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Ryan Reynolds Anxiety Ruining Blake Lively Marriage?

Ryan Reynolds Anxiety

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Is Ryan Reynolds’ anxiety ruining his marriage with Blake Lively? A new report claims the actress is demanding her husband “head to therapy before their relationship hits rock bottom.” Gossip Cop, however, can reveal the truth.

In a May profile, Reynolds spoke with the New York Times at length about Deadpool and suffering from anxiety. The article was even headlined, “This Story Has Already Stressed Ryan Reynolds Out,” and it was reported at the outset that the actor is “often, quite secretly, a nervous wreck.” Now nearly four months later, Star is using that interview as the basis for a piece titled, “Ryan & Blake’s Marriage: A Nervous Wreck?”

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According to the tabloid, Lively is “worried sick his issues will tear their marriage and family apart.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Ryan needs to seek help quickly. This is no joking matter. He’s often overcome by sadness and grief, sometimes for no reason.” Continues this untraceable tipster, “It’s scaring Blake, and she’s afraid how this might affect [their] children.”

It’s alleged Lively is “begging Ryan to get therapy before it rips their relationship apart.” The magazine also cites a purported “insider,” who contends, “He gets anxious then depressed and shuts himself away, and that’s frustrating for Blake. She tries to keep him calm, but she can only do so much.” The outlet maintains they were a “once-carefee couple,” but now Lively is insisting Reynolds “get help.”

Actually, as he explained to the Times, his anxiety dates back to his youth, so Reynolds has never exactly been “carefree.” He also shared in that interview that he relies on the meditation app Headspace to help cope. And while the tabloid’s take makes it seem like he has never received professional assistance, prompting Lively to “beg” him to now, Reynolds admitted in 2016 that he saw multiple doctors after suffering “a little bit of a nervous breakdown” when the first Deadpool movie wrapped.

Star is wrongly making it seem like there is a sudden problem for which Reynolds has never received treatment. That’s just not true. Lively also regularly shows support for Reynolds on Instagram, including a post two weeks ago that she shared after attending a party for his new gin company. Even more recently, Us Weekly just reported on Thursday that Lively and Reynolds “couldn’t be happier and more in love.”

Unfortunately, its sister publication has a history of falsely claiming the couple is having problems. In fact, back in 2014, Star wanted readers to believe Lively and Reynolds were leading “separate lives,” and in 2016, the magazine maintained they were “fighting nonstop.” But no matter how many times the outlet claims their relationship is at risk, Reynolds and Lively keep proving they’re a unit, regardless of any mental health problems the actor faces. That will continue to be the case going forward.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt “Romantic Honeymoon” Story Is Late And Wrong

Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston Honeymoon

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A story about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt going on a “romantic honeymoon” is late and wrong. Gossip Cop can set the record straight for the second time. The former spouses have not reunited, let alone married again, so there is no “honeymoon” in the works.

But New Idea is claiming Aniston and Pitt “recently recommitted to each other in an intimate ceremony,” and now “the recently reunited couple are planning on celebrating their renewed commitment with a ‘dream honeymoon.’” Picking up these contentions from In Touch, it’s alleged the stars are “jetting off on a two-week trip to Italy, starting with a stay at pal George Clooney’s villa in Lake Como.” A supposed “source” is quoted as saying, “Jen and Brad felt it was only fitting that they kick off their honeymoon there.”

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And on top of that, “The highest priority on their list right now is starting a family right away,” contends the purported tipster. Bizarrely, though, after quoting at length from the In Touch story, New Idea goes on to repeat unrelated allegations about Aniston and Pitt having a “secret Aspen reunion.” As Gossip Cop readers may recall, we first busted Star for such lies in January, and then New Idea randomly recycled them in July.

Now the tabloid is bringing them up again, and combining them with these latest contentions about a “romantic honeymoon.” This is all just another example of New Idea lazily copying fellow gossip magazines and spreading entirely bogus information. Case in point: In June, the outlet did an article on Aniston and Pitt’s “second wedding joy” after In Touch fabricated a cover story about the former spouses getting back together and having a wedding and a baby.

Now this week, In Touch presented a cover story about Aniston and Pitt going on a “honeymoon in Italy,” and New Idea is yet again regurgitating the phony claims. Neither publication says just when the alleged commitment ceremony took place, but Aniston has spent the summer in Montreal and Italy filming Murder Mystery, which only wrapped two days ago, as co-star Adam Sandler revealed on Twitter. That makes it impossible for her to have “recently” recommitted to Pitt in an “intimate ceremony” at his L.A. home.

But even regardless of their differing locales, the individual spokespeople for both stars have repeatedly maintained they haven’t gotten back together, and around the time she went off to Montreal in June, Aniston’s friend Portia de Rossi even confirmed she hadn’t seen Pitt. In Touch has built a fictional storyline about Aniston and Pitt reuniting, despite evidence to the contrary, and New Idea keeps running with it. But the actor and actress who aren’t a couple aren’t going on a honeymoon.

Conclusion: On Wednesday, In Touch peddled a cover story falsely contending Pitt and Aniston are going on a honeymoon. On Thursday, a day after Gossip Cop’s solid debunking, New Idea is repeating the proven falsehoods. Of course, New Idea also has a history of manufacturing its own misinformation, such as wrongly claiming nearly two months ago that Aniston was “finally pregnant.” Not only did Gossip Cop bust that tall tale in early July, but the passage of time has proven our reporting was correcting. It’s even more clear now that neither tabloid can be trusted.

{ “@context”: “http://schema.org”, “@type”: “ClaimReview”, “datePublished”: “2018-08-31 00:23:08 UTC”, “url”: “https://www.gossipcop.com/jennifer-aniston-brad-pitt-honeymoon-wrong/”, “author”: { “@type”: “Organization”, “url”: “http://www.gossipcop.com/” }, “claimReviewed”: “Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are going on a romantic honeymoon.”, “reviewRating”: { “@type”: “Rating”, “ratingValue”: “1”, “alternateName”: “0”, “worstRating”: “1”, “bestRating”: “11”, “image” : “https://dhpikd1t89arn.cloudfront.net/rating_images/gossip_cop/GossipCopRating-00.png” }, “itemReviewed”: { “@type”: “CreativeWork”, “author”: { “@type”: “Person”, “name”: “New Idea”, “jobTitle”: “Magazine”, “image”: “https://dhpikd1t89arn.cloudfront.net/rating_images/gossip_cop/GossipCopRating-00.png”, “sameAs”: [“https://www.newidea.com.au/inside-brad-pitt-and-jennifer-aniston-romantic-honeymoon”] }, “datePublished”: “2018-08-30”, “name”: “” } }

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are going on a romantic honeymoon.
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Chris Pratt, Anna Faris NOT Back Together, Despite Speculation

Chris Pratt Anna Faris Not Back Together

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are not back together, despite two completely speculative and false reports. The bogus theory is emerging simply because the exes were spotted spending time together this week. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

On Monday, the estranged spouses were photographed walking in Santa Monica with their 6-year-old son Jack, and were spotted together once again the following day. The ex-couple’s public outings inspired Naughty Gossip to write an article with the headline, “Back On? Chris Pratt and Ex Anna Faris Were Spotted Together Several Times This Week.”

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The blog has zero evidence to back up its assumption, but adds, “Could they be getting back together or are they just friends? Time will tell!” Actually, Gossip Cop can tell you now. The exes aren’t back together. Pratt grabbed dinner with girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger on Wednesday night, one day after he and his ex spent time together. Also on Wednesday, Faris was spotted out with her boyfriend Michael Barrett, who she’s been dating since last November. Naturally, the website doesn’t bother to mention that the exes are both seeing other people.

Unfortunately, OK! wrote a similarly bogus story suggesting that Pratt and Faris are “mending fences.” After noting that the exes were spotted together, the magazine asks, “What’s REALLY going on here with these two?” The unreliable tabloid further questions if the ex-couple’s outing indicates they’re “getting back together.” It doesn’t.

People reported on Thursday that Pratt and Faris “are very friendly and seem happy when they are together with their son.” E! News published a similar article confirming, “Anna and Chris are on good terms. They both have moved on and are happy in their new lives.” The exes are very amicable and work together to co-parent their young child, but they haven’t rekindled a romance. It’s ridiculous to assume that the actor and actress have romantically reconciled simply because they stepped out in public together.

Conclusion: This one’s pretty straightforward. The estranged spouses both have significant others, so they’re clearly not back together. Pratt is dating Schwarzenegger, who he met for a dinner date following the outing with his ex. Faris is dating Barrett, who was seen alongside the actress shortly after she and Pratt stepped out together. It’s clear the exes have both moved on, but remain on good terms to co-parent their son. The speculation about Pratt and Faris reconciling is provably false on every level.

{ “@context”: “http://schema.org”, “@type”: “ClaimReview”, “datePublished”: “2018-08-30 21:05:59 UTC”, “url”: “https://www.gossipcop.com/chris-pratt-anna-faris-not-back-together/”, “author”: { “@type”: “Organization”, “url”: “http://www.gossipcop.com/” }, “claimReviewed”: “Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are back together after they’re spotted out for the second day in a row.”, “reviewRating”: { “@type”: “Rating”, “ratingValue”: “1”, “alternateName”: “0”, “worstRating”: “1”, “bestRating”: “11”, “image” : “https://dhpikd1t89arn.cloudfront.net/rating_images/gossip_cop/GossipCopRating-00.png” }, “itemReviewed”: { “@type”: “CreativeWork”, “author”: { “@type”: “Person”, “name”: “OK!”, “jobTitle”: “Magazine”, “image”: “https://dhpikd1t89arn.cloudfront.net/rating_images/gossip_cop/GossipCopRating-00.png”, “sameAs”: [“https://okmagazine.com/photos/chris-pratt-anna-faris-spotted-out-together-pics/”] }, “datePublished”: “2018-08-30”, “name”: “” } }

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are back together after they’re spotted out for the second day in a row.
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Jennifer Aniston’s Trainer Is NOT Her “Boyfriend,” Despite Repeated Dating Rumor

Jennifer Aniston Trainer Boyfriend

(Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston’s trainer still isn’t her “boyfriend,” despite a certain site repeating an already debunked rumor about the pair dating. Rather than presenting readers with a straightforward news story, fans are being misled with clickbait. Gossip Cop can explain what’s going on.

Last week, Star peddled an article suggesting Aniston and her boxing trainer, Leyon Azubuike, may be dating. There was no evidence of a blossoming romance between them, and the actress’ spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that the claims were a “fabrication.” HollywoodLife first regurgitated the magazine’s inaccurate contentions, before adding in an update about the rumor being untrue (see screengrab below).

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Why then is the blog now referring to Azubuike as Aniston’s “rumored boyfriend” a week later? In its new article, the website writes, “As rumors continue to swirl that the two are dating, he’s gushing over Jen and her athletic physique!” Calling Azubuike Aniston’s “rumored new man,” the outlet quotes from a new interview the boxing coach did with People.

The online publication goes on to write, “Azubuike’s recent comments came after a report claimed the fitness pro and actress were more than friends after their steamy sessions together. However, neither of them have addressed or confirmed the speculation.” At no point does the site acknowledge that Aniston’s own spokesperson already shot down these relationship rumors, which HollywoodLife itself did, too. The blog is essentially pretending that never happened.

Its goal, it seems, is to be sensational. Compare the website’s headline with that from People: “Jennifer Aniston’s Rumored BF Trainer Gushes Over Her ‘Natural Athlete’ Workout Skills” versus “Jennifer Aniston’s Trainer Leyon Azubuike Says ‘She’s a Natural Athlete.’” Furthermore, in Azubuike’s chat with the magazine, he spoke about more than just Aniston, and discussed his fitness approach in general. Nowhere did he or People say anything about him possibly being the “Friends” star’s “boyfriend.”

HollywoodLife could’ve picked up the interview and shared it a straightforward manner. Instead, the outlet opted to deceptively package its piece to sell a narrative that it had already debunked a week ago. This goes beyond being late and wrong, as some gossip sites often are when copying the tabloids. Despite its own prior reporting about how there’s “no love connection” between Aniston Azubuike, the publication still chose to twist reality.

The site knew the truth, but instead of prioritizing that, as all media should do, it opted to go the clickbait route in hopes of drawing in readers’ clicks and scoring traffic. But there is no legitimate basis for using a nonexistent romance as bait like this.


Meghan Markle Fleeing To Los Angeles?

Meghan Markle Fleeing Los Angeles

(Getty Images)

Meghan Markle is fleeing to Los Angeles, according to a made-up tabloid story. Gossip Cop can bust the bogus report. The Duchess of Sussex has a busy schedule ahead of her, but it doesn’t include visiting California.

Life & Style is misleading readers by featuring a photo of Markle with luggage on its cover, alongside the teaser, “Meghan’s Secret Crisis: Why She Rushed Home To LA!” This is a bait and switch. The wording on the front of the issue makes readers think the former “Suits” star already made the trip, and that the picture is photographic evidence. The actual story, however, is about a supposed future trip. Still, another image used to illustrate the article also makes it seem like paparazzi caught her on the run. What the magazine doesn’t tell readers is that these airport photos of Markle are from June of 2017, when she traveled to Austin for a television event.

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As for the contentions in the story, amid ongoing drama with Markle’s family, a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “She’s at a breaking point. She needs to escape from the craziness.” Alleges the magazine, “And that’s exactly what she’s going to do… Meghan’s planned an emergency trip to her hometown of LA, where she’ll spend time with her beloved mother, Doria Ragland, and figure out a way to deal with all the drama.”

“She’s holding a crisis meeting with her mom, who has some insight into her ex-husband’s behavior and is hoping to help Meghan figure out how to handle him,” contends another anonymous “insider.” It’s not explained why this “crisis meeting” has to be done with Markle in Los Angeles, as opposed to over the phone or having Ragland go to London, but the outlet maintains she “hopes that spending time with her mother in LA will help her find peace.” It’s further asserted that Prince Harry “agrees that Meghan needs some quality time with mom.”

One of the purported “insiders” goes on to claim that while Markle would prefer to stay at her mom’s home, the palace may “rent a mansion for them to stay in” for “security reasons.” Insists one of the publication’s untraceable sources, “She’ll also catch up with old friends during her trip to California. She feels so alone in London and can’t wait to be around those who have know her for years, in a place where she can really be herself again.”

Notably missing from this article is just when this alleged trip is supposedly going to take place. The tabloid doesn’t seem to realize that that Markle just had much of August off, with her and Prince Harry even having time to visit the Clooneys in Italy. Now, though, it’s back to work. On Wednesday, the same day this report was published, Markle and Prince Harry attended a special performance of Hamilton that served as a fundraiser for one of the duke’s charities.

And, as Kensington Palace recently announced on Twitter, Markle and Prince Harry will attend the WellChild Awards next week, as well as a music gala two days later. While additional events for September have not yet been revealed, it’s already known October will be a busy month for the couple. Prince Harry and Markle will be making official visits to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, a trip that will coincide with the Invictus Games in Sydney. Exactly when, then, is Markle going to have time to flee to Los Angeles?

Unsurprisingly, the magazine doesn’t acknowledge any of this, which underscores how phony this narrative is. There is also another glaring omission: The outlet makes no mention of Markle being pregnant with twin girls, which is what it claimed in a cover story only a week ago. Wouldn’t that be a rather important detail to include in this story about the former actress being stressed and needing time with her mom? Of course, Life & Style was making it all up last week, and is quite obviously doing so again now.

Gwen Stefani NOT “Pregnant Bride” And Marrying Blake Shelton, Despite Report

Gwen Stefani Pregnant Bride 2018

(Getty Images)

Gwen Stefani is not a “pregnant bride,” despite a new tabloid cover story falsely claiming she’s marrying Blake Shelton and expecting his baby. Gossip Cop can reveal this report was made-up. In fact, it’s not the first time this storyline has been peddled.

In 2016, Life & Style wrongly announced Stefani was a “pregnant bride,” along with Miranda Lambert. Now nearly two years later, the magazine is recycling that manufactured narrative (see the covers below). “After three years of unwedded bliss Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani head down the aisle — with a big announcement to make,” contends this new article. According to the outlet, “Friends are buzzing that there’s both a wedding and a baby on the way for Gwen and Blake.”

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“Gwen will be a pregnant bride,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, claiming, “Friends believe she’s expecting already, and she’s not about to cancel her wedding because of a pregnancy. Gwen may even make the baby announcement at the actual wedding.” To be clear, the publication has no confirmation Stefani is expecting. This is only based on what unnamed “friends believe,” with an untraceable source speculating when an “announcement” could be made. But what “friends are buzzing” is not a substitute for facts.

Still, this “insider” purports to know Shelton and Stefani “both want a girl,” and guesses she “could have easily spent up to $ 420,000 on [fertility] treatments.” Again, the tabloid’s tipster doesn’t know for sure, but is making an assumption with no evidence to back it up. The alleged snitch goes on to detail the supposed wedding plans, such as how Stefani’s gown will be “mostly white,” and Shelton “wants his favorite country dishes” served. As for the when and where, the magazine’s source maintains they “keep changing the location,” with Oklahoma, Hawaii and Hollywood among the possibilities. No timeline is given.

For the record, in the cover story from nearly two years ago, it was said Stefani and Shelton were planning to marry at Christmas, with an anonymous “insider” similarly asserting that “friends believe she already could be pregnant” and “expecting a baby wouldn’t make her postpone her nuptials.” Sound familiar? What’s more is that this same outlet also did a “wedding & a baby” cover story for Shelton and Stefani this past April.

In that tale, the publication claimed, “Pals believe the pair are finally getting married because she’s pregnant more than two years after trying for a baby.” If the No Doubt front woman was really pregnant then, she’d be at least four months along now. But when Stefani stepped out for church a few days ago with her sons, there was no sign of a baby bump. Additionally, it was also alleged in that prior article that she and Shelton would be tying the knot in Mexico this summer.

Well, summer is nearly over, and Mexico isn’t even mentioned as a potential wedding location in this latest report. These stories are all inconsistent because the tabloid’s “insiders” aren’t reliable, and the magazine appears to be making it all up. In fact, shortly after that April cover story, Shelton himself said that while he thinks about marrying Stefani, it won’t be “any time soon or anything.” It’s certainly possible they’ll one day take that step, and reps for the couple haven’t responded to requests for comment, but at this point fans shouldn’t expect Life & Style to have the real information.

(Life and Style in 2016 and 2018)

5 Wrong Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Engagement Rumors

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Engagement Rumors

(Getty Images)

Gossip Cop has seen split rumors about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, wedding rumors and baby rumors. And over the summer, we’ve taken a look back at examples of each. Next up: Five wrong rumors about Shelton and Stefani getting engaged. And readers will notice, all of the claims below came from the same place.

In May of 2017, HollywoodLife manufactured a story claiming Stefani wanted Shelton to propose so she could use her down time from “The Voice” to plan a wedding. “One of her main goals is to prepare a wedding,” a so-called “source” was quoted as saying as season 12 of the NBC music competition wrapped up. “She just needs Blake to pull the trigger and ask for her hand in marriage,” maintained this untraceable tipster. A rep for Stefani, however, confirmed to Gossip Cop the tale was all lies, and sure enough, the No Doubt front woman didn’t spend the following months getting engaged and working on wedding plans. Instead, after summer ended, Stefani revealed she had been busy working on a Christmas album.

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But shortly after that, in late October, the site speculated Shelton had “secretly proposed” after Stefani “showed off a huge diamond ring.” Though the blog had no pictures to support its narrative, it was alleged she was “sporting a gigantic diamond ring on her finger and it has everyone asking if she is engaged.” Buried in the story, HollywoodLife tried to back away from its own suggestions by citing another anonymous “source,” who supposedly said the sparkler was just a “fashion statement.” But aside from Stefani flashing a diamond ring on the cover for her Christmas album, there was no evidence of her recently wearing a diamond ring at all. That was because the purported bauble didn’t actually exist, and Stefani’s spokesperson even told Gossip Cop the outlet didn’t bother to fact-check with her camp before running its tale.

Fast-forward to February when, in yet another “exclusive,” the website claimed Shelton was shopping for a $ 500K “diamond ring” and proposing on Valentine’s Day. A purported “insider” asserted, “One of Blake’s assistants was spotted visiting and shopping with a private jeweler in Beverly Hills this week.” It was asserted that the diamond ring would be for a “Valentine’s Day proposal,” but it was never explained why Shelton would have someone pick out an engagement ring for him. The name of the jeweler wasn’t provided, either. No one with whom Gossip Cop spoke could confirm the premise was legitimate, and its inaccuracy was later exposed when February 14 came and went without a ring and without a proposal. With Shelton out of town on the holiday, he sent Stefani a flower delivery for Valentine’s Day. And that certainly didn’t symbolize an engagement.

In April, the storyline changed once more. The publication pretended to have “exclusive details” on how Stefani and Shelton “might just skip out on an engagement to run off and tie the knot.” The so-called “source” in this piece was quoted as saying, “With their busy schedules, Gwen has even talked to Blake about skipping the engagement and instead just eloping on a beach, or in the country somewhere when the romantic mood is right.” As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, choosing to elope doesn’t mean a couple can’t get engaged first. What was more, this wasn’t the first time the site claimed the couple may go the elopement route, after previously offering such phony contentions in 2015 and 2017. In addition, weeks before this, it was reported that Stefani and Shelton weren’t ready to get married. That meant they weren’t planning to elope, either.

Come July, HollywoodLife decided to put together a fake news story about Stefani and Shelton “putting off an engagement.” One more unidentifiable “source” alleged, “With Gwen’s Vegas residency and Blake’s constant touring and duties with ‘The Voice’ there really isn’t anytime to get married.” Obviously, this contradicted a number of the blog’s previous stories. Furthermore, this supposed insight wasn’t particularly noteworthy or unique. While the website was making it seem like it had a scoop, it was already readily apparent that the couple didn’t have time to wed. As Gossip Cop noted, Stefani had concerts for her Las Vegas residency in July, and Shelton had to tape “The Voice” in August, both of which fans already knew. On top of that, Shelton himself had already said that while he thinks about marrying Stefani, it wouldn’t happen “any time soon.”

While for nearly two years the tabloids have largely focused on breakup, wedding and pregnancy stories, HollywoodLife has singlehandedly flooded the internet with concocted claims about Stefani and Shelton getting engaged. In each of the instances above, and many more not recounted here, the website has been wrong. As such, Gossip Cop will keep calling out the outlet as necessary, and we’ll continue to hold all of the tabloids accountable when it comes to bogus Shelton-Stefani stories.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner NOT Having “Family Therapy Sessions” With Kids At Rehab, Despite Report

Ben Affleck Kids Rehab

(Getty Images)

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are not having therapy sessions with their kids at the actor’s rehab facility, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue story. Though Affleck is indeed seeking treatment, it does not involve bringing a 12-year-old, a 9-year-old and a 6-year-old to a rehab center.

But RadarOnline is announcing in a headline, “Last Ditch Effort? Ben Affleck & Jen Garner Try ‘Intense’ Family Therapy Sessions In Rehab.” According to the site, Affleck and Garner are “fighting his substance-abuse demons as a family.” A so-called “source” claims she and their three children “have been there, and are getting family counseling and intense therapy sessions.”

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“The girls are well aware of what is going on with their dad and they also understand what alcoholism is,” asserts the untraceable source. Nothing specific is said about the couple’s young son. Maintains the alleged tipster, “Jen has no intentions of working anything out with him, but she does want him to stay sober so that he can be a father to their kids.”

It is true that Garner is concerned about how Affleck’s sobriety will affect their kids. But a spokesperson for the actress tells Gossip Cop that these claims about the children doing therapy sessions at the rehab are inaccurate. And the website is known for spreading misinformation about these particular stars.

Last month for example, the outlet wrongly announced Affleck and Lindsay Shookus were having a “shotgun wedding,” with the “SNL” producer “expecting” his baby. It was then falsely claimed that Garner was “blocking” the wedding by refusing to move forward with a divorce. Gossip Cop rightly busted both stories at the time. Since then, Affleck and Shookus have broken up, and Affleck and Garner have finalized their divorce.

The online publication was also wrong last December when it peddled a story contending Affleck “dumped” Shookus to get back together with Garner, and this past June marked nine months since the site erroneously speculated Shookus was pregnant. Meanwhile, Garner hasn’t started dating Liam Neeson, despite a romance rumor the blog spread in April. Perhaps most infamously, in 2016 the website alleged Garner’s dad told them she and Affleck were “back on for good” when he said nothing of the sort.

Gossip Cop rounded up all of these examples to show how over time RadarOnline has proven to be untrustworthy. Even its stories from just last month weren’t credible. In nearly all of these instances, the outlet relied on an anonymous “source” or “insider,” and is doing so again here. But time has proven its sources are anything but reliable. That’s the case again now.

Did Kourtney Kardashian, Younes Bendjima Live Together?

Kourtney Kardashian Younes Bendjima Live Together

(Getty Images)

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima never lived together, despite a report from exactly a year ago that claimed he was on the verge of moving in with the reality star. In the 12 months that have passed, their relationship never progressed to the point of cohabitation. In fact, the couple recently broke up.

But on August 26, 2017, Gossip Cop busted OK! for peddling a story contending Kardashian and Bendjima were “ready to take it to the next level” with their romance. “Younes has told Kourtney that he’s ready to move in with her, and she’s considering it,” alleged the tabloid. A so-called “source” was also quoted as saying, “Younes is more than willing to drop his life in New York for her.”

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The magazine’s untraceable tipster went on to acknowledge that Bendjima is “young,” but insisted, “He’s smart enough to know that he and Kourt have something very special.” As for Kardashian’s perspective, it was claimed she had “reservations” due to her history with Scott Disick, but Bendjima had “passed all her tests.” The model was even called a “hero” to her kids. “Kourtney says Younes is a more stable influence on their kids than Scott ever was… She’s ready to give Younes her heart,” maintained the questionable insider.

At the time, Gossip Cop pointed out that Bendjima hadn’t been seen with Kardashian’s three children even once. That was intentional on her part, as she was keeping what was then a fairly casual relationship separate from her family life. They weren’t even “Instagram official” when this tale was published. We told readers the narrative wasn’t accurate, and we were later proven correct.

It wasn’t until October that Bendjima appeared on Kardashian’s Instagram, and it wasn’t until December that Kardashian and Bendjima’s relationship really started to grow more serious, with People offering the first confirmation that he had finally met her children. And by June, Kardashian’s kids joined her and Bendjima on vacation in Italy.

Still, he never moved into the “KUWTK” star’s home, and they actually broke up shortly after that trip concluded. What’s more, while the OK! article last year tried to downplay the significance of the model’s younger age, Us Weekly recently reported in a story about whether Bendjima and Kardashian would get back together, “He’d have to grow up. There were a number of reasons it didn’t work, but at the end of the day the main reason was a maturity issue.” Regardless of whether they end up rekindling a romance or not, this much is clear: Bendjima did not move in with Kardashian, and, for the record, Kardashian and Bendjima never had a baby either, despite OK! also claiming last year that a pregnancy was also in the works.

Angelina Jolie Spoiling Kids To Win Them Over Amid Brad Pitt Custody Battle?

Angelina Jolie Spoiling Kids

(Getty Images)

One of this week’s tabloids claims Angelina Jolie has been spoiling her six kids in an effort to win them over amid her custody battle with Brad Pitt. The premise is entirely untrue. Gossip Cop can correct it.

Over the past few weeks, Jolie has been spotted treating her children to toys and ice cream, as well as going on fun outings, including trips to the movies and the Escape Room in Hollywood. These types of activities aren’t new for the actress, who’s been known to show her kids a good time. According to Woman’s Day, however, the actress’s sole purpose for entertaining her children is to get on their good side.

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An alleged insider tells the magazine that the kids have been “trying to sneak out in the dead of the night” to see their dad, so Jolie is trying to “remedy the situation” by keeping them occupied with fun and games. “In her mind, if she spoils them, they’ll be happy and won’t want to try and
 run away again,” adds the questionable source.

The magazine’s narrative is completely flawed, as Jolie has been spending fun quality time with her children for years. The most recent developments in the actress’s acrimonious custody battle haven’t caused her to amp it up. For example, Jolie brought her kids to Disneyland twice last year, once for Shiloh’s birthday in May, and again in July for twins Knox and Vivienne’s birthday. And in June of last year, Jolie brought the kids to a roller skating rink in Los Angeles.

In May 2017, Jolie took her kids to a Renaissance Faire in California, where they were spotted playing carnival games. As for going to the movies, this seems to be a frequent hobby for the family. Jolie brought the kids to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December 2017, and in March of this year, Jolie and the kids caught a showing of Love, Simon. There are dozens of more examples of the actress occupying her brood with various activities. Simply put, Jolie’s most recent outings with the kids have no relation to her custody battle.

The tabloid’s article is nothing but a weak attempt to make a connection between Jolie’s recreational time with her kids and her battle for custody with Pitt. There’s zero correlation. The outlet is just baselessly suggesting that the actress is attempting to manipulate her own children to win their affection. Jolie and Pitt’s custody battle is undeniably complicated, but the magazine has no insight into the situation, so it’s instead making up a phony angle.