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4 Most Common Reasons Celebrities Get Famous

Scrolling through gossip sites or flipping through magazines full of our favorite stars, we often wonder why they get to have all the fun and we don’t. What is it that sets apart us normal people from these glittering starlets and how can we get the same status?

After all, who wouldn’t love to be seen in the finest brands and designers, be invited to the most lavish parties and buy cars that the rest of us only dream about. So how did they get famous anyway? When it comes to some of the most common reasons that people celebrities get it, here are the reasons that stick out most.

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

Sometimes it’s all about simply being the best location at the right moment. You never know when things are in the hands of fate. Some celebrities were doing something as simple as standing in line at the bank when they caught their big break.

The secret to what sustains their fame after being initially discovered is that they take advantage of the opportunity and do whatever it takes to keep themselves relevant. They keep themselves in the public eye, get a good publicist, and involve themselves in notable projects.

Being Outstanding at Their Craft

Some celebrities are famous because they’re downright undeniably great at what they do. They are so fantastic at their craft, whether it’s sports, music, or acting, that they have gained a huge amount of attention because of it.

When someone comes along who truly changes the game, the world usually catches on after a while. Celebrities are often people who simply aren’t comparable to anyone else. So they get put on a pedestal.


Everyone loves a good scandal. When a person is involved in some kind of a racy scandal, the media loves to get coverage of it. Often when there’s a non-celebrity attached to the scandal, it’s only a matter of time until they’re a celebrity themselves and in the limelight.

Many of the people whose names we know by heart were once in the center of a scandal. From Paris Hilton to Monica Lewinsky. Their embarrassing moments, although terrifying at the time, may just have been their lucky break.

Being Good Looking

People love a beautiful face. Many celebrities are known worldwide because of their striking good looks. Since often people are cast in films based off of their appearance, incredibly good-looking people often have a huge chance of breaking into big starring roles.

Because of these expectations for celebrities to be outlandishly hot, often more talented and motivated actors will get overlooked simply because of their appearances.

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5 Things That Aren’t So Great About Being Famous

Often when people think about being famous, the first thing that comes to mind is lavish homes, fast vehicles, invitations to the best parties, and beautiful clothing. Yes, it’s true that being famous comes with all sorts of perks and a considerable amount of money. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that fame also comes with its challenges.

Many celebrities will admit that they miss their lives before the fame. Here are some of the ways that fame isn’t always so great.

Constantly Being Photographed

Imagine stepping outside of your house the same way that you did this morning to take out the trash. Your hair was thrown up in a knot, you were wearing your finest pajama pants with holes in awkward places, and you probably looked super grumpy.

Now imagine that there is a group of 17 paparazzi waiting outside of your door who take a photo of you in this condition. Next thing you know you see yourself on the worst dressed list in the back of a magazine.

Celebrities are constantly under the pressure of having to run from the paparazzi who are determined to get a photograph. In some cases, the paparazzi can be so aggressive that it can even be fatal. Most notably the famous death of Princess Diana who was fleeing from photographers when she got into a car accident which resulted in tragedy. Unfortunately, these photographers are so desperate to get that million dollar shot, that they don’t consider it could lead to someone getting hurt.

Scrutiny on Your Appearance

It’s difficult enough to have to listen to the voice inside of your own head which is constantly criticising and judging your appearance. However, celebrities are judged by the entire world from bloggers to news shows.

The slightest change in their hair or body shape can lead to a series of magazine covers and terribly cruel commentary.

Lack of Normalcy

Even though it may seem fun to imagine walking down the street and everyone recognizing you, it can start to feel stressful after a while. Once upon a time, these people could go the store for a pack of gum as if it were no big deal, however, after the fame the smallest trip outside the door is a full-fledged spectacle.

Financial Pressures

Although receiving big paychecks is hardly something which many famous people complain about, it can be a lot of pressure.

With a lot of money comes great responsibility and pressure. Between negotiating contracts, finding the best way to invest their funds, and having to worry about whether people are using them or not. Money isn’t always the end of our worries but can sometimes add to them.

Strained Relationships

It can be challenging for famous people to maintain relationships. Since there is so much pressure from the media and their schedules are often quite full, love can be a challenge for stars and starlets.

Celebrities Swear by These Beauty Products

You may think that your favourite celebs always look flawless thanks to their makeup artists, but the reality is that they are often on the go and have to rely on their own products. 

After all, celebrities need a personal stash of beauty staples to carry with them — especially considering that someone could snap a picture of them at any moment!

You’d be surprised by the affordable and nourishing beauty products the stars use — for example, Rose Huntington Whitley is big fan of a certain BY TERRY classic balm. Fortunately, many of these products aren’t a kept secret — celebrities use social media to share their must-have beauty items all the time!

If you are wondering what makeup and skin care items your favourite celebrity can’t leave the house without, you’ve come to the right place. These are the items that some of our favourite on-screen beauties use on the daily: 

Rose Huntington Whiteley: BY TERRY Baume De Rose

Model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley revealed in an interview with W Magazine that she’s a big fan of the cult classic BY TERRY Baume De Rose, a moisturizing and plumping lip balm packed with nourishing properties. She even featured the product in an Instagram post of her favourite products!

There’s a lot to love about this balm’s protective formula that smooths, regenerates and plumps lips, leaving them with a subtle shine. 

Blake Lively: STILA Cream Blush

We love when our favourite starlets use social media to let us in on their beauty routine! Back in April, this former Gossip Girl star shared in a now-expired Instagram story her list of go-to makeup products after organizing her makeup drawer.

Via Blake Lively/ Instagram

That said, of the beauty products Blake Lively uses every day, she does have some more affordable favourites like the STILA convertible color cream blush. This product doubles as a lip colour and a blush, providing the perfect subtle pop of colour.