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Denzel Washington Gives Millie Bobby Brown Advice After SAG Awards Win

Denzel Washington Millie Bobby Brown Video


Denzel Washington and Millie Bobby Brown shared a special moment at the SAG Awards, with the veteran actor giving the young breakout star meaningful advice. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Washington and Brown were both among the winners at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. He was named Outstanding Male Actor for Fences. On the television side, she was a key member of the “Stranger Things” cast, which won for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Following their respective victories, Washington crashed an interview Brown and co-star Noah Schnapp were giving to KTLA, but it was clear the rising stars didn’t mind one bit. In footage the news station posted to its Facebook page, the acting icon is seen telling Brown, “The most important thing you can do in life is to help others. It’s more important to see others do well than to do well yourself.”

“In this ‘how many likes do I have’ world that we live in,” continued Washington, “turn it off, look to your friends, lift somebody up, make somebody else better than you are, help somebody.” He added to BBrown and Schnapp, “I can tell both of you are going to do that already. I can tell. So, I’ll see you all at work, right?”

Brown, who was nodding and listening intensely as the screen legend spoke, even got two kisses from Washington. After he walked away, she gushed, “I’m freaking out right now. I mean, I’ve watched him in every single move.” Reminder: This adorable actress is all of 12 years old. Watch below!

Kit Harington Was HOW OLD When He Lost His Virginity?!

For those of you Game Of Thrones fans out there, you know Jon Snow famously lost his virginity in a cave.

Turns out the man behind the character, Kit Harington, has an interesting story of his own!

When asked by Elle about his first time IRL, the 30-year-old — who is now dating his former onscreen lover, Rose Leslie, whose character Ygritte, stole Snow’s virginity (really coming full circle here) — said:

“Mine was a little less left-field than in a cave. It was a typical sort of teenage thing, at a party. I was probably too young.”

Too young, you say?

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The interviewer threw out the age 13 as a guess, to which Kit responded:

“No, but you’re not far off. I think the girl and I just kind of wanted to. You either hold on and do it right, or you’re young and decide to get the monkey off your back.”

Hmmm. Wonder where that girl is now!

In another fun fact, the English actor confirmed rumors that one of his ancestors invented the first flushing toilet for Queen Elizabeth I — which is why people call the bathroom “the John”:

“That’s 100 percent true. It’s called ‘the John Harington.’ I’m glad it’s not called ‘the Harington.’ [My family] also wrote the queen a lot of bad poetry. I’ve inherited the bad poetry genes, but not the inventor genes.”

The more you know!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Are You Crazy In Love With Beyoncé?? Test Your Knowledge Of The Iconic Diva HERE!

Who run the world? Beyoncé, duh!

Do you consider yourself a loyal member of the Bey Hive? Do you find yourself busting out in the famous Single Ladies dance at random times?

Well then, this is for you!

We want to know just how well you know our beloved Queen Bey — so test your knowledge with this ***Flawless ultimate quiz (below)!!

Let us know how you scored in the comments (below)!!

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These Celebs Have The HOTTEST Bodyguards!

Just another perk of being a celebrity!

There are so many reasons to be envious of A-listers, between their killer careers, lush lifestyles, and piles of money. But we have to add one more to the lengthy list.

Stars are SURROUNDED by the hottest guys… their bodyguards!

Celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and more receive protection from muscly men with a very special set of skills — and in these cases very symmetrical facial features!

They’re SO lucky!

CLICK HERE to view “Hottest Bodyguards To The Stars!”

CLICK HERE to view “Hottest Bodyguards To The Stars!”

CLICK HERE to view “Hottest Bodyguards To The Stars!”

CLICK HERE to view “Hottest Bodyguards To The Stars!”

CLICK HERE to view “Hottest Bodyguards To The Stars!”

[Image via WENN.]

Alleged Quebec Mosque Shooter Charged With Six Counts Of Murder

Our hearts are with the victims of this horrible crime!

On Sunday, Alexandre Bissonnette allegedly shot six and wounded eight individuals at a mosque in Quebec City. The next day, he was charged with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder at the Quebec City Courthouse.

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The attack marked the first time in Canada’s history where someone was murdered inside a Muslim place of worship. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the event a “terrorist attack on Muslims.”

Bissonnette was reportedly an extremely active commenter on far-right websites, especially pages that talked about Islam and immigration. He also made disparaging remarks about feminists, foreigners, and aligned with far-right groups including the National Front.

Although another man — Mohamed Belkhadir — was arrested at the scene of the crime, he was later released and deemed a witness, not a suspect.

According to Chief Inspector André Goulet:

“For the moment, nothing indicates to us that there was anybody else involved.”

We just hope justice is brought down on the person responsible for this heinous act of violence!

[Image via The New York Times.]

Celebrities Totally Fangirling Over Other Celebrities!

One of our favorite things is when celebrities fangirl over other famous people — mainly because it’s one of the only times we can genuinely relate to them! Ha!

And for your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up the best moments from the time Chance The Rapper totally freaked out when Beyoncé touched him (who wouldn’t) to when Anne Hathaway geeked out over Mariah Carey! You’re welcome!

Ch-ch-check out your favorite A-listers starstruck moments (below)!!

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs! Who LOVES Who?!?”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs! Who LOVES Who?!?”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs! Who LOVES Who?!?”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs! Who LOVES Who?!?”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs! Who LOVES Who?!?”

Bruce Springsteen Slams Muslim Ban During Concert (VIDEO)

Bruce Springsteen Muslim Ban Video

(Bruce Springsteen/Twitter)

Bruce Springsteen slammed the so-called “Muslim ban” and expressed solidary with protesters during his concert in Australia on Monday. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, many have called President Trump’s recent executive action on immigration a “Muslim ban” because it affects people from Muslim majority countries. Protests have taken place at airports, public parks, and other areas throughout the U.S. in support of the immigrants and refugees who are now banned from entering the country. And while he’s currently Down Under, Springsteen is still weighing in on the situation.

While performing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre as part of his “River Tour,” the performer said to the crowd, “Tonight, we want to add our voices to the thousands of Americans who are protesting at airports around our country the Muslim ban and the detention of foreign nationals and refugees. America is a nation of immigrants and we find this anti-democratic and fundamentally un-American.”

“This is an immigrant’s song,” he added, before performing “American Land.” Footage of the moment was shared on Springsteen’s official Twitter account with the quote, “America is a nation of immigrants and we find this anti-democratic and fundamentally un-American.” As heard in the clip, Springsteen received cheers for his comments. Check out the video below.

4 Celebrity Inspired Trends

When it comes to trends there are no bigger trendsetters than celebrities in Hollywood. All it takes is one star sporting a look and before you know it it’s caught on all over the magazines.

Many trends last years or even decades, while some fizzle out after a few short months. There are entire blogs and magazines dedicated to following current trends and now with the power of hashtags it has never been easier to keep up with what is hot on the street.

Take a look at some of the most popular celebrity inspired trends.

“Green” Fashion

It has never been so popular to wear green, and we aren’t even talking about the color. The “green” movement means being environmentally supportive and purchasing products that minimize carbon footprint.

Some of the biggest green fashion trends include sporting reusable tote bags, using all organic free trade fibers, and wearing clothing that has been made in an eco-friendly factory.

Big Sunglasses

Wearing big sunglasses is a trend that was started by Hollywood in the golden age and has continued through the years well into the new century. From movie stars to athletes, to famous musicians. It has become a sign of glamor to wear an oversized pair of sunglasses.

Iconic oversized glasses are a symbol of wealth, fame, and above all, mystery. You can wear them with a dressed down outfit or something more glamorous, but always leaving your outfit with a splash of style.


Contouring is the famous makeup technique that started with America’s favorite obsession The Kardashians and trickled its way into being a standard term in beauty.

Contouring is a way of painting your face which accentuates the highlights and darkens the curves of your face making the facial shape appear more chiseled and slim.

Makeup manufacturers have made huge profits offering all kinds of options in this category with the promise of making your face look chiseled like a Hollywood starlet.

Cocktail Dresses

Once upon a time cocktail dresses were only for fancy parties with high heels and a fur coat. Recently they have become standard to wear in the streets with a simple boot or even a tennis shoe.

Cocktail dresses can be florally patterned in the springtime with bare legs, or sleek and dark colored in the winter paired with a pair of warm tights. Since the cocktail dress is no longer limited to a particular season or occasion, it’s become a fashion staple.

Skinny Jeans

Once upon a time, skinny jeans were only worn by superslim fashion models with no hips. But curvy stars like Beyonce and Kate Winslet broke the barriers showing us that curves are beautiful and skinny jeans can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.

Miss Universe 2016 Winner Is Iris Mittenaere of France (VIDEO)

Miss Universe 2016 Winner Iris Mittenaere France


Iris Mittenaere of France was crowned the 2016 Miss Universe pageant winner on Sunday. Mittenaere beat out 85 other contestants from around the world to win Miss Universe, which previously held by Mia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines. The event aired live from the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, and was hosted by Steve Harvey and Ashley Graham. Check out the video below of Mittenaere being crowned.

Flo Rida and Boyz II Men gave musical performances during the Miss Universe pageant. “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey, fashion writer Mickey Boardman, producer Francine LeFrak and former Miss Universes Sushmita Sen and Dayanara Torres judged the Miss Universe 2016 pageant contestants from around the world. The women competed in evening gown, swimsuit, and interview competitions. Deshauna Barber of Washington, DC represented the United States as Miss USA.

Before the live show aired, the 86 contestants were narrowed down to 13 semi-finalists. Those women were Miss Kenya (Mary Were), Miss Indonesia (Kezia Warouw), Miss USA (Deshaun Barber), Miss Mexico (Kristal Silva), Miss Peru (Valeria Piazza), Miss Panama (Keity Drennan), Miss Colombia (Andrea Tovar), Miss Philippines (Maxine Medina), Miss Canada (Siera Bearchell), Miss Brazil (Raissa Santana), Miss France (Iris Mittenaere), Miss Haiti (Raquel Pelissier) and Miss Thailand (Chalita Suansane).

Following the swimsuit contest, the field was whittled down to nine contestants. They were Miss USA, Miss Thailand, Miss France, Miss Mexico, Miss Kenya, Miss Colombia, Miss Canada, Miss Haiti, and Miss Philippines. The contestant pool got smaller after the evening gown competition, after which the remaining six were Miss France, Miss Kenya, Miss Colombia, Miss Philippines, Miss Thailand, and Miss Haiti.

For the interview round, Miss Philippines was asked what the most significant change she’s seen in the last 10 years. Meanwhile, Miss Kenya had to answer what most excited and most concerned her about President Donald Trump. Miss Thailand was asked which world leader she most admired, and Miss France was questioned about whether countries are obligated to have open borders for refugees.

Then, Miss Haiti was faced with what she would march for. And Miss Colombia had to answer why she thought there was so much violence in our society. Following the interview round, it was just Miss France, Miss Colombia, and Miss Haiti. Next, those three finalists were asked what mistake they made in their lives, and what they learned from it.

Before announcing the winner of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant, it was revealed the second runner-up was Miss Colombia. It then came down to Miss France and Miss Haiti, and the 2016 Miss Universe is Iris Mittenaere of France. Below is video of Mittenaere being crowned Miss Universe.

4 Hollywood Tips For Looking Younger

When it comes to a group of people having the biggest reputation for looking much younger than their age, most people immediately think of Hollywood stars. Regardless of their age, it seems that these actors and actresses always seem to radiate a much younger age.

It can be extremely frustrating to look in the mirror and compare ourselves to these people gracing the covers of glamor magazines in bikinis and gowns while we sometimes we find ourselves feeling like stuffed sausages in a pair of sweats and a stained t-shirt.

However, there are some Hollywood secrets that we can steal for ourselves to look younger. Here are some of the tips of the stars for knocking off 10 years from your look.

Wear Current Trends

When it comes to looking younger sometimes it is as easy as dressing the part. Celebrity stylists recommend wearing current trends seen in the latest magazines and urban fashion settings as opposed to more “classic” trends if you are seeking to achieve a younger look.

Try other tricks like opting for LASIK surgery or contacts instead of wearing glasses, as glasses can tend to encourage a more mature look.

If you’re not sure where to begin to give your closet a makeover you may want to ask one of your younger friends to take a trip with you to the mall. They may be able to convince you to wear things that you never imagined could look good on you. You may be pleasantly surprised when given this new perspective!

Smile More

Studies show that smiling more can not only give the impression of looking younger, but it can also make you feel younger.

Happy people have more energy, optimism, and attract more people into their lives because of their openness to a connection.

If you do anything to make yourself appear younger try doing this simple trick alone and watch the clock reverse on your face.

Color Any Grey Hairs

Grey hairs are one of the biggest indicators of age. By coloring any gray hairs you can reduce your age by at least 5 years. Make sure that you opt for a professional colorist instead of a DIY box since this can often lead to disaster.

Between color appointments, consider buying a touch-up spray or stick that you can use on the go to cover up any unwanted silvers straying.

Use Botox Treatments

Botox treatments are used regularly in Hollywood. One common misconception about botox is that it is only a corrective treatment when in fact, it is incredibly effective as a preventative treatment.

Many people start getting small botox injections as early as their 20’s to avoid the development of fine lines which can make you appear much older.