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5 Wrong Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumors

Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumors

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Since Gossip Cop launched in 2009, we’ve spent quite literally years debunking stories about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant. In each case, time has proven our reporting was correct. But with so many busts on this topic, Gossip Cop decided to look back at five wrong pregnancy rumors from the past nine months.

Last November, New Idea published a cover story that falsely announced on the front of the issue, “Jen’s Baby Joy: I’m A Mum At Last!” That wasn’t a real quote, and even if it was, Aniston would’ve used the word “mom,” not “mum.” The article alleged she and Justin Theroux were “finally expecting a baby of their own.” But that wasn’t all. It was further claimed that Aniston’s purported pregnancy could “turn to double joy” as she and Theroux were supposedly already in the process of adopting. If this sounds suspicious, that’s because it was all made-up. Or, as Aniston’s spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record, “It’s all a fabrication.”

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Aniston and Theroux ended up splitting in February, which led Woman’s Day in April to exclaim on a cover, “Yes! Jen’s Pregnant!” Promoting a storyline that other tabloids would soon copy, the magazine maintained she was expecting a baby with ex-husband Brad Pitt. To sell this bogus narrative, the outlet used a picture of the actress in which her stomach appeared to be protruding slightly. What readers weren’t told, and what Gossip Cop pointed out, was that this was a photo of Aniston at the 2013 premiere of We’re The Millers. She wasn’t pregnant back then, and it certainly wasn’t proof of a pregnancy now.

In early May, New Idea pretended it never claimed Aniston was expecting with Theroux last fall to allege she was “pregnant and in hiding” this spring. Here, Pitt was said to be the father. To substantiate the cover story, the publication purported to have “photos that will shock the world.” In actuality, all it had was fuzzy paparazzi shots of Aniston stepping off a private jet in California. These pictures circulated online a good week before the tabloid tried to pass them off as evidence that she was “struggling to hide what looked like a pregnancy.” But as Gossip Cop confirmed, she was neither hiding nor pregnant.

At the end of May, OK! ran its own cover that declared, “Jen: Yes, I’m Pregnant — With Brad’s Baby!” It was alleged “sources are buzzing” that Aniston and Pitt are “finally on their way to becoming a family.” Tellingly, though, the actual article itself never said the “Friends” star was already pregnant, despite the (fake) quote on the cover. In other words, this was a bit of a bait and switch, as Gossip Cop noted in our bust. What’s more, though, is that just days later, the magazine ended up debunking its own Aniston pregnancy rumor with an online piece that essentially called out all of the bogus baby claims she’s faced over the years. At no point, though, did the outlet acknowledge its own culpability, or even take responsibility for its most recent falsehood.

Most recently, its sister tabloid Star speculated Aniston was pregnant just this past week. With an article claiming she’s secretly dating a Hollywood director, the publication quoted a supposed insider as saying, “Her friends are buzzing that she could actually already be hiding a baby.” It was further alleged that best friend Courteney Cox had “told her if the time comes, she’ll throw her the best baby shower ever.” In addition to not naming this purported boyfriend, there was no mention of Aniston being pregnant in February of 2017, which is what this same magazine claimed last year. Now a rep once more confirmed she’s not actually expecting. And, as has been reported, Aniston is single.

On top of all of this, Gossip Cop recently observed that nine months had passed since OK! had claimed Aniston was pregnant with a “miracle baby” last August. Time is often not the gossip media’s friend, but particularly when it comes to pregnancy stories like these. It only takes the passage of time to show without a doubt how wrong these claims are. But as we explained above with these recent examples, there’s also typically other proof to help debunk these allegations when they’re originally made. And if and when Aniston ever does have a baby, there will be real evidence, not the nonsense these tabloids peddle.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce Papers Signed?

(OK Australia)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is “over,” according to a completely wrong tabloid cover story. This false narrative is being sold with a lie about divorce papers being signed. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

The latest cover of OK! Australia blares, “Kim & Kanye: It’s Finally Over! Divorce Papers Signed!” As seen above, the front of the edition even features a photo of legal documents. Anyone seeing this cover would rationally assume the picture shows Kardashian and West’s paperwork to dissolve their marriage. There’s really no other reasonable interpretation. But these are not the couple’s divorce papers.

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It’s not until the very end of the article inside the issue that it becomes clear the documents have nothing to do with West at all. The divorce papers showcased are from Kardashian’s 2004 divorce from Damon Thomas (see below). Because these papers are a matter of public record, they’ve been circulating on the internet for years. The tabloid is now deceptively using them on its new cover with the date and names blurred so that fans are duped into thinking they are current court papers that prove Kardashian and West are getting divorced.

As for the actual contentions in the report, they are word-for-word the same as this week’s untrue In Touch cover story, which wrongly announced a divorce for Kardashian and West. As Gossip Cop has pointed out before, Bauer Media has owned both publications, which allows them to share content and trick readers on both sides of the globe. (Bauer recently sold In Touch to AMI, but the deal does not take effect until July 1.) Notably, In Touch also featured a photo of the Thomas divorce papers in its article, but did not also put it on the cover the way that OK! did (see below).

But apart from that difference, the narratives are exactly the same. And nowhere in the text of either report is it actually alleged that Kardashian and West have signed divorce papers. That’s because they don’t, and their marriage isn’t “over,” either. Just over a month ago, Kardashian honored West on Twitter for their anniversary, stating twice that she intends to spend “forever” with him. While they may not reach that goal, as many celebrities marriages don’t, they certainly haven’t split yet. In fact, a few days ago, when another gossip publication tried to claim Kardashian and West are leading “separate lives,” Gossip Cop pointed out all the time they’ve spent together throughout June.

Conclusion: The cover of OK! announces there are “divorced papers signed” for Kardashian and West, but inside the issue, it’s revealed the divorce papers are really from her first marriage. The actual article makes no mention Kardashian and West signing divorce papers for their marriage, and only features the same misguided and false claims that were published by sister outlet In Touch. Gossip Cop rightly debunked that report, correctly explaining that the couple is still together. Nothing has changed, aside from this tabloid tacking on an additional lie.



Prince William, Kate Middleson Son Prince George “Targeted By ISIS Sniper” Is Fake News Story

Prince George Sniper

(National Enquirer)

An article claiming Prince George was “targeted” by an “ISIS sniper” is nothing but fake news. Gossip Cop can expose this falsehood. A tabloid is using an old photo that was widely seen at the time to sensationally claim Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son “cheated death.”

The latest cover of the National Enquirer exclaims, “ISIS Kill Plot Foiled! Sniper Caught Stalking Prince George!” In a purported “world exclusive,” the magazine is claiming to have a picture showing “the heart-stopping moment little Prince George cheated death.” The photo shows the future king walking hand-in-hand with his father and his teacher outside of his school. The outlet focuses on the upper left corner of the supposedly “chilling image,” contending that a “man is leaning out of a window” and “appears to be holding a rifle and looking down at the two royals.”

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“What happened next is unknown, but a Buckingham Palace source believes brilliant police work averted a tragedy,” claims the publication. This so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Clearly, security stopped whomever it was without incident. Both Prince George and his father are obviously alive, as is the teacher.” Speculates this alleged insider, “It’s possible the sniper was captured, or that he decided not to take the shot.”

But this is really just wild, unsubstantiated conjecture. And what the supermarket tabloid fails to tell readers is that its “photo exclusive” is not really an “exclusive” at all. The magazine purposefully doesn’t give the date of the snapshot because it is more than six months old. The photos were taken as Prince William escorted Prince George to his first day of school last September. For this outrageous “sniper” storyline, it appears the outlet took a screengrab from a video of Prince George’s arrival, in which a person is indeed seen in an open window at the building behind the royal father and son.

But there’s nothing to even remotely suggest the person is an ISIS-connected “sniper,” versus, say, a nosy neighbor observing a historical milestone for the heir to the throne. And significantly, no reputable outlet ever reported anything about a “kill plot” being thwarted on Prince George’s first day of school. In fact, well into the article, the publication changes from implying the person in the window was a “sniper” to claiming “the man in the window was actually part of a team of officers who have taken up residence in a home overlooking the school — to protect George.” And then, confusingly, the tabloid switches back again with its questionable “source” asserting, “It’s shocking the Enquirer obtained the real photo with the man leaning out of the window!”

Yeah, there’s nothing “shocking” going on here. As seen in the video linked above, this image was readily available last fall. But it seems the magazine is attempting to twist reality because in late May an ISIS supporter pled guilty after encouraging attacks on Prince George’s school. The publication, though, has no evidence that that situation, which started with an arrest last November, has anything to do with the imagery from the little boy’s first day. Nor has any credible media made such a link.

The bottom line boils down to this: Because only weeks ago there was real news about a man confessing to school-related threats against Prince George, the National Enquirer manufactured a cover story about how Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandson “cheated death.” To sell this narrative, the tabloid chose a picture that shows someone in the background, but is too fuzzy to make out clearly. And to dupe readers, the magazine does not acknowledge that this snapshot is from Prince George’s first day of school, which drew attention around the world, as opposed to being something new and never before seen.

What the outlet has done is put together fake news, which is what it also did in March with a cover story that falsely claimed Prince William and Middleton would be crowned king and queen in a “secret succession plot.” The publication maintained a “palace coup” was in the works that would entail “banning [Prince] Charles from ever being crowned king, and handing the monarchy to William and Kate.” Gossip Cop busted that tall tale at the time, and we were proven right a month later when Queen Elizabeth formally called for Prince Charles to be the next head of the Commonwealth, and the heads of government readily agreed.

As this example shows, the tabloid is known for crazy, untrue stories about the royal family. It’s just particularly shameful that its latest falsehoods exploit an innocent child.

Colleen Ballinger, AKA Miranda Sings, Is Pregnant AND Engaged!

We are SO happy for her!

In a YouTube video posted on Friday, Colleen Ballinger — AKA Internet sensation Miranda Sings — reveals she is pregnant with her Haters Back Off costar Erik Stocklin‘s baby! Oh, and the two are also engaged as well!

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She says in the emotional clip:

“I am 13 and a half weeks pregnant… I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud to a camera. This has been the hardest secret to keep from you guys… I’ve never cared about anything more. Like, I have a baby! I’m so pregnant!”

Ballinger was previously married to Joshua Evans. The viral star announced their divorce in September 2016.

WATCH the full video (below):

[Image via Colleen Ballinger/YouTube.]

All The Women Drake Has ‘Dated’!

The ladies love Drake!

As we reported, the rapper seemingly confirmed his relationship with Bella Hadid in his song Sandra’s Rose, until the supermodel replied to us on Twitter saying they are just “friends.”

However, from Nicki Minaj to Tyra Banks, Drizzy has been linked to several beautiful babes! To see the full list…

CLICK HERE to view “All The Women Drake Has ‘Dated”‘

CLICK HERE to view “All The Women Drake Has ‘Dated”‘

CLICK HERE to view “All The Women Drake Has ‘Dated”‘

CLICK HERE to view “All The Women Drake Has ‘Dated”‘

CLICK HERE to view “All The Women Drake Has ‘Dated”‘

[Image via Euan Cherry/IPA/WENN.]

Jaimie Alexander Wants Chris Hardwick Back On TV Amid Sexual Assault Allegations — See The Petition Plea!

Jaimie Alexander is speaking out.

As we reported, Chris Hardwick‘s ex Chloe Dykstra published an emotional essay on Medium accusing an unidentified ex-boyfriend of “long-term abuse,” sexual assault, and career blacklisting.

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Although many are pointing the finger at the @midnight host who dated the model/actress from late 2011 to July 2014, he denies the allegations, and released a statement saying he was “blindsided by her post.”

On Thursday, the Blindspot actress — who is friends with the 46-year-old — shared a Change.org petition on her Twitter page to bring Hardwick back to TV. As of this writing, the petition has over 14,000 signatures.

Although his Talking Dead series has not officially been canceled by AMC, it was pulled from the network’s lineup following the scandal.

She wrote:

Alexander also publicly voiced her support for Hardwick, who she has known for over 10 years.

As we reported, ex-girlfriends Andrea Savage and Janet Varney, ex-fiancée Jacinda Barrett, and wife Lydia Hearst are also supporting Hardwick against Dykstra’s claims.

[Image via Joe Kan/FayesVision/WENN.]

Chris Pratt Wants To Date Emilia Clarke?

Chris Pratt Emilia Clarke Dating

(Getty Images)

Chris Pratt is not trying to date Emilia Clarke, despite a completely untrue tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the false claim. The actor has been sparking up a romance with a different woman over the past couple of months.

“Chris Has The Hots For Emilia!” reads a headline in Woman’s Day. The accompanying article says Pratt is a big “Game of Thrones” fan and considers Clarke to be “everything [he] wants in a girlfriend.” An alleged insider tells the magazine, “He hinks Emilia is totally hot. He’d love to take her out for dinner and see where it goes.” The questionable source adds, “Now that they’re both single, their mutual friends think they’d make a great match. Chris wants to get to know Emilia better in any way he can!”

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The magazine’s article is random and fabricated. As has been widely reported, Pratt has been developing a romance with Katherine Schwarzenegger as of late. E! News, a reliable source for celebrity news, reported this week that the pair have been on multiple dates “for the last two months or so.” Pratt is said to be “smitten” with the author, who’s the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and “super happy about how it’s going so far.”

Although Pratt and Schwarzenegger were first photographed together during a picnic date on June 17, they’ve been hanging out for several weeks. People recently reported that Shriver set up the first date between Pratt and her daughter as she knows the Jurassic World star through mutual friends. It’s clear the movie star isn’t pursuing Clarke amid his budding romance.

Additionally, there’s no real evidence to indicate that the actor knows the “Game of Thrones” actress very well. Pratt and Clarke posed for a photo together at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, but that’s the only time the two have ever been spotted interacting. The tabloids have a habit of linking two random celebrities without reason, and that appears to be what’s happening here.

Following his split from Anna Faris last year, Pratt has been wrongly linked to a slew of famous women. Gossip Cop has called out various tabloids for throwing the actor into nonexistent romances with Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, Amy Poehler and Lindsey Vonn, to name a few. There have been plenty of bogus stories about Clarke’s love life as well. This year alone, we’ve debunked numerous stories falsely claiming the actress was dating Brad Pitt.

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Roommate — And It’s Not Travis Scott!

Kylie Jenner has a full house!

In her makeup tutorial for Vogue, the Life of Kylie star reveals she lives with BFF Jordyn Woods, who gets to try out her new beauty products.

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The 20-year-old says in the clip:

“I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn because we live together, So I’m like, ‘Jordyn, I need you.’ Everyone that comes in my house has tinted red arms from swatches and shadows.”‘

Although it is not clear if the lip kit queen is shacking up with boyfriend/baby daddy Travis Scott, the two are “loving” and “supportive” parents to newborn Stormi Webster!

According to an US Weekly source in May:

“It’s amazing how much Stormi has brought them together and brought the entire family together with Kylie and Travis… Kylie is loving being a mother. Stormi is the light of her life. Travis is a great dad — he’s doting on her and loves holding her. He’s been really supportive, wants to be there for all the milestones. He’s been moving work commitments to spend as much time as he can around Stormi.”

Whatever floats their boat!

[Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram.]

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Leading “Separate Lives”?

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Separate Lives

(Getty Images)

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian leading “separate lives”? Gossip Cop can debunk a tabloid report with this flimsy premise. It is provably untrue.

The latest edition of Closer features a headline with a fake quote, “Kanye And I Have Become Virtual Strangers.” Kardashian never actually said that, but the magazine is falsely leading readers to believe she did. The article contends that since West spent much of the past few months in Wyoming and is continuing to work on music in Los Angeles, his wife is “worrying they could become strangers.”

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“Kim feels she and Kanye are virtually living separate lives,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, claiming they “barely talk.” The supposed snitch alleges Kardashian only sees her husband when she visits him at the studio, or when he comes home to see their kids. The outlet acknowledges they recently went to Paris together for a fashion show, but asserts, “Kim hardly got to spend any private time with Kanye.”

Maintains the alleged tipster, “She’s torn between being supportive and wanting her husband back.” Though West’s perspective isn’t given, the purported insider claims Kardashian feels “desperately alone” and “can’t help but feel a bit hopeless.” But the picture painted by the publication is largely inaccurate, as Kardashian and West have been together a ton in recent weeks.

As May ended and June began, Kardashian was by West’s side at a listening party for his new album. Less than two weeks later, she threw the rapper a birthday party, for which West thanked her on Twitter and shared a picture with his arm around her. In the middle of the month, the couple traveled to New York to celebrate their daughter North’s birthday. During that trip, Kardashian and West also stepped out together at a listening party for Nas.

As for their time in Paris, that was a quick, one-day jaunt, as they swiftly returned to Los Angeles to go to a listening party for Teyana Taylor. Kardashian did a Snapchat of herself and West enjoying Popeyes together “fresh off the plane.” Amidst all this, Kardashian paid tribute to West on her website in honor of Father’s Day, writing, “I’m so thankful to have a husband who is the most caring and loving dad to our three babies.”

Conclusion: This story is all about Kardashian and West allegedly leading “separate lives” and becoming “strangers,” and yet Gossip Cop identified at least five times they were publicly together over the last month. That doesn’t count all the time they’ve spent together privately, unbeknownst to the rest of the world. And with these sightings, it’s quite apparent Kardashian doesn’t only see West at home or when she visits his studio, as wrongly claimed. Fans themselves can see how untrue this story is.

It’s also a stark contrast to the tabloid’s last (and also false) article on the couple, in which it was claimed Kardashian was going to surprise West with the supposed news their surrogate was going to carry triplets for them. That’s not even mentioned in this new and equally bogus report. Perhaps Closer should work on getting a lot closer to the facts.

Shailene Woodley’s 350-Calorie Adrift Diet Is What Nightmares Are Made Of! Yes, 350 Calories…

Oh hell no.

In preparation for her movie Adrift, Shailene Woodley says she only ate 350 calories a day.

The meager diet consisted of a can of salmon, steamed broccoli, and two egg yolks — which, if you’ve seen the movie, you know that isn’t much more than what her character Tami Oldham was able to eat while stranded at sea.

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BUT there’s a bright side, as she did allow herself a glass of wine to help her sleep at night. Gotta do what you gotta do.

The 26-year-old actress told The Times in a new interview:

“I can’t sleep when I’m hungry, so I would have a glass of wine to basically pass the fuck out. It was fucking miserable.”

We can only imagine.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]