Jessica Simpson Fat; Still Has That Workout Video

That may soon see the light of DAY! HALLELUJAH!

So, an exercise video Jessica Simpson filmed SIX YEARS AGO might actually surface, according to Radar online.

Simpson made the tape for Speedfit but did not approve of its oh so sexy release, leading to a long-ass court battle with the company.  Now a new owner whom I believe to be Joe Simpson has purchased the tape and is challenging prior rulings about its release. Yeah, it’s gotta be Joe. He’s usually ALL OVER his lil’ babydoll’s teats and body, at least pre-fat Jessica.

Said the new owner (Joe Simpson) “I bought rights to distribute the Jessica Simpson exercise video from Alex Astilean. My intent is to re-edit it,” the buyer, Ed Meyer (probably Joe Simpson) tells Radar. “I believe that the NY Court’s recent judgment in favor of Jessica Simpson is moot and has no teeth, and I believe that I can distribute the new video from California.”

Dang. Them’s heated words from the lady’s Dad. Are you getting sick of the Joe Simpson jokes yet? I’m not.

Says Mr. Simpson’s lawyers, “While your client Jessica Simpson believes she has a valid New York court order preventing such a contract, she actually does not.”

Fight it out, you two.  May the breast man win.

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