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Kelly Osbourne’s Ex Cheated on Her With a Tranny.


According to the Mirror, Kelly Osbourne was LIVID at fiancé Luke Worrall when she found out he was ­having a secret affair…but what she didn’t know were these messed up, crucial other little details of their tryst.

1.  the girl in the affair looked just like Kelly Osbourne

2. Said girl was not a girl, but a pre-op tranny.

CLASSY!  Tranny in question- Elle Schneider- met Luke in a New York Nightclub almost a year ago.  She/He says,

“I was open with Luke that I was born a boy. He didn’t mind – in fact it turned him on more….He is a very good-looking guy and when I first met him, he seemed so vulnerable and messed up, I wanted to look after and protect him.”

Great.  A true American love story.

“He always insisted to me he was single and I had no idea he was engaged to Kelly ­Osbourne.”

Of course not.  Though, Kelly Osbourne isn’t a far cry from trannyville.  Still, we can all agree Luke Worrall is a piece of garbage, a piece of garbage who swings both ways.

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Jessica Simpson Fat; Still Has That Workout Video

That may soon see the light of DAY! HALLELUJAH!

So, an exercise video Jessica Simpson filmed SIX YEARS AGO might actually surface, according to Radar online.

Simpson made the tape for Speedfit but did not approve of its oh so sexy release, leading to a long-ass court battle with the company.  Now a new owner whom I believe to be Joe Simpson has purchased the tape and is challenging prior rulings about its release. Yeah, it’s gotta be Joe. He’s usually ALL OVER his lil’ babydoll’s teats and body, at least pre-fat Jessica.

Said the new owner (Joe Simpson) “I bought rights to distribute the Jessica Simpson exercise video from Alex Astilean. My intent is to re-edit it,” the buyer, Ed Meyer (probably Joe Simpson) tells Radar. “I believe that the NY Court’s recent judgment in favor of Jessica Simpson is moot and has no teeth, and I believe that I can distribute the new video from California.”

Dang. Them’s heated words from the lady’s Dad. Are you getting sick of the Joe Simpson jokes yet? I’m not.

Says Mr. Simpson’s lawyers, “While your client Jessica Simpson believes she has a valid New York court order preventing such a contract, she actually does not.”

Fight it out, you two.  May the breast man win.

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Christopher Knight And Adrianne Curry Call It Quits

Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry Split 

Photo: INFdaily.com

Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight have broken up after five years of marriage. Knight, 53, is best known for his role on the The Brady Bunch. Curry, 28,  was once a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. The two met on a TV show too when they were roommates on The Surreal Life. Once the two started dating, they continued their careers in reality television by starring in the show My Fair Brady, which documented their wedding and first year of marriage.

The former couple’s manager released a very positive statement attributing the split to not being able to work out their differences.

“After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated.”

They apparently reached the decision “mutually” and both agree that they need time to consider what will be best for the future of “their unique union.”

Well, they’ve admitted that their relationship was doomed from the start and neither have any promising leads for more reality TV gigs. Sounds like life is going pretty well for both of them.

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Lindsay Lohan To Be Charged With Felony

Lindsay Lohan will be charged on Wednesday with felony grand theft after allegedly stealing a necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California. Lohan is accused of walking out of the store with the $ 2,500 necklace on January 22. Detectives had a warrant to search her home, but the necklace was returned to them before they got the chance. She will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon at a court in Los Angeles and if convicted, she faces time in prison.

Lohan denies any wrongdoing and argues that the necklace was loaned to her. However, with her record, it’s hard to believe that claim. The 24-year-old has already been convicted of drunk driving, accused of attacking an employee at a drug treatment center, and has been in and out of rehab for years now.

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Beyoncé Criticized For Makeup In Magazine Photo Shoot

Photos from a shoot Beyoncé recently starred in are stirring up some controversy. Released on the internet today, the pictures from the magazine L’Officiel Paris feature Beyoncé wearing dark face makeup. The shoot was inspired by African Queens and was meant to serve as a tribute to Nigerian political singer Fela Kuti. Many are accusing the magazine of being offensive. They claim that treating “blackface” as art is extremely racist.

Maybe the magazine shouldn’t have used makeup similar to such a controversial historical image. However, I don’t believe that they or Beyoncé did it to intentionally offend anyone. The photo shoot was meant to be an artistic, honorable tribute to African culture. As for Beyoncé, she has long been a role model for strong women of all races. On top of that, her husband Jay-Z helped produce a Broadway musical entitled Fela! about Fela Kuti’s work.

Beyoncé has yet to make a statement but will most likely defend the purpose of the photo shoot.

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Hayden Panettiere’s New Man

Hayden Panettiere moving on to quarterback Mark Sanchez

Photo: INFdaily.com

Hayden Panettiere announced her split from boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko less than two weeks ago, and it seems like she’s already moving on to another sports star.

She’s been spotted out and about with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. The two were first seen together at a pre-Oscar party in February. They talked privately for about a half-hour and sources say “the flirting was mutual.” Now, they were photographed together on Monday at an In-N-Out Burger in Laguna Hills, California.

In response to the rumors of a budding relationship, Hayden and Mark insist they are “just friends.” That’s the same thing everyone says, so who knows what’s actually going on between them.

Hayden, 21, dated Klitschko for two years before their recent split.

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Amanda Seyfried And Ryan Phillippe Split

Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe break up again

Photo: INFdaily.com

Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe have called it quits – again.

The pair first met at a Halloween party held by Kate Hudson last year and dated for a few months before breaking up in February. They reunited for a while and Seyfried even stayed by Phillippe’s side when news broke that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his baby. Still, they now announced that they’re breaking up again.

According to one source, the decision to split was mutual. Apparently Amanda and Ryan were never even exclusive.

“They were always on and off. They were always seeing other people.”

There’s “no bad blood” between the two and they will remain friends.

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Charlie Sheen’s Publicist Quits


Stan Rosenfeld, Sheen’s long time publicist is finally giving up on the husk of a man that is Charlie Sheen.  According to TMZ, Rosenfeld said that he:

“worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”

Which is sort of a nice way of saying I can’t get through to Sheen, because he is permanently covered in layers  of coke, prostitutes and pregnant prostitutes.  Much like the earth’s crust, only you know,  more Hollywood. To be honest, I’m surprised Rosenfeld has held on THIS long.  Do you think he gets texts from Sheen that say “I’m amazing,” “My swimming pool is filled with coke” and “do I tell the media about my itchy penis?” God, I hope so. Best of luck to you, Mr. Rosenfeld. You deserve a vacation.

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