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Chris Kyle Brother Jeff Rips Michael Moore: It’s Like PETA Calling You A ‘Murderer’ For All The Cheeseburgers You Eat (VIDEO)

Jeff Kyle Michael Moore

(Fox News)

Jeff Kyle, brother of American Sniper inspiration Chris Kyle, fired back at Michael Moore on Friday’s “Hannity,” slamming the filmmaker for his controversial tweets in which he called snipers “cowards.” Watch the video below.

After host Sean Hannity read Moore’s comment, Kyle replied, “Just because someone was killed by a sniper, it doesn’t make snipers cowards. Snipers are saviors. Everybody that’s been over there, been in that situation, was damn proud to have a sniper [watching over].”

He added, “For them to say that they’re cowards, that would be like PETA calling Michael Moore a murderer for all the cheeseburgers he’s eating. It’s pretty coward[ly].” Hannity then played a clip showing another cable news pundit implying that Chris Kyle may have been a “racist” who went on “killing sprees” while serving in Iraq.

“It definitely pisses me off,” Jeff Kyle said of the characterization of his brother. “It pisses all of us off… Everybody that knew Chris, they know it’s not true. They can run their mouths. They’re going to be cowards. They’re not going to say it to anybody’s face. They’re going to hide behind a camera [or] do it online… They’re idiots… We know the true story.” Watch the video below, and tell us what you think.

It’s Over! Amber Portwood Breaks Up With Much Older Boyfriend Matt Baier

It’s a tough time for Amber Portwood.
A month after her father, Shawn Sr., succumbed to liver disease at just 50, the Teen Mom star, 24, split from her boyfriend Matt Baier, 43, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal.
“They broke up earlier this week” an insider tells Radar. “They have a very tumultuous relationship.”
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Another source says the mom of 6-year-old Leah never trusted the divorced dad, and suspected him of cheating.
Portwood recently stopped following Baier on Twitter.
But just last week, she gushed about him to her 113 thousand


Exclusive! Lance Bass Dishes On His Being In The First Celebrity Gay Wedding TV Special!

Although he’s used to performing in front of millions as a member of *NSYNC, Lance Bass still felt jitters on his wedding day.

The 35-year-old pop star married Michael Turchin last December, and the fabulous fete will air next month for a special on E!

Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding will be the first celebrity gay wedding TV special. Yes, we’ve seen two complete strangers wed (Darva Conger, anyone?!), two Kim Kardashian weddings, but not two men! Progress!

[ Video: Did Lance Spill The Beans On Justin Timberlake’s Baby? ]

The newlyweds chatted exclusively with PerezHilton.com about their engagement (there were two, but the first one didn’t count!) and their big day.

Lance describes his first failed proposal:

“It was in our favorite city of New Orleans. It was just that perfect timing and I just knew I wanted to propose. I got down on one knee, and then some people wanted to take pictures of us and totally ruined the whole moment.”

Michael agreed:

“I was very shocked and I was so happy. [A stranger] actually came up to Lance to say he had a story to tell him while he’s proposing. So we had to cut the proposal in half to have a conversation. I was a little pissed.”

The second one — in Africa — went much smoother! No interruptions this time, as Michael revealed:

“Lance got me a ring that I had loved, and so we just got back to our room one night, and there’s all these flower pedals on the bed, and there’s a bubble bath, candles everywhere, champagne, and chocolate. And then he does get down on one knee again and proposes, and it was so amazing.”

As for having the first gay celebrity wedding, the couple knows the significance goes beyond just the two of them. Michael explained:

“it’s very scary thinking that you’re wedding is going to be on television, everyone is just going try to find the drama in it. And they automatically know that half of the world is just going hate this no matter what just because it’s a gay wedding. But we see the bigger picture. And we know that this is going to help a lot of kids out there, and make them feel better about themselves. And that’s the reason we wanted to do this.”

Of course, no wedding would be complete without amazing food, and the grooms were treated to a custom heart-shaped lasagna courtesy of Robert Earl of Buca di Beppo fame. Lance recalled:

“He got Buca di Beppo to do the whole entire wedding, and it was some of the best food ever. It was smorgasbord, but definitely more of the Italian side. We made sure that we donated everything leftover, the flowers, the food; everything was donated because we definitely did not want that at our house.”

We’re pretty these two hunky husbands wouldn’t want to have leftovers for days!

Lance Loves Michael airs February 5th at 8:00pm on E!

[Image via WENN.]

Shakira Deserves A Round Of Applause Giving Her New Baby A Totally Normal Name

When a celebrity gives birth, it’s always a toss-up as to whether the kid’s name winds up being totally normal (hi, Ryan and Blake) or very odd (ahem, Kate Winslet and Christina Aguilera). Though her dance moves are wild and unpredictable, it turns out that Shakira of all stars has picked a relatively normal name for her newborn son. More »

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Fiery Finish! Patrick Dempsey’s Passion For Race Car Driving Destroyed His Marriage — Wife Was ‘Constantly Worried’

Why did Patrick Dempsey’s marriage to Jillian Fink crash and burn? Insiders tell RadarOnline.com that the actor’s passion for high-speed car racing was an ongoing source of tension in the months leading up to his wife’s divorce filing.
As Radar reported, Fink filed for the surprise split Friday after fifteen years of marriage. Dempsey was out of town, in Daytona for yet another race.
According to an insider, “Jillian often complained to friends that Patrick would be unavailable to attend their children’s activities.” The couple have a daughter, Talula, 13, and twin sons, Darby and Sullivan, 8.
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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Sued by Former Nanny Who Claims She Was Fired for Showing ”Too Much Affection to Their Twins”

A reported divorce isn’t the only legal drama Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are going through.

The 44-year-old singer and 34-year-old America’s Got Talent host are being sued by…

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Bruce Jenner Gears Up For OWN Reality Show!

Will he finally answer what’s on everyone’s mind?

We saw Bruce Jenner‘s gradual transformation into what looks like his feminine form, without any word of confirmation or whatsoever.

Bruce Jenner
(c) Getty

However, it’s all about to change when his upcoming documentary series comes out this summer.

“We’re told a significant portion of the docuseries will involve Bruce’s interaction with doctors. Discussing procedures and goals. It will also deal with psychological implications,” TMZ reports.

Bruce Jenner ombre hair
(c) Splash News Online

The same insider has also shared that Kris Jenner “lost it” during filming.

“Being that he is such an icon, it took a while for him to decide to do this. But he wants to put it all out there,” another source divulges, to Us Weekly.


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Super Bowl XLIX by the Numbers: We’re About to Eat 1.4 Billion Chicken Wings—and Bet How Much Money?

Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Super Bowl 2015A million chicken wings isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion chicken wings.

And, according to WalletHub’s Super Bowl XLIX infographic, we’re going to consume an…

Drake Sent Mia Khalifa Some Nasty DMs!

Mia Khalifa certainly is the porn world’s newest sensation right now, so it might not be shocking to hear that Drake attempted to hit on her!

During her interview with CBS Miami 560 WAM, Khalifa was asked star tried to contact her.

At first, she was adamant not to divulge any, but was coaxed into answering: “Oh my God, it rhymes with ‘Rake.’”

Mia Khalifa
(c) Instagram

Though may women would effortlessly submit themselves to the rapper, Mia wasn’t one of them.

“It was flattering, but his intentions were clear. The whole thing was cringeworthy,” the Lebanese adds.

Mia Khalifa
(c) Instagram

What does Drake have to say about this?


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Harry Potter’s Robbie Coltrane Hospitalized After Flight! Oh No, Not Hagrid!

Blimey! Feel better, Hagrid!

Harry Potter‘s Robbie Coltrane had to be immediately hospitalized after a flight from London to Orlando on Thursday.

To be clear, he was not flying on a motorcycle. This was an airplane we’re talking about here, Muggles.

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Apparently, the actor experienced severe flu-like symptoms during the flight! Oh no!

Robbie was met by paramedics at the gate when the plane landed, and they took him right to the hospital. It was not St. Mungo’s.

Robbie was arriving in Orlando to attend a Harry Potter convention, and was even on the same flight as Michael Gambon.

However, someone on Twitter claims to have seen Robbie drinking heavily in a London airport lounge prior to getting onboard the plane.

Whether that’s true or not, we wish a speedy recovery to Robbie!