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Vidal Sassoon: Before The Scissors London’s Top Hairdresser Fought With Knives, Coshes And Knuckledusters

PA 3861982 Vidal Sassoon: Before The Scissors Londons Top Hairdresser Fought With Knives, Coshes And Knuckledusters

Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon is surrounded by models, showing his new cuts for 1976, in London, on Jan.23, 1976. The styles are called, clockwise from lower left; The Hummingbird, Question Mark, Feathers, Tomboy and Silver Lady. 


VIDAL Sassoon (17 January 1928 – 9 May 2012) not only a famous hairdresser. He was the son of immgrant Jews and raised in a children’s home:

Sassoon recalled England’s hostile political atmosphere earlier this year: “Anti-Semitism was absolutely rife,” he said in a podcast for the Holocaust Memorial Museum. “I mean, it was nothing for another kid to say to you, ‘Dirty Jew.’ And although England was a good place to be, especially with Churchill and the fight against the Nazis, there was always that sense of the Jews being second-class citizens.”

In 1947, the fascists again began menacing London, this time under the tutelage of Jeffrey Hamm, head of an organization of thugs calling themselves the “Association of British Ex-Servicemen.” For Sassoon, this was not a fate to be accepted lying down.

As a response to Hamm’s provocations, a gathering of young Jews known as the 43 Group—named for the number of people in the room at their founding—announced that the fight back had begun. Among them was the slender, if wiry, Sassoon. As Hamm’s followers gathered on street corners bellowing that “not enough Jews were burned at Belsen,” Sassoon and his comrades, armed with knives, coshes, and knuckledusters, set about breaking up fascist meetings. In another interview, Sassoon remembered turning up for work one morning with a black eye. “I just tripped on a hairpin,” he explained to the worried customer who had just settled into a barber’s chair for a haircut.

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Top Three Celebrities Least Expected to Go Bankrupt

Why is it not expected for celebrities to go bankrupt? Is it  because of the seemingly never-ending flow of money that comes in staggering amounts? Is it the vast talent and skills that they possess that assure them of a continuous money-making mechanism? Or is it because they have the look of affluence and richness so attached to them that it  is simply difficult to imagine them otherwise or worse, going bankrupt.

A lot of celebrities have found themselves going from riches to rags. Several are still in the difficult phase of recovery. There were others who chose to consult with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney and were advised to file for bankruptcy. There are some people who are more suited to file for the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It is necessary to get the best advice from experts when a person is in such a difficult financial situation. Celebrities going bankrupt is a wake-up call that getting big money will be able to protect us from bankruptcy.

Here are the Top 3 Celebrities Least Expected to Go Bankrupt but did:

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Kim Basinger

If someone purchased a town to develop it into an entertainment attraction, would people expect that person to go bankrupt anytime soon? Probably not but that is exactly what happened to actress Kim Basinger. When she purchased the small town of Braselton for $ 20 million, no one was expecting her to file for bankruptcy. No, it wasn’t the buying of the town that did her in but the paying of damages required of her after she backed out from doing the film “Boxing Helena”.

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Mike Tyson

If people were to base the probability of bankruptcy on the huge ring earnings of Mike Tyson, the percentage will be quite small. However, those incredibly large earnings proved no match to his unbridled extravagance. Even when broke, he says that he does not regret losing money because he had fun.

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Mark Twain

If people were again to guess the probability to go bankrupt on Mark Twain‘s creative genius and money-making capabilities, the percentage will likewise be nil. Bad investments and equally bad money management habits brought him to bankruptcy. What is notable about his case is that he was able to pay all his debts eventually even after he was relieved of such responsibility when he filed for bankruptcy.

This just goes to show that anyone can go bankrupt, including celebrities. The positive side here is that they have also proven that there is life after bankruptcy. However, hard lessons have admittedly been learned.

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Some Of The Songs On Coldplay’s Next Album Might Be About Jennifer Lawrence

I keep thinking this rumored romance between Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence will go away or be proven false or turn out to be a weird dream I had during dental surgery or something. But we just keep getting more and more details about the most random celebrity relationship since… I really can’t even think of an example more random than this. More »

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Kate Mara and Max Minghella Split Up After 4 Years of Dating

Max Minghella, Kate Mara, CoachAnother young Hollywood couple have called it quits.

Kate Mara and Max Minghella have broken up after close to four years of dating, a source confirms to E! News.

Minghella was…

Little Mix display their incredible figures at Illuminations Switch-On Festival

Little mix display take to the stage in matching outfits for festival

Moving Trucks Spotted Outside Mariah Carey’s Apartment Building – Is This Really The End Of Her Marriage To Nick Cannon?

Although they’ve been living in different spaces for quite some time, it seems that Mariah Carey is really ready to move on with her life. Budget moving trucks were spotted outside of her New York City apartment building, giving way to rumors that the diva could be officially moving out of her digs.
As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Carey and estranged husband Nick Cannon have been living separately. The America’s Got Talent host admitted, “There’s trouble in paradise…we have been living in separate houses for a few months.â€
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Although they have seemingly gone their separate ways, Cannon assured that infidelity didn’t play a role in the couple’s demise. Ultimately, he will be prioritizing his children while he, 33, and Carey’s, 44, troubles play out.
“My main focus is my kids,†he said.
Cannon and Carey, 44, were married in 2008


All The Proof You Need That Lea Michele Is A Robot In A Human Body

Today is Lea Michele‘s twenty-eighth birthday, so in honor of this blessed occasion, I thought we should probably talk about the fact that she is a robot in a human body. Oh did you not know that? I thought it was common knowledge, but I guess I can talk through it with you if you need me to. More »

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt How Their “Working Honeymoon” Is Still Going To Be Fun

Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In LondonIt looks like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren’t going to have time to take a proper honeymoon after tying the knot last weekend. Angelina reportedly is back in Malta, continuing to prep their movie, ‘By The Sea.’ Brad is in London promoting ‘Fury.’ Yet when they do reunite, on the set of ‘By The Sea,’ it sounds like they’re going to be able to mix business with pleasure :). RELATED: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie release a statement confirming their marriage.

People managed to get some information about what their new movie, ‘By The Sea,’ is about. The movie, written by Angelina, reportedly is about a married couple in the South of France who become sexually obsessed with their neighbors. Oh my. A few years ago, Angelina talked about ascript she had written that sounds like it’s ‘By The Sea.’

I wrote something a few years ago for Brad and me. Just for fun. Just an independent little art piece. Because we don’t get to do those as much as we’d like. But it’s something really small and experimental.”

And in the past, Brad has talked about how Angelina is still a “bad girl,” adding:

Delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption.”

Hmmm. ‘By The Sea’ might give people a peek at this side. After the success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ movies might be willing to become more risque. Let’s be honest: this movie will come out even if ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ bombs with Brad and Angie as the leads. Sound interesting? My eyes will be PEELED looking for this trailer ;).

Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London
Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London


American Horror Story: Freak Show Releases Its Freakiest Teaser Yet! You’ll Be Squirming Head To Toe!

This just may be the best teaser yet!

Ryan Murphy and those behind American Horror Story: Freak Show are really good at the whole anticipation thing.

They’ve released trailer after trailer after poster and yet, we STILL don’t have anymore details about the upcoming season!

Come on, give us something good please!

While you’re waiting for a FULL trailer, ch-ch-check out the clip (above)!

Ariana Grande Had No Problem Performing Bang Bang Solo On The Today Show! Watch All Of Her Performances HERE!

Ariana Grande is out there getting her hustle on!

A day after she surprised Arianators with VIP passes to her Today Show performance, the tiny songstress rocked the stage with all three of her hit singles!

As AH-Mazing as it would’ve been to have Iggy Azalea, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj show up for their parts, Ari is definitely capable of holding her own!

This was much better than her stint on America’s Got Talent!

Ch-ch-check out her solo performance of Bang Bang (above) and the rest of her hit singles (below)!