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Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Have to Pay Demi Moore Spousal Support

Demi Moore and Ashton KutcherASHTON Kutcher doesn’t have to pay Demi Moore any spousal support.

The couple recently agreed to finalize their divorce, which is being handled by various lawyers, coast-to-coast.

According to TMZ, Demi tried to get spousal support on grounds Ashton cheated on her.

The divorce is in California -a no fault state — and even if your husband sleeps around, it doesn’t entitle you to spousal support — so Demi finally backed off.

A source explained that as for the division of property, Ashton was “a little more generous than he had to be” and they split the stuff they acquired during the marriage.

10 Halloween Costume Ideas From The Stars

Got a really cool Halloween party to attend to but with no good costumes in mind? We got you covered. As usual, our ever dependable Hollywood celebs are in the forefront of various holiday antics… so we can just sit back and relax!

halloween omni


If you’ve been a good cookie this year, maybe it’s only fitting that you dress the part as well. Here, a blooming Martha dresses as the fairy godmother, which is a no-brainer for the fans.

(c) Getty

(c) Getty


Okay, so you can’t go on full Avatar mode, but Adam’s sultan-cum-Krishna attire packs a lot of ‘blue’ as well. Plus, those faux gems all over your outfit will surely increase your market value, amirite?

(c) Just Jared

(c) JustJared


The naughtiest girls always dress as the cute ones, but since Regina George and her crew already took the “bunny” idea, how about as the classic “angel”?

(c) FameFlynet

(c) FameFlynet


Ay ay ay! That “Día de los Muertos” idea you have would really kick off a tequila-filed raucous, what else. [And some quesadillas too.]

(c) FameFlynet

(c) FameFlynet


Throwbacks are an eternal favorite. Just ask married couple Cindy and Rande, who dressed up as the popular half of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Axl Rose and Slash. Belt out tunes, too, we guess?

(c) Pacific Coast News

(c) Pacific Coast News


On the other hand, you can play up with the latest trends such as…Miley Cyrus. Paris, no longer as relevant as she was in 2005, might just cause a stir again looking like this year’s hottest trash!




With the fambam? Take a piece of cuteness from Neil and David (and the kids!), who look so soo adorbs emulating the characters from “Alice in Wonderland”!

(c) Instagram

(c) Instagram


These Jersey hotties also fell down the rabbit hole. Dressing as the fabulous White Queen and the Queen of Hearts, this is one good role-playing feature with your bestie.

(c) WireImage

(c) WireImage


Bringing your guy bud as your spooktacular date can be a let down, but the Batman and Robin get-ups can still lure those girls. [Yeah, we’re talking about the ones above.]

(c) Getty

(c) Getty


Feeling Gothic? Well, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has tons of creative ideas for Halloween outfits, which is pretty evident (and suitable) on Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel.

(c) Splash News

(c) Splash News

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Joe Jonas Slams “Ridiculous” Drug Rumors: “I’ve Never Touched Heroin in My Life”

Joe JonasAfter the Jonas Brothers abruptly canceled their tour in mid-October—and before the group officially disbanded—reports surfaced that Joe Jonas was suffering from a drug problem….

Is Former Spurs Star Gareth Bale A Cheating Foreigner In Spain (Like Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Is In England)?

IS former Spurs Star Gareth Bale recapturing the form that made him  a great in England? Yes. And no. He’s yet to score a stunning goal. But he is slipping a round a little. Which makes us wonder: is the noble Briton now a cheating foreigner, like Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has been portrayed in England?

This is a snapshot of Bale reliving the glory days at White Hart Lane in Real Madrid’s match against Seville last night:

bale dive Is Former Spurs Star Gareth Bale A Cheating Foreigner In Spain (Like Liverpools Luis Suarez Is In England)?

Spotter: Pies

IT’S OFFICIAL: The ‘Jonas Brothers’ Break Up!

To the Jonas Brothers fan girls everywhere, it is of utmost sadness that we confirm the group’s official disbanding. Tissues, guys?

(c) JonasBrothers.com

(c) JonasBrothers.com

Nick, Joe, and Kevin – collectively known as the Jonas effin’ brothas — won’t be making any sweet sappy music anymore, at least as of late.

The signs were already there when the trio pulled the plug on their fall tour due to “a deep rift within the band”. So what gives?

A source shares to E! News: “There are no personal issues. They just all wanted different things. They love each other. They will always will.”

(c) Getty

(c) Getty

Last October 29, People published the boys’ official announcement on the split, which they dubbed as a “unanimous decision.”

“It’s really hard to say ‘forever’,” Nick dishes. “We’re closing a chapter, for sure.”

And what new ones will they be opening, to be exact?

(c) Cambio

(c) Cambio

The insider mentioned that Joe and Nick are bent on pursuing solo careers, with the former eyeing mainstream success while the youngest on Broadway domination. Last year, we already saw the 21-year-old Nick star in the revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

As for the oldest, Kevin, his priorities “have changed,” apparently.

“Kevin wants to focus on being a dad. He can’t wait for Danielle to have their baby.”

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IM5’s Marvelous 1D Mashup Will Blow Your Ears! Hear Story Of My Life Mixed With Avicii HERE!


Our ears are in heaven right now because IM5 just pushed out a mashup of two EPIC songs — Avicii‘s Wake Me Up & One Direction‘s Story of My Life!

We srsly can’t believe our luck right now, these are two for the best songs of the year and the beautiful boys from IM5 are melting our ears with them at the same time!!!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Yes!!! AH-Mazing!!! Harry Styles would be so proud!!

We know we are!!

Amber Le Bon wows in white webbed dress and stylish top knot for Global Fashion Awards

Amber Le Bon looked stunning in an unusual white dress complete with webbed detailing when she arrived at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2013.

Jennifer Garner Tells Jimmy Kimmel She Uses Kanye West’s “#NoDisrespectToBenAffleck” All The Time!

The feud is over between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel but the instantly classic hashtag that Kanye coined during their Twitter fight still lives on in infamy!

You of course remember Ye posting this tweet during his heated online rant against Kimmel:

Well, even though West has since removed that message from his feed, Jennifer Garner is keeping the hashtag alive by using it around her husband Ben Affleck all the time!


She admitted to Jimmy:

“I say that all the time! I say, ‘you look crazy, hashtag, no disrespect to Ben Affleck’. I mean, just on an average day, that might be how I greet him in the morning!”

Yes! That is HIGHlarious!

And also pretty adorable!

Ch-ch-check out Jennifer and Jimmy talking about the feud AND about how much weight Matthew McConaughey lost for their movie Dallas Buyers Club! (above)

10 Unconventional Romantic Comedies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

If you’re anything like me, you love romantic comedies but get tired of the same tired, unrealistic cliches being rehashed over and over in every single one, and you seek out a little something different. In the mood for a few recommendations? I’ve got ten of them right here, and you can watch all of them on Netflix streaming right now. More »

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Brad Garrett and Ray Romano Teaming up Again

Disney's "Planes" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsBRAD Garrett has asked his former Everybody Loves Raymond costar Ray Romano to appear on his new show!

Brad — a three-time Emmy winner — recently inked a deal with ABC to film a pilot episode of When the Balls Drop, based on his soon-to-be-published autobiography of the same name.

But, since Garrett’s last TV venture, How To Live With Your Parents, Brad signed up Ray to make sure this show fares better than his last attempt.

“Brad wants to roar back into prime time and score a huge hit, so he’s pulling out the big guns – namely, Ray,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“ABC laid out a big chunk of money on Brad, and even though he’s a well-established star, they suggested he use his connections to bring in other big comedy names for guest spots.

“After bombing in his last outing, Brad felt insecure. So he called Ray to bat around story ideas, and that’s when Ray offered to appear on the show.

“Both agree that they make comedy gold together,” the source added. “And after Brad helped to make Ray’s show into a huge hit, Ray is only too happy to return the favor.”

Brad’s new sitcom follows the struggles of a divorced, middle-aged man trying to balance home life and work. Ray will likely appear in four episodes, playing a trouble­making pal who causes chaos in Brad’s life.