised us privately and publicly for going after the truth and holding tabloids and blogs accountable for their inaccurate reporting, the real satisfaction has been that hundreds of millions of people from every corner of the Earth have visited (and hopefully enjoyed) Gossip Cop. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, I can’t help but remember how on our very first day it was predicted we would quickly be out of business by a site owned by Gawker, which itself shut down nearly three years ago.

Today, Gossip Cop participates and attends the International Fact-Checking Network’s annual conferences, where we discuss and share ideas about how to confront and combat fake news and false reports. Just a month ago, we were with more than 200 other journalists from North and South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa, the host continent for Global Fact 6 in Cape Town. Anecdotally, during a break from one of the seminars, two of the Associated Press’ top fact-checkers remarked how Gossip Cop has “the hardest job” in the debunking business. That may be true, but we relish the challenge.

Our mission from the beginning has been to separate fact from fiction in celebrity reporting. And over the last two years in particular, we’ve pledged to exhibit even more transparency in our work, which we have fully outlined on our “About Us” page. Every single story we publish has been investigated and backed up with proof and openly displayed sources. Unlike other outlets that rely almost exclusively on unnamed and untraceable sources, Gossip Cop pushes its industry insiders to go on the record as often as possible.

On a personal note, Gossip Cop has been my baby. And much like having children, in the beginning there was a lot of worrying and sleepless nights. At first, we crawled along, then got up on our feet, stumbled a little here and there, and we’ve been up and running ever since. The brand grew, learned (from its mistakes as well), and arguably even matured. And like a parent, I couldn’t be prouder of what Gossip Cop has become.

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you who has read the site. For me, it’s been a honor being Gossip Cop’s creator and editor for the past 10 years. As we begin our next decade in business, I have no doubt Gossip Cop will grow even bigger and better, and continue to be a beacon of honest reporting.

Julia Roberts ‘Dumped’ By Husband For A Younger Actress?

Julia Roberts Dumped Husband

(NW Magazine)

Julia Roberts has not been “dumped” by husband Danny Moder for actress Katheryn Winnick, who’s 10 years her junior, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the phony story. There’s no truth to it.

According to NW, the cinematographer has “walked out” on his wife of 17 years to work on the movie Flag Day in Canada, where he’s supposedly growing close to Winnick, one of the stars of the film. An alleged insider tells the magazine that Moder shares an “intense connection” with the actress, best known for her role on the TV series “Vikings.”

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The supposed source goes on to note that Roberts and Moder started dating after meeting on the set of The Mexican in 2000, which means he has a history of falling for his colleagues. From there, the questionable tipster maintains that Roberts is losing weight amid her so-called “marriage troubles,” adding, “When times are tough, she tends to neglect her diet and barely sleeps, so the pounds just melt off her.”

The seemingly phony insider adds, “It’s sad to see them go through this, but it’s been coming to a head for a while. It’s very clear that Julia needs to chill out and trust Danny if she wants their marriage to last.” The tabloid’s “source” fails to explain why Roberts should be more trusting if her husband is getting close to another woman, as is being alleged.

Still, the suspicious tipster continues, “Danny’s adamant nothing’s going on with Katheryn and she’s being paranoid over nothing. He wants this marriage to last but wishes she’d take a chill pill. Then they can live in peace and stop bickering over stupid, needless stuff like this.” Once again, it was the outlet’s “source” who insisted that Moder had “dumped” his wife for Winnick, so changing the narrative to Roberts being “paranoid” contradicts the whole premise.

The reason the magazine isn’t able to stick to a particular storyline is that none of this is remotely true. Just a few weeks ago, Roberts posted a tribute to her husband on Instagram in honor of their 17th wedding anniversary. In her post, the actress is seen wearing a T-shirt with an old photo of her husband popping a wheelie on his bike. She added the caption, “17 Years #TheWheelieKingsWife.” It should also be noted, The Blast published an article less than two weeks ago noting that Roberts uses a photo of her husband’s face as the wallpaper for her iPhone.

Back in January, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming Roberts was in a secret romance with Brad Pitt. That wasn’t the case. Last September, the tabloid wrongly reported Roberts was headed for a divorce, and it was “taking a toll on her health.” And back in February 2018, Gossip Cop busted the publication for making up a story about Roberts and Moder getting a $ 200 million divorce. The untrustworthy outlet has zero insight into the actress’s marriage, which has been going strong for 17 years.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone Relationship Rumors

Leonardo DiCaprio Camila Morrone Rumors

(Getty Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with girlfriend Camila Morrone has been the subject of many false tabloid stories. Gossip Cop has debunked several phony articles about the couple. Here are five wrong rumors.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted NW for wrongly reporting that DiCaprio’s girlfriend was pregnant with his baby. A supposed source told the magazine that the model was trying to hide a “baby bump” under baggy clothes during a recent date night. The anonymous tipster further maintained that the pregnancy was accidental, and although DiCaprio wasn’t thrilled about having a child, he was willing to step up and be a dad. However, the movie star’s spokesperson told us on the record that the report was completely untrue. DiCaprio simply isn’t expecting a child with his girlfriend.

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In May, Gossip Cop called out OK! for falsely claiming Morrone was upset that DiCaprio is still in touch with some of his exes. The publication maintained that the actor was refusing “to cut ties with his former flings,” and his girlfriend was becoming increasingly frustrated. The unreliable outlet didn’t bother to provide a single name of an ex-girlfriend who DiCaprio was supposedly contacting. An individual in the movie star’s camp assured us the drama was all made-up.

Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day in April for alleging that DiCaprio’s girlfriend had accused him of having an affair with Margot Robbie, his co-star in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The outlet contended that Morrone stormed out of a dinner date in Los Angeles because she believed her boyfriend was hooking up with his co-star. The magazine didn’t bother to mention that Robbie has been married to producer Tom Ackerley for more than two years. As we’ve also noted, the actress has been friendly with DiCaprio since they first worked together on 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street. In past interviews, Robbie described the movie star as a “wonderful big brother” and dismissed all tabloid rumors about a romance between them. Morrone has never believed any such rumors to be true.

In February, Gossip Cop debunked a Woman’s Day story saying DiCaprio was inspired to propose to Morrone after seeing Bradley Cooper settle down with then-girlfriend Irina Shayk. The premise didn’t make much sense considering that Cooper was never engaged to Shayk, with whom he shares a two-year-old daughter. Still, the publication contended that DiCaprio proposed to Morrone on a beach in Thailand with a $ 3.7 million engagement ring. The actor’s own rep told us the report was false. As time has proven, Morrone hasn’t been spotted wearing an engagement ring.

And last year, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day for falsely claiming Al Pacino warned DiCaprio not to hurt his “stepdaughter” Morrone. The story was written when Pacino was still dating the model’s mom, Lucila Sola. However, the two were never married, so Morrone was never the legendary actor’s “stepdaughter.” Still, the tabloid insisted that Pacino had given DiCaprio a “stern talking to and warned him to be respectful” of Morrone. The incident never occurred. A trusted DiCaprio insider assured us he was never confronted by The Godfather star over his relationship with the model.

Brad Pitt Confesses Love For Margot Robbie?

Brad Pitt Margot Robbie Love

(Getty Images)

Brad Pitt did not confess to Margot Robbie that he’s in love with her, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. It never happened.

According to NW, Robbie’s marriage to Tom Ackerley is falling apart, which is the reason he didn’t attend the Los Angeles premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last week. “She seemed incredibly lonely and in the moments where she wasn’t being kept busy, she looked as if she may burst into tears,” an alleged source tells the outlet.

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The supposed insider further contends that the actress and her husband have been arguing over her friendship with Pitt, but it’s only pushed her further into her co-star’s arms. “Brad’s been incredibly supportive and has been helping Margot through with words of advice, having been through two marriages himself,” adds the suspicious tipster. “He tries to lift her spirits whenever he can and he’s clearly hoping that her marriage struggles will open a door.”

The seemingly phony source goes on to say that Pitt let his feelings for Robbie be known at the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere, where he “made it clear how beautiful and talented he thinks she is.” The questionable insider concludes, “He is secretly gunning for Margot’s feelings to develop from platonic to romantic – and he hopes that if the marriage deteriorates any further, she’ll realize Brad’s the man she’s meant to be with.”

The tabloid’s report is a total work of fiction. For starters, Robbie and Ackerley aren’t having marriage problems. The actress’s husband simply had a scheduling conflict that prevented him from attending the premiere of her new movie. Additionally, the spouses are producing partners who are working together on a number of projects, including Robbie’s upcoming Barbie movie.

Meanwhile, this would hardly be the first time NW has attempted to create a nonexistent romance between Pitt and his co-star. Back in May, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming the movie star was fighting with Leonardo DiCaprio to win Robbie’s affection. There’s no love triangle between the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood stars.

Shortly before that, the outlet made up a story about Pitt and Robbie becoming the next Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone by teaming up on a bunch of movies together. The premise was fabricated. The co-stars don’t currently have another film in the works, let alone several more.

And back in March 2018, when Robbie was still in talks for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the tabloid wrongly reported that Pitt had hit on the actress at an Oscar party. The magazine has been peddling fiction about the two stars well before they officially started working together. Pitt’s rep, who’s qualified to speak on his behalf, has told us countless times that his relationship with Robbie is friendly and professional.

Alex Rodriguez Furious Over Jennifer Lopez’s Friendship With Ryan Seacrest?

Jennifer Lopez Ryan Seacrest Alex Rodriguez

(Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez is not furious over Jennifer Lopez’s friendship with Ryan Seacrest, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the nonexistent drama. It’s all fabricated.

“J. Lo Seeing Seacrest As A-Rod Steams!” reads a headline in the latest issue of the National Enquirer. The accompanying article says Rodriguez isn’t happy about his fiancee getting close to her former “American Idol” colleague, especially now that he’s newly-single. An alleged insider tells the outlet that Lopez and Seacrest have become “inseparable” lately, adding, “J. Lo and Ryan realized they share a lot in common – especially when it comes to building their own brands.”

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The supposed source further contends that the singer and the TV personality constantly talk on the phone and meet up for lunch dates, and her fiancé isn’t happy about it. The questionable tipster goes on to say it’s “ironic” that Rodriguez is upset over their friendship “when you consider there are multiple women who say he’s cheated on them.” The seemingly phony insider adds, “Ryan’s earned [Lopez’s] respect and they feel they should stick together, much to Alex’s dismay.”

The magazine’s story is based on claims from an anonymous and possibly nonexistent “insider,” but Lopez’s own spokesperson is going on the record to dismiss it as nonsense. Despite what the publication’s so-called “source” claims, a rep for the singer confirms her fiancé isn’t bothered by her friendship with Seacrest. This is a non-issue.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time the magazine has concocted a bogus report about the former MLB star having jealously issues. In May, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Rodriguez was upset by Lopez’s “steamy scenes” in her upcoming movie Hustlers, in which she plays a stripper. In reality, the former Yankee supports his fiancee’s career and has no issue with any of the roles she plays.

Back in April, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting that Lopez was dumping Rodriguez following unfounded cheating allegations against him. However, the singer doesn’t believe her fiancé has strayed during their relationship and the two are still headed down the aisle.

And in November of last year, the Enquirer insisted that Lopez and Rodriguez were secretly engaged and in a “trial marriage.” The former baseball star didn’t propose to the singer until four months later. The unreliable outlet clearly has zero insight into the couple’s romance. This latest article surrounding Lopez’s friendship with Seacrest is more fiction.