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Hugh Hefner DID Leave A Home And A Lot Of Cash For His Wife, Crystal Harris — Details HERE

Well before his death, Hugh Hefner knew exactly what he was doing!

The Playboy magnate made sure that his wife Crystal Harris was set up for life with a secret trust that includes millions of dollars and a Hollywood Hills home — not a bad way to take care of his love even now that he’s gone!

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The skin-mag founder, who died at 91 years old earlier this week, had a very specific (and apparently very secret, considering Harris didn’t appear to initially be in his will at all) estate plan that ensure Crystal will be taken care of even now that he’s gone.

It includes a 5,900 square foot house, which he originally purchased for her back in 2013 while planning for this moment. The house includes four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an infinity pool — and being in the Hollywood Hills, it’s in a VERY desirable part of El Lay.

And in his generosity, Hefner also included $ 5 million in cash through his estate to ensure that Harris would live well for the rest of her life, too.

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It’s all part of a pre-nuptial agreement the pair signed back in 2012 when they got hitched.

Not bad on the foresight, Hef!

Rest in peace.

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Celebrity Yom Kippur Tweets: Stars Wish Jews An Easy Fast

Celebrity Yom Kippur TweetsCelebrity Yom Kippur Tweets

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Yom Kippur began at sundown on Friday. In reverence of the holiday, many stars are wishing Jewish fans an easy fast on Twitter. See celebrity tweets below.

Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in the Jewish religion, marks the end of the High Holy Days, also known as the Days of Awe, which began with Rosh Hashanah. During this time, one is supposed to reflect on his or her wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness before embarking on another year as a better person. It culminates in the Day of Atonement, which is observed through both fasting and prayer.

Among those recognizing the occasion is Ellen DeGeneres, who tweeted, “Wishing all my Jewish friends a good #YomKippur.” Josh Gad wrote, “Here’s wishing all of you who practice a healthy and safe fast.” Paula Abdul shared, “Have an easy and meaningful fast this Yom Kippur. Gemar chatima tova. Love, Paula.” Melissa Rivers told followers, “Wishing you an easy fast on Yom Kippur.

“Wishing all my Hebrews an easy fast but enough atonement that we make it into the book of life together,” Samantha Ronson said on both Twitter and Instagram, including the hashtag, “#imsorry.” Lena Dunham revealed, “Can’t fast for Yom Kippur (low blood sugar makes me destructive) but a digital fast will do. Have a gorgeous reflective Fri/Sat.” Michael Ian Black took a humorous approach, writing, “To all my fellow Jews, I wish you a miserable and guilt-ridden Yom Kippur.”

Joshua Malina tweeted, “If I’ve offended any of u in the past year…no, can’t do this w a straight face. But I wish an easy fast and g’mar tov to all who observe.” He later added, “As we head into a day of fasting, it is an apt time to think of the hungry — of whom there are many — and to send support if we can.” Meanwhile, President Donald Trump posted a photo of himself praying at the Western Wall. He wrote as a caption, “My thoughts are with all those observing Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.”

Vice President Mike Pence retweeted the message, and added, “On this holiest of Jewish days, may our Jewish friends be granted a Yom Kippur of atonement, forgiveness & inscription in the Book of Life.” And Ivanka Trump said, “Wishing everyone an easy and meaningful fast and may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life. G’mar Hatimah Tovah! #YomKippur.” As Gossip Cop reported, stars also celebrated Rosh Hashanah on Twitter last week.

Jim Carrey Claims Cathriona White Used Body Waxing To Frame Him For Herpes In New Lawsuit!

Jim Carrey is fighting back. Hard.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Dumb & Dumber star is being sued by late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White‘s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and widower, Mark Burton.

In their wrongful death suit, they claim Carrey gave White multiple STDs and broke up with her, causing her to commit suicide.

Video: Jim Carrey Brings His Bizarre Antics To ANOTHER Major Interview

Now the comedian is getting serious, filing a cross-complaint against everyone involved.

In a rare public statement on the matter on Twitter, Carrey wrote:

In this suit, Carrey is claiming White extorted money out of him in 2013 by framing him for giving her herpes.

In the complaint, written by Carrey’s lawyer Raymond Boucher, the comic says she already had herpes when they met but that she made it seem like it was new after a “wax job” caused “irritation and bumps under her arms and in her vaginal area” — and she took photos as evidence.

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Carrey later got back together with White, who he says he believed was just being manipulated by her lawyer and her therapist.

In fact, the complaint accuses those who convinced her to make claims against the comedian in the first place for her death!

Boucher writes:

“While Cat seemed happy for the most part during the weeks leading up to her death, she was nonetheless burdened by her mother’s birthday message, by the anniversary of her father’s death, and particularly by the weight and guilt of her prior claims against Jim and how deeply that had hurt him. The conduct of Cross-Defendants in assisting and facilitating her prior claims and its direct impediment and impact on her lawyer’s negotiation of the co-habitation agreement was a direct and legal result of her serious mental and emotional distress, causing injury and harm to Ms. White and meaningfully contributed to her taking her own life.”

Carrey is suing everyone for implied indemnity and Fillipo Marchino and The X Law Group, who represented White in 2013, for extortion.

He is asking for total equitable indemnity, apportionment of fault, and comparative contribution — in other words he’s saying the court should find that they’re really the ones to blame.


What do YOU think of this defense??

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Megyn Kelly Takes Aim At Media For The Negative Response To Her First Week!

Megyn Kelly is well aware she had a shitty first week with NBC!

Just in the past four days alone, the Megyn Kelly Today host has offended with an awful gay joke aimed at a Will & Grace fan, along with pissing off Jane Fonda by probing her about her plastic surgery.

On top of that, a cameraman accidentally cursed on air after stepping into the frame and blocking a guest on the show.

Video: Savannah Guthrie Defends Megyn’s “Awkward Moments”

Well, the former Fox News TV personality addressed the slew of snafus since debuting on Monday with a single statement Friday morning. She told the audience:

“I just want to take a moment to thank all of you so much for watching this week. It’s been very exciting. It has been educational. I’ve just been so delighted at the media response. What? No. But the viewer response has been awesome, and I am so grateful to have all of you giving us a chance.”

Smh. It’s not like it hasn’t been unwarranted.

Watch the moment (below):

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Listen To This: Feeling Natural!

British DJ/producer Alex Adair has just dropped the best single of his career!

Featuring an uncredited female vocalist, Casual is a flirty love song with dance-leaning pop tendancies.

Breezy. Playful. So good!

Check it out above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Alex Adair!

“How To Get Away With Murder” Premiere Recap: “I’m Going Away”

HTGAWM Recap September 28 2017


On Thursday’s premiere of “How To Get Away With Murder,” Annalise made some big decisions in the wake of Wes’ death. Here are the most important things to know about “I’m Going Away,” the first episode of season four.

IN FLASHBACKS: Annalise was on a flight to Memphis when a man named Desmond began flirting with her. At her parents’ home, she said she wanted to use her insurance money from the fire to put her mom in a nursing home, but the matriarch was furious. Bonnie called to reveal Hannah (Sam’s sister) was contesting Annalise’s ownership of the house and her hearing to be reinstated to the Bar was pending. To avoid drinking but still blow off steam, Annalise met up with Desmond for a hookup. She got cold feet, however, and bailed. During the night, her mom had a dementia episode, after which she agreed to visit the facility.

Annalise’s father wanted to care for her herself, and they fought over who was to blame for her mom’s condition. Annalise’s sister assured her that it wasn’t her fault, and she confessed that the expected insurance payout wasn’t coming through. She further admitted she may be disbarred for her alcohol issues. “I’d be drinking, too, if I had your life,” her sister admitted. Annalise asked her mom point-blank what she wants to do, and the matriarch replied, “I’m going away. You know it, I know it. My mind’s going.” Noting her daughter’s past losses, she said she wanted to “protect you from losing any more.” But since the dementia can’t be stopped, she said they need to “prepare,” prompting Annalise to break down. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay as long as I can,” her mother said. Before leaving, Annalise begged her dad to “keep her safe,” at which pointed he finally apologized for the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of his brother.

IN THE PRESENT: One week later, Annalise invited the Keating Four and Bonnie to a dinner. Laurel was with her dad when she received the text, and questioned why he brought Dominic to town. She confessed her pregnancy, but said she had an abortion. Laurel was later late to the dinner, where envelopes awaited each person.

Connor was at a gay bar with Oliver, arguing over whether they should marry, when he received the invite. Asher and Michaela were testing mattresses when the text came to them. She feared it was a “last supper,” while he hoped Annalise had good news. Frank took Bonnie to look at a potential office for Annalise and vowed, “I’ll win her back. Just give me time.”

At the legal hearing, Annalise confirmed she was drinking while already on probation with the Bar and said Wes’ death was the result of her decision to drink. But she promised she’s sober and would remain so, and pleaded for “mercy” and “one more chance.” The episode then jumped ahead/back to Laurel’s arrival at the dinner, where Annalise said the letters couldn’t be opened until after dinner. She revealed she won the hearing, and Laurel said she couldn’t drink to celebrate because she was having the baby and is due in five months.

Annalise then said the envelopes held recommendation letters, as she was cutting them from her team. “We’ve been given a second chance. We don’t need each other anymore. So it’s time to go our separate ways,” she told them, pointing out Wes’ absence. “I ruined him, but I’m not going to ruin all of you.” When an upset Laurel left, Michaela blasted Annalise for her unilateral decision and then stormed off, too, saying, “Have a terrible rest of your life.” Asher followed, saying, “Maybe next time, don’t invite people to a fancy dinner to dump them.” Connor was the least bothered, and actually thanked Annalise.

“They’ll understand eventually that this is good for them,” Bonnie said, just as Annalise handed her her own envelope and walked out. She later set up residence in a fully-furnished one-bedroom suite as everyone read their letters. Michaela vowed to be stronger without her, and Connor told Oliver he wanted to marry him but didn’t want to say yes until things were “normal.” “For once, I want to do something the right way,” he said. In the last few minutes, Laurel contemplated asking her dad why he killed Wes, Bonnie met with the D.A., and Annalise went to a court-ordered therapy meeting. The show ended with a flash-forward to three months later, with Frank and the therapist arriving at a hospital (or mental institution?), where “she” was still unconscious with drugs in her system. Laurel, a patient, awoke and screamed something happened to her baby.

Latin Night On DWTS Recap: One More Dancing Duo Gets The Boot While Another Contestant Gets Flowers From Taylor Swift!

It was the hottest night of the year on Dancing With The Stars… Latin Night!

On the bonus episode of the competition show this week, contestants put together their best salsas and cha chas that left Debbie Gibson and Alan Bersten packing their bags and Victoria Arlen getting a special surprise from Taylor Swift!

Let’s recap.

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Debbie and Alan gave the Argentine tango their best shot, but were unable to get the votes to move forward when it came down to them or Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd.

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev performed a samba, that made the reality star nervous about bumping and grinding on anyone other than her longtime love, John Cena. They scored an 18/30.

Birthday girl Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy got a 20/30 after performing a rumba that definitely impressed judge Carrie Ann Inaba. Later, Victoria received flowers from T. Swift for having dancing to Look What You Made Me Do the night before. Casual.

Derek Fisher and Sharna Burgess scored a 19/30 after improving from Monday’s performance with a paso doble.

Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko earned a 22/30 after samba-ing to Most Girls. The Pretty Little Liars star revealed she has lost 15 pounds since starting the show. As you may recall, she gained 70 lbs. over two years while being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Nick and Peta did not leave the judges impressed after their Argentine tango, which got them a 19/30 and a spot in the bottom two. Hopefully they can pick it up next week.

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold once again proved their front-runner status with a samba that got them a 24/30.

Drew Scott went the extra mile by getting a spray tan before his rumba with Emma Slater. The pair scored 21/30.

Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy nailed a salsa with a score of 23/30 that definitely solidified their standing as contenders for the Mirror Ball.

Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke really sexed things up for a samba. They earned a 19/30.

Lindsey Stirling also wasn’t afraid to get sexy for a salsa with Mark Ballas that left judges “breathless.” They tied for second place with a 24/30.

Frankie Muniz proved to no longer be in the middle by scoring the first nine of the season after a cha cha with partner Witney Carson. 25/30 for them.

Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC for the next installment!

[Image via ABC.]

Rep. Steve Scalise Receives Standing Ovation Returning To House Floor For The First Time Since Being Shot — Watch!

Back to work!

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise returned to the floor of Congress for the first time since being shot during a congressional baseball practice this summer.

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Back in June, the Representative for Louisiana was shot in the hip when a gunman fired 50 shots at about 25 GOP congressmen who were on a high school baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia practicing for an upcoming congressional ball game.

On Thursday, Scalise made his triumphant return to Capitol Hill and was greeted with a standing ovation on the House floor:

The positive Republican then took to the floor himself to speak on the tragedy, admitting that what he remembers most from the incident were the “thousands of acts of kindness” that followed:

Good to see he made a full recovery! (Sad to think that getting gunned down won’t change his stance on gun control. Womp womp!)

[Image via ABS News/Twitter.]

It: Chapter Two — Who Should Play The Kids Grown Up??

The new It movie’s wild success is actually its own worst enemy!

People fell in love with the kids and their story of friendship and bravery — so now the sequel has to live up to that with a WHOLE NEW CAST!

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Since It: Chapter Two will catch up with the Losers’ Club at around 40 years old, the actors playing these kids grown up will have to make us love them right away too.

We have some ideas for our dream cast for the sequel. Ch-ch-check ’em out (below) and let us know who YOU would like to see take over!

First up, as Beverly Marsh…

Jessica Chastain

This is the no-brainer. Jessica was the star of director Andy Muschietti‘s previous horror film Mama, and Sophia Lillis, who stole the first film with a star-making performance, is a dead ringer for the Oscars nominee.

As Bill Denbrough…

Jake Gyllenhaal

The tortured leader of the Losers’ Club may have grown up to be a successful hottie, but the Nightcrawler star could deliver that AND keep the sadness behind the eyes so maturely captured by Jaeden Lieberher.

As Mike Hanlon…

Jordan Peele

The Key & Peele star is a huge horror buff and proved it with his amazing directorial debut Get Out. We wish Chosen Jacobs had more to do in the film; hopefully Mike’s part will be beefed up in the sequel.

As Ben Hanscom…

Chris Pratt

We know the sensitive new guy grows up to be a hottie. Who could take over for Jeremy Ray Taylor‘s lovable performance? Why not the most lovable guy ever?!

As Richie Tozier…

Adam Brody

The star of The O.C. has great comic chops, making him perfect to take over playing the Losers’ resident wisecracker from Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard.

As Stanley Uris…

Seth Rogen

Sure, he’s usually known for comedy, but when Seth goes serious, like in 2015’s Steve Jobs, he’s a real value add. We’d love to see him pull off the terrified looks Wyatt Oleff knocked out so handily.

As Eddie Kaspbrak…

Zachary Quinto

Jack Dylan Grazer was fantastic as the young Eddie Kaspbrak, the hypochondriac. We think American Horror Story vet Zachary could take that inhaler like a baton across the years to make a nuanced portrait of a damaged man.

That’s our dream casting for the next chapter of the nightmare!

Who would YOU cast??

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Breakup Alert? Fans Notice Hilary Duff & Ely Sandvik Are No Longer Following Each Other On Instagram

Is Ely Sandvik So Yesterday??

On Wednesday, fans noticed Hilary Duff and the businessman weren’t following each other on Instagram, making the conclusion that they broke up!

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As seen on Twitter:

Upon further investigation, the Younger actress and the SOLr CEO are currently NOT Insta buddies, however we can’t confirm whether they were following each other in the first place.

That being said, Sandvik liked TWO of her pictures this week (see below), so one can obviously assume he followed her at some point!

As we reported, in July of this year, the two were seen making out in Malibu.

We need answers, STAT!

[Image via Hilary Duff/Ely Sandvik/Instagram.]