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Peter Andre Is Ready To Attack Katie Price In Custody Battle

Wonderful. Yet another couple who can’t manage to keep things civil in the name of their children.
It’s been a while since Peter Andre and Katie Price have called each other lovers, but the pair still share children together, which means they will never be out of each other’s lives for good. As it turns out, the couple are still in the midst of figuring out a custody arrangement and Peter is apparently determined to get ugly should things not go his way.
Sources are reporting that Peter has compiled heaps of “evidence” against Katie that calls into question her parenting skills. Apparently, Peter’s insisting that Katie is “mentally unfit” to care for their two kids, citing a recent incident involving their youngest child, Princess, who was burned on her back while in Katie’s care.
Ouchy! Poor baby! We bet that hurt a lot!
When the police, who were notified presumably by Peter, questioned Katie about the burn, she revealed that the little one got too close to a hot towel rail and that it was purely an accident. But Peter has more than just accusations. He also claims to have video footage of Katie berating the children with obscenities.
However, Katie and her reps are staying firm, telling sources that all of this “evidence” is just another “publicity stunt” on Peter’s part. We don’t doubt that, but if we were the judge, we’d also take his evidence into serious consideration. No matter what, the welfare of those children has to come first!
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Attn. Peter Andre! Your EX Has A New BF For You To Hate!

Alex Reid, you might want to listen to this too!
Meet Leandro Penna, the new man in Jordan Katie Price’s life. We have no idea what the status of her current marriage is, but as of late, she’s been spending more time with this dude than her husband.
Of course, she might have good reason to. According to sources, Alex hasn’t just been cage-fighting and cross-dressing these days. He’s also been stepping out with other ladies. After Katie posted a bunch of pictures of herself with her new man on Twitter, she went ahead and defended her new romance, claiming to be in love with Leandro and adding:

“people forgetting alex shagged a girl in manchester few weeks ago and she did kiss and tell on him!…I will do what makes me happy’

Sure, okay. We’re all for happiness, so if this is it for you – have at it!
We just think maybe some stability in your life would be good for you kids. You know, keep one man around instead of three!
Just one opinion though!

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Move Over, Starbucks! Peter Andre’s Providing The Latte’s Now!


At least he’ll have no competition with his ex, Katie Price, in this area. She’s WAY too busy to care about importing the right expresso beans!

Peter Andre has announced he is opening up his own coffee shop not far from his home in East Grinstead, England. As is with most small business owners, he hopes his business will be so successful that he can turn it into a country-wide chain. He explains:

“I’m opening a coffee shop very near where I live in the next couple of months and I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be in East Grinstead and I’m looking for some talented baristas to work there. I’m hoping it’ll be a chain eventually, but at the moment I just want to focus on the one shop. It makes sense for it to be near my house so that I can pop in and help out whenever they need me there!”

That part makes perfect sense. Why you wanted to open a coffee shop in the first place, not so much!

You’re a musician, a celebrity, a reality star – oh wait! Is that what this is about? Is this a ploy for a new reality show??? It’d be pretty genius if it is! If it isn’t, you’re welcome for the idea! (When’s our check coming???)

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Katie Price Covers Up Pete Andre Tat!


Well, lookie here!

Katie Price and her latest prey boyfriend, Leandro Penna, were spotted out and about last night in Londontown, with the former glamor model showing off a new tattoo on her wrist of an elaborate rose…where her ex-husband, Pete Andre‘s name used to be inked into her skin!

Ch-ch-check out the pics (above)!

We guess gurlfriend uses the same mantra for her tattoos as she does for her men: out with the old, in with the new!


Best of luck, you two!

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Peter Andre’s Song Bombs



Peter Andre‘s latest single Perfect Night totally bombed on the UK Singles Charts. The song only managed to hit the #48 spot – a much different record than what the singer was used to in the ’90s.

Whomp whomp.

Even though Pete tried to promote the single by appearing on QVC, it didn’t work. Luckily, he seems to be okay with the lack of success his music is getting. Pete says:

“I don’t think it will chart as high as I’d like it to but, as the old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

It’s a real shame that people won’t play my songs on the radio, but I’m not bitter about it as I have so many things to be grateful for. I’ve always said my kids are my fiercest critics but Junior absolutely loves Perfect Night, so that’s good enough for me.”

That’s the spirit, Pete! Family is way more important than your career! Way to have priorities!

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Peter Andre’s Upcoming Reality Show Has Some SERIOUS Behind-The-Scenes Issues!



Well, at least he isn’t part of the drama directly this time!

Peter Andre has had a reality TV show, called The Next Chapter, in the works for ITV2, but after a split in his management company between manager Claire Powell and her business partner/ex Neville Hendricks, he wants to pull the plug until they’ve resolved their issues!

A source explains:

“There is some bad blood between the people who ran Can and it’s affecting what happens with Pete’s series. It’s causing ITV all sorts of headaches, but they keep pointing to the contract saying they’re obliged to turn in a show for autumn. No one knows how it will end – it’s a stressful time.”

However, despite the behind-the-scene issues, an ITV spokesperson maintains:

“We expect the series to air this autumn.”

We certainly hope so!

It would be a shame for the show to suffer because of business issues between management!

Fingers crossed you guys can work it out!

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Kevin Spacey’s Apology To Anthony Rapp Has Been Put On Blast By ALL Of Twitter!

kevin spacey apology put on blast
UPDATE 1:22 P.M. EST: We’ve added Zachary Quinto‘s scorching response (below)!

People are NOT here for Kevin Spacey‘s apology to Anthony Rapp.
As we previously reported, on Sunday, the Rent star accused the Oscar winner of making a sexual advance towards him back when he was only 14. In response to Rapp’s allegation, the House of Cards actor claimed he had no recollection of the incident, but noted that it was likely just “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”
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Spacey also seemingly attempted to pivot the conversation away from the predatory claims to that of his sexuality as he confirmed that he is, in fact, gay. Unsurprisingly, Kevin’s admission was met with intense backlash from many — including Rose McGowan, Billy Eichner, Rosie O’Donnell, etc.
Be sure to take a look at the LIVID Twitter responses (below).

It’ll be inneresting to see if Kevin’s statement stays on his Twitter page for more than 24 hours. We doubt it!!!

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Supergirl Star Hospitalized, Says He ‘Almost Died’ After Eating Chipotle!

no title
One thing Supergirl can’t save you from? Norovirus!
Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn on the hit CW show, shared his first Instagram Story Thursday night to let fans know he was alive but very, very ill in the hospital.
And it was all because he ate at Chipotle.
Video: Rats Fall From Ceiling At Chipotle!
Jordan shared video of his pallid face, IV drip, and hospital room, saying about the infamously illness-spreading fast food chain:

“I know I’ve advocated for them in the past, but they’re terrible. I, as you can see, am in the hospital and I have fluids in my arm because the food did not agree with me and I almost died.”

Jordan is scheduled to perform a “salute to Broadway” concert at the Houston Symphony on Friday night; he goes on to tell fans he hopes he can still make it.
Get well soon, Jeremy!
Chipotle has released an official response to the story, telling People:

“We are sorry to hear that Jeremy is sick and have attempted to get in touch with him directly regarding where and when he ate so we can look into this. We take all claims seriously, but at this time we can’t confirm any link to Chipotle. We are always committed to making things right for our guests and will do the same for Jeremy when we are able to reach him.”

Do YOU still eat at Chipotle??
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People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Get Out Being Categorized As A Comedy Or Musical For The Golden Globes — Including Creator Jordan Peele!

no title
In case you haven’t heard, Get Out will be considered for the comedy category at the 2018 Golden Globes.
Considering the heavy subject matter surrounding the ever present racism in our country — we can see why people are scratching their heads!
In fact, the film’s director Jordan Peele and actors from the wildly popular movie are offering their two cents, too!
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Ch-ch-check the reactions (below)!

What’s UR opinion??? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

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Peter Andre Just Can’t Quit You, Katie Price

Any by that we mean he can’t stop using you to garner a little attention for himself.
It’s been two years since his divorce from Katie Price, yet the memory of Peter Andre’s marriage to her haunts his memories still. Peter was a guest on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories this weekend, and he opened up about how their relationship has scarred him for life.
He explained:

“I think that’s what hurts the most about what went wrong a few years ago. Because I’d just come from the worst place in my life. I’m not blaming anybody, but when I finally found happiness (with Price), it was the first time I’d felt good. I felt good about everything. I think that’s probably why I’ve never been able to (move on)… I’ve moved on in leaps and bounds in one way but in another way I’m still a bit tortured inside.”

Yes, breakups can be difficult.
But c’mon! Time to move on! This tortured soul bit isn’t really going to get you anywhere. Let’s try a different angle to get your career started again, okay?
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