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Kim Kardashian Sued For $100 Million Over Her Cell Phone Case! Get The Deets AND See All The Other Times The Kardashians Have Been Sued!

It’s Monday, so obviously Kim Kardashian West is being sued again…

TMZ reports that in a HUGE $ 100 million suit, a man named Hooshmand Harooni is suing Kimsaprincess, Inc. over profits from the LuMee.

For those who don’t know, that’s the cell phone case Kim K has been plugging for over a year and a half that has an integrated lighting system to light you for the perfect selfie.

Harooni says it’s his patented technology (which he only licensed to a runner-up called Snaplight) being used illegally in the LuMee. And since Kimmie is the reason for LuMee’s success, he’s suing her for the profits she’s enjoyed.

While his number seems a bit farfetched to us, we’ll have to wait and see what a court says about the stolen tech.

Of course, the Kardashians have good lawyers — they have to with all the times they’ve been sued! Dang, how many times is it now anyway??

For a komplete law review…

CLICK HERE to view “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued!”

CLICK HERE to view “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued!”

CLICK HERE to view “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued!”

CLICK HERE to view “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued!”

CLICK HERE to view “All The Times The Kardashians Were Sued!”

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Colin Jost, Michael Che Joke About Donald Trump On “The View” (VIDEO)

Colin Jost Michael Che The View Video


Colin Jost and Michael Che joked about Donald Trump and more on “The View” on Monday. Check out the video below!

Jost and Che spent the last season of “SNL” riffing on current events for the sketch comedy show’s “Weekend Update” segment. Now they’re gearing up to host an official “Saturday Night Live” spinoff, appropriately called “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update.” In advance of the new series’ August 10 premiere, the colleagues appeared on the ABC talk show to do some updating right now.

Right off the bat, they were asked about Trump’s new communication director, Anthony Scaramucci. Commented Jost, “I’m from Staten Island and I’ve never seen a cartoon Guido like this in my life. It’s like ‘Jersey Shore’ in a suit.” When Joy Behar pointed out that the “Mooch” went to Harvard Law School, Che retorted, “Even Colin went to Harvard. I didn’t go to Harvard and we have the same exact job.” That diss cracked everyone up, and there was more laughs when Jost noted, “We can’t have Spicer anymore. Now we have this guy. It’s crazy.”

“SNL” earned more than 20 nominations for the upcoming Emmys, and the pair was asked if they’d thank the president in an acceptance speech. “I’ll thank him for all the stuff he’s doing for America. I won’t thank him for what he’s doing for the show,” Jost deadpanned. When the audience apparently didn’t realize he was kidding, he noted, “I feel like I can’t make jokes like that. People are like, ‘Maybe he does like him.”

Che actually admitted, “I do like Donald Trump. I just wish he wasn’t our president. If this guy was the president somewhere else, I’d be like, ‘This guy is hilarious.’” They went on to address criticism from former “Saturday Night Live” star Norm Macdonald, who argued the program was making Trump more appealing. Responded Jost, “If our goal is to make him more likeable, it’s not working.”

And Che pointed out that Trump was already “likeable,” anyway, to many TV viewers prior to his presidency, given his success with “The Apprentice.” The comedian further predicted, “It’s only a matter of time before someone who is really good at TV becomes good at politics.” Jost went on to crack, “We’ve got Kid Rock next, hopefully.” Che, however, also stressed about their comedy efforts, “It’s fun to do but there’s also real news out there.”

“Comedy is written at the back of the classroom. We’re throwing spitballs at everybody. Also pay attention to actual news,” he urged, adding, “We’re making jokes. No matter who’s in office, that’s our job.” They also touched on the growing problem with fake news. Jost noted how it used just be the tabloids that made outrageous, false claims, “and now you see that on Facebook.” Watch the full video below.

Listen To This: Back To The Place We’ve Been So Many Times Before

We’ve been so into rock lately!

Half The Animal is more like Imagine Dragons than traditional rock – and they both rock!

Check out their latest release, Babylobn, above!

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Dunkirk Wins The Box Office This Week As The Emoji Movie Struggles In Opening Weekend

Another weekend, another new day at the box office!

Dunkirk is the biggest winner this week, thanks to a $ 28.1 million haul this week and a cumulative $ 102.8 million domestic pull through its second week on Sunday — and another $ 45.6 million overseas from 62 more markets.

The war movie has done particularly well in the United Kingdom, with a tally of $ 35.4 million this weekend — already surpassing the lifetime U.K. cume of director Christopher Nolan‘s last movie, Interstellar.

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Meanwhile, The Emoji Movie — which had been getting brutally bad reviews from critics — didn’t do so hot in theaters but actually outshot some of its projections, taking in $ 25.7 million.

Sony president of worldwide marketing and distribution Josh Greenstein seemed happy about The Emoji Movie‘s weekend, saying:

“We are thrilled the audience has spoken and embraced The Emoji Movie.”

Sony is seeing the film as a major victory, in part because it cost about $ 50 million to produce, which is a relative bargain for a major studio animated film.

But it still couldn’t get close to Dunkirk!!!

The other new release this weekend, Charlize Theron‘s Atomic Blonde, took in $ 18.6 million for Focus Features, a specialty company nestled under Universal Studios.

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The $ 18.6 million showing — plus another $ 5.9 million from overseas — is actually a very solid showing for Atomic Blonde, which is based on the graphic novel The Coldest City and took a lot of chances in its production.

Focus Features distribution president Lisa Bunnell said of the film:

“This film takes a lot of chances. David takes action to another level, and Charlize Theron an unbelievable job being able to kick ass just likes the guys. This is a stylized, provocative, sexual and brazen film, which is why Focus got involved.”

Meanwhile, as far as older releases go, Girls Trip continues to do VERY well, taking in $ 20.1 million in its second outing for a domestic total of $ 65.1 million — by far the most successful live-action comedy move to date this year.

What about you, Perezcious readers?! Did you see anything in theaters this weekend??

Let us know what you saw in the comments (below)!!!

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They’ve Got The Best Grandma!

Gracias, abuela!!

Did Robert Pattinson Really Hint At “Relationship Trouble” With FKA Twigs?

Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Relationship Trouble

(Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson did not hint at “relationship trouble” with FKA Twigs in his interview with Howard Stern last week, despite a report that both sensationalizes and mischaracterizes the actor’s remarks. Gossip Cop has the truth.

As we reported on Tuesday, when asked by Stern on his Sirius XM show, “You’re engaged, right?” Pattinson said, “Yeah, kind of.” Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, claims the actor’s reply “only fuels the rumors that there’s something amiss in the relationship, because responding ‘kind of’ invites more questions than a simple ‘yes, we’re engaged’ would have.” The website adds that Pattinson’s response “seems to hint more at trouble in the relationship.”

But it’s not true. Pattinson even clarified in the interview with Stern that as a rule he doesn’t like to talk about his relationships because his fans, particularly those of the Twilight films, overanalyze and sometimes even manufacture false scenarios about his love life. Pattinson, who has been engaged to FKA Twigs since 2015, told Stern, “It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world” that he can’t fully go public with his romance. “You kind of get stuck in this position where you have to make decisions whether you want to let the kind of crazy people in,” he continued, noting that Twilight fans can act like “a crack troop of crazies who think every single decision you’re making is creating some kind of conspiracy.”

“I want to create a big boundary between it. But then it makes it difficult for your actual relationship,” Pattinson admitted. He added that “professional trolls” on the web often make comments that “cause hurt and pain,” and “it might seem fake to them, but it’s definitely real in your life.” That said, contrary to CDL’s phony premise about the actor hinting at “relationship trouble,” during Pattinson’s interview with Stern about FKA Twigs, he called his fiancee “super talented” and “amazing.”

This is hardly the first made-up story CDL has published about Pattinson and FKA Twigs. Among its many inaccurate articles that Gossip Cop has busted was an absurd tale about how Pattinson’s family feared he’d dump FKA Twigs for Kirsten Stewart. That was completely untrue, and so is the claim that he hinted at “relationship trouble” with her during his interview with Stern.

{“@context”: “http://schema.org”, “@type”: [“ClaimReview”], “datePublished”: “2017-07-30 09:03:39 UTC”, “url”: “https://www.gossipcop.com/robert-pattinson-fka-twigs-relationship-trouble/”, “author”:{“@type”: “Organization”, “url”: “http://www.gossipcop.com/”}, “claimReviewed”: “Robert Pattinson hinted at relationship trouble with FKA Twigs in his interview with Howard Stern.”, “reviewRating”:{“@type”: “Rating”, “ratingValue”: “1”, “alternateName”: “0”, “worstRating”: “1”, “bestRating”: “11”, “image” : “https://dhpikd1t89arn.cloudfront.net/rating_images/gossip_cop/GossipCopRating-00.png”}, “itemReviewed”:{“@type”: “CreativeWork”, “author”:{“@type”: “Person”, “name”: “Celeb Dirty Laundry”, “jobTitle”: “Website”, “image”: “https://dhpikd1t89arn.cloudfront.net/rating_images/gossip_cop/GossipCopRating-00.png”, “sameAs”: []}, “datePublished”: “2017-07-30”, “name”: “”}}

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Fear Not, Beliebers — Despite His ‘Spiritual Awakening,’ Justin Bieber WILL Make More Music

Sure, Justin Bieber may be in the middle of his own ‘spiritual awakening,’ as we’ve been reporting — but it sounds like it won’t effect his music career for very long.

Even though there was apparently a genuine concern in the industry that the Biebs might stop making music altogether to focus on his religion (or to start his own church?!), we can now say that concern appears to be unfounded.

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According to a new report out this morning in TMZ, the Biebs has been reassuring his closest friends that he WILL return to performing soon!

Sources connected to the singer are saying that his faith isn’t going to stop him from being an artist, and he’s still reportedly in and out of studios working on new music even during his spiritual awakening.

He reportedly doesn’t have a date in mind yet for when to return, but he apparently has made it VERY clear to friends that he will return, and relatively soon.

PHP: Justin Bieber Has No Respect For His Fans!

It also sounds like he got burned out a little bit; the poor kid had been touring for nearly two full years at this point when he decided he needed the break, so perhaps when he does return he’ll find a slightly better work/life balance.

Whatever the case, here’s hoping Justin Bieber gets what he needs out of his spiritual awakening and finds himself in a better place personally, professionally, and emotionally very soon! Can’t knock the self-searching!

[Image via WENN.]

Game Of Thrones Star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Says He Got Screwed By His Former Manager!

Johnny Depp isn’t the only one in Hollywood having issues with their management!

On Friday, Game Of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau filed a lawsuit against his former manager Jill Littman claiming he was tricked into signing two money-draining contracts — in 2011 and in 2014.

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According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, the Danish actor — who plays Jaime Lannister — said he and Littman had a verbal deal where he would pay her 10% commission, but claims he was forced to sign on the dotted line in order to get a work visa.

On the flip side, Littman says her former client signed the deal in 2014, but when he tried to fire her in 2015, he verbally agreed to pay her commission until GoT went off the air.

Nikolaj has 99 problems, and his ex-manager is definitely one of them!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

How To Make Your House Look Like a Celebrity Home On a Budget

Many people look through magazines at the spreads of celebrity homes which seem to be something out of a fairy tale. There are beautiful spreads of color, exotic furniture, and beautiful decor which they could only dream of having.

It isn’t impossible to achieve this sort of dream house for yourself, however. Sometimes even though we are on a budget it doesn’t mean that with the right skills and a bit of creativity we can’t recreate this glamorous look and feel of our favorite celebrities homes.

Here are some of the best secret tips for making your house look like a million dollar home on a budget.

Lots Of Light

One of the most common traits of a celebrity home are large windows. When your home has lots of light streaming through there is an air of spaciousness giving your home has a grandiose feel.

Try to let as much light into your house as you can, and make use of any windows that are already there. IF your home is lacking in light then you will start to feel a lack of space. The smaller your house feels, the less that you will feel like you are in that big fancy home of your dreams.

If you don’t have many windows to work with, consider replacing your windows with bigger ones which will give your house an even brighter and bigger feel.

DIY What You Can

One trip to the furniture store is enough to make you start having a heart attack over the cost of nice furniture. Something as simple as a couch can cost upwards of thousands and thousands simply because it is a sleek design.

However, having a home full of modern and beautiful furniture isn’t something that is only limited to rich people and celebrities. There are plenty of ways to DIY your furniture to make it look like it costs far more than it actually does.

Try taking a look online at various blogs to see which sorts of projects might work for you and the look that you want to achieve. You’d be surprised to find the sorts of things that you can make with only a few simple supplies that would otherwise put you out thousands of dollars in a regular store!

Fresh Flowers

If you look at celebrities homes a common trait that you will find is that they frequently have fresh flowers displayed throughout the house. This is a way of brightening up your living space and giving it a breath of fresh air with color and life.

Consider growing your own in your backyard to save on money. Otherwise, you can try to find high-quality artificial flowers which are so convincing hardly anyone will be able to tell they aren’t the finest picks of the day from the best florist in town!

We Spy Bella Hadid & Model Jordan Barrett Getting Pretty Cozy In NYC!

New relationship alert??

Bella Hadid was spotted getting cozy with 20-year-old model Jordan Barrett in NYC on Monday — wearing just a white tank top and Brazilian-cut black panties! Heyo!

The 20-year-old beauty was photographed inside her apartment as she took sexy pics with the Aussie in front of the window before the two headed to the balcony for some snuggly selfies.

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That night, Bella and Jordan arrived separately but were seen hanging out and keeping close at a charity foundation party!

But this isn’t the first time these two have spent time together… Jordan shared a hot photo of them lounging on a yacht in Cannes just last month (above)!

We’ll be keeping an eye on these two…

To see pics from their intimate afternoon, head HERE.

[Image via Instagram.]