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Selena Gomez Problems NOT Connected To Brad Pitt Divorce, Despite Report

Selena Gomez Problems Brad Pitt

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Selena Gomez’s personal problems are not in any way connected to Brad Pitt‘s divorce from Angelina Jolie, despite a flat-out wrong report. Gossip Cop can debunk the speculative and sensational story.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Gomez canceled her “Revival World Tour” in August in order to focus on her health. The singer-actress is suffering from lupus, and opted to clear her schedule for the rest of the year. Now a month after the announcement, the National Enquirer is trying to tie her time out of the spotlight to the recent news that Pitt and Jolie are divorcing.

On its website, the supermarket tabloid purports to have the “inside story” and announces in a headline, “Selena Gomez: Pill-Popping Star’s Lust For Brad Pitt.” The article, which is filled with unverified claims, begins by saying, “Selena Gomez is hiding out from the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce battle in a rehab clinic — checking in just as The National Enquirer revealed that she’s addicted to pills!”

The magazine regurgitates sister outlet RadarOnline’s unconfirmed allegation that Gomez is being treated in a rehab facility for depression, and goes on to speculate that her issues are related to Pitt. The publication says she showed “wild behavior” earlier this year by “creating a scandal at the Golden Globes when she told reporters that she was ‘trying to find” Brad Pitt!’”

“She then proved she wasn’t kidding by getting cozy with Brad, who attended the event without Angelina,” says the tabloid, which then rehashes its untrue claims about the two getting inappropriately close and angering Jolie. The outlet adds that Gomez’s “dalliance with Brad could be attributed to an addictive personality.”

But there was NO “dalliance.” Gomez and Pitt merely chatted at the awards show, just as they did with many other stars. That happened in January, and has absolutely nothing to do with Gomez’s health now or Pitt’s divorce in September.

And though Gomez is indeed lying low (her rep has not responded to repeated requests for comment), she is in no way “hiding out” from Pitt and Jolie. She has no reason to. RadarOnline already tried blaming Pitt and Jolie’s divorce on Gomez. This new report blaming Gomez’s health issues on Pitt is just as wrong.

Irina Shayk NOT Upset Over Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga Movie Chemistry

Irina Shayk Bradley Cooper Chemistry Lady Gaga

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Irina Shayk is NOT upset over Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s on-screen chemistry, despite a report wrongly speculating a “romance” is brewing between the co-stars. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim.

A headline in this week’s National Enquirer announces, “A Bradley-Gaga Romance Is Born!” According to the supermarket tabloid, the two are “steaming up the set together” as they work on the A Star is Born remake, which Cooper is also directing. The magazine writes that “on-set spies say their ‘sizzling chemistry’ is more scorching than the script,” and points out that they’ve “been all over SoCal for months” together, “even grocery shopping like a married couple!”

But, alleges the outlet, “one person who isn’t thrilled with their love-fest is Bradley’s on-off squeeze.” It’s said the couple “has been on rocky ground since a public spat at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London.” And now a so-called “pal” claims to the publication, “Irina is not a fool. She knows when two people have chemistry. She just hopes that he remembers where his loyalty lies — and that he should be with her.”

The only fool here is the clueless National Enquirer, which very obviously fabricated this story. The tabloid can’t possibly have “on-set spies” revealing how Gaga and Cooper are “steaming up the set together” as production on the movie isn’t slated to begin until early next year. And unlike the gossip magazine, Shayk is well aware that what her boyfriend and the singer-actress will be doing is pretend.

She is not upset about Cooper and Gaga having on-screen compatibility, just as she’s not concerned about his chemistry with other film partners. It’s just a necessary component of making quality movies. But clearly, the National Enquirer doesn’t see truth-telling as a necessary part of its own job.

Amber Rose Says She Was Body Shamed By Julianne Hough On Dancing With The Stars!

More like FIGHTING with the stars!

On an upcoming episode of her podcast Loveline With Amber Rose, Amber Rose said she was highly offended by Dancing With The Stars judge Julianne Hough‘s recent critique.

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Muva told co-host Chris Donaghue:

“Last night was like, they did the commentary, and I, it was a point in the dance where I had to lift my leg up and Maks [Chmerkovskiy] dipped me & [Julianne] said, ‘Oh, I’m uncomfortable,’ and instantly I felt, I did feel body shamed.”

Blac Chyna‘s BFF added:

“You know, all the beautiful professional dancers that are on Dancing With the Stars, I mean they dress very sexy and they do the splits and they grind up on these guys and they look absolutely stunning and get a standing ovation. And me, and my body, my hips, my ass, my breasts made her uncomfortable.”

When Miz Hough heard about Miz Rose’s comments, she clarified her earlier statement:

“To be clear, that was a produced package, not live coverage and they can put those sound bites anywhere. My ‘uncomfortable’ comment was about the fact that I felt like I wanted more out of the performance – when someone is doing a hot, sexy dance like that without the right amount of energy that is required, it can be uncomfortable to watch.”

Derek Hough‘s sister wants everyone to know that she is 100% against body shaming, and that she herself loves a bootylicious dance routine!

“Trust me I’m ALL for a sexy booty dance!! We all know that!! And any kind of body shaming goes against everything I believe in.”

They’ll just have to agree to disagree!

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KARMA! Blac Chyna Just Posted Rob Kardashian’s Phone Number!

UPDATE! 11:02 PM EST: Blac Chyna posted Rob’s number so he won’t text other women!

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Sep 29, 2016 at 7:59pm PDT

This is getting out of control!!

As we reported earlier this week, Rob Kardashian shocked the media when he posted Kylie Jenner‘s phone number on Twitter after Blac Chyna wasn’t invited to her own baby shower.

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It turns out Rob’s famous sisters reportedly decided to throw two different showers (one for Rob and one for Chyna) as the couple have been on the outs for months!

Although the former stripper was in on the plan, the sole Kardashian brother was NOT, which led to his overreaction.

Well, it looks like there is more drama between the crazy twosome. On Thursday, Amber Rose‘s BFF posted her baby daddy’s digits on social media!

She wrote:

While we would normally feel bad… Rob totally deserves it! Karma is a bitch!

Sadly, it looks like Rob and Chyna’s days as a couple are slowly winding down.

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‘F*ck Portlandia!’ Real Life Feminist Bookstore Blocks Filming Over Transphobia — Do YOU Agree??

You go, humans!

While Portlandia may not seem like the most offensive show on television at first glance, according to one Portland-based business, that’s simply not the case.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein‘s comedy is currently filming Season Seven… but it’s looking like they’re going to have to find a new feminist bookstore for their famous Women and Women First sketch!

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That’s because IRL book shop In Other Words is boycotting the IFC series for being trans-antagonistic, trans-misogynistic, racist, cheap, and plain ol’ not funny.

Apparently, Fred and Carrie’s crew has not been the most accommodating of IOW’s progressive principles. In fact, they allegedly tried to make the store remove a Black Lives Matter poster from the window for a shoot just this past Spring… so a volunteer for the store responded with a “F*ck Portlandia” sign instead (below)!

While that’s just one example, the literally outlet believes the Saturday Night Live alum’s Candace character is a mockery of the transgender community, and is standing behind their decision to block filming, writing in a blog post:

“Several months ago the In Other Words community agreed to discontinue our relationship with Portlandia. This was a direct response to a particular egregious filming of the show in our space which saw our store left a mess, our staff mistreated, our neighbors forced to close and lose business for a day without warning, and our repeated attempts to obtain accountability or resolution dismissed. It was also a direct response to a show which is in every way diametrically opposed to our politics and the vision of society we’re organizing to realize. A show which has had a net negative effect on our neighborhood and the city of Portland as a whole.

The current board, staff, and volunteers were not involved in the decision, made six years ago, to allow Portlandia to film at In Other Words. We stand behind our collective decision to discontinue our relationship with the show. And we f*cking love the sign.”

Put a bird on that, Fred.

D-d-do U think Portlandia is in the wrong??

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Liam Payne Congratulates Niall Horan On First Solo Single ‘This Town’

Liam Payne Niall Horan Solo Single This Town

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Liam Payne congratulated Niall Horan on his first solo single, “This Town,” which was released Thursday. See below what the singer tweeted to his One Direction bandmate in honor of his new track!

Horan surprised fans on Thursday by debuting his solo song, in which he sings about going through a breakup, and also announcing he signed a deal with Capitol Records USA. “Thank you to all the One Direction fans for your love and support as always,” the pop star said in a press release. “I’m looking forward to the next part of this journey together.” He later tweeted a link to the track, adding, “Been workin in the studio, wanted to share this song I just wrote with u guys. thank you for always being there.”

Payne was quick to praise his peer on social media, writing, “@NiallOfficial good luck boss give him all your support huge day for him proud of you boss.” A appreciative Horan responded, “@LiamPayne thank you Payno. Love you buddie. Call you when I’m off the phone from interviews.” Although Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are presumably also happy for their bandmate, neither one has commented about Horan’s song on social media, but Gossip Cop will update if they do. In the meantime, listen below to Horan’s first single, “This Town.”

California Passes Measure Inspired By Bill Cosby’s Rape Allegations

This is a big step in the right direction!

On Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill — called SB813 — that will end the 10-year statute of limitations for prosecuting certain rape and child molestation cases.

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The measure was inspired by Bill Cosby‘s alleged attacks, many of which came to light decades after. Unfortunately, this new piece of legislation will not help many of these women who are accusing the comedian of rape.

The actor is currently facing a criminal case in Pennsylvania, as well as a civil suit in California from a woman who claims he molested her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 when she was only 15-years-old.

According to Senator Connie Leyva:

“Rapists should never be able to evade legal consequences simply because an arbitrary time limit has expired. There must never be an expiration date on justice!”

Lawyer Gloria Allred — who currently represents over 30 Cosby accusers — said in a statement:

“The passage of this new law means that the courthouse doors will no longer be slammed shut in the face of rape victims. It puts sexual predators on notice that the passage of time may no longer protect them from serious criminal consequences for their acts of sexual violence.”

The law takes effect on January 1, 2017.

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Kim Kardashian Offers Tips On How You Could Avoid Jet Lag!

Being an international jetsetter isn’t as easy as it sounds! Kim Kardashian should know!

Recently, the KUWTK star wrote a blog entry on her website where she gives tips on how you could avoid getting jet lag when traveling!

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The 35-year-old said:

“From Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour to NYFW and PFW, I’ve been flying SO much lately. To avoid experiencing jet lag, I always pack these items below. I swear, they are amazing!!!”

When the mother-of-two gets to her destination, she tries to hit the hay ASAP, and does so with Shhh Silk 2 marble silk pillowcases!

“Whenever I arrive to a new location, I try to go to bed super early to help get on local time. I can’t live without my silk pillowcase—it always helps me get a good night sleep!”

In order to relax, she uses Aura Cacia relaxing lavender room and body mist; in order to decrease puffiness in her eyes, she uses Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming eye gels; and in order to get rid of dark circles, she uses Skyn Iceland icelandic relief eye cream with glacial flower extract.

During her first day in a new city, the reality TV personality loves to exercise in Yeezy sweats!

“For my first day in a new city, I try to get out and about for a little. Getting any type of exercise helps me adjust to the specific local time.”

In order to get a boost of energy, Miz Kardashian loves to drink Yogi Vital energy tea!

“I drink this tea every morning to feel energized and balanced throughout the day!”

Finally, when she’s out and about, she uses Giorgio Armani high precision retouch!

“When I go out, I keep under-eye concealer on me at all times!”

Kim has got traveling down to a tee!

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Kris Jenner Running For Mayor Of Calabasas?

Kris Jenner Mayor

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Kris Jenner is NOT considering running for mayor of Calabasas, California, despite an inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s not true.

According to Life & Style, the Kardashian family matriarch wants to replace the current mayor of Calabasas, James Bozajian, when his term ends in 2017. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Kris thinks that politics would be a good challenge for her.” The outlet’s supposed insider further alleges Jenner already has several ideas about how to change the area, and notes, “She wants to rename the city ‘Kalabasas,’ in honor of the Kardashian clan. She also wants a street dedicated to the Kardashian name.” The publication’s questionable “source” adds, however, that a number of residents have caught wind of Jenner’s political ambitions, and “have said that if Kris becomes mayor, they’ll move.”

The people of Calabasas have nothing to fear. Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Jenner, who exclusively assures us there’s no truth to the tabloid’s story, and calls the outlet’s article “a joke.” Unfortunately, Life & Style has a habit of publishing tall tales about the momager, so this latest piece of fiction isn’t particularly surprising. We recently busted the magazine for falsely claiming Jenner was developing a show about her grandchildren to be called “Keeping Up With The Kids.” Much like that report, the latest about Jenner running for mayor of Calabasas is also a complete fabrication.

Gwyneth Paltrow Radiates In Makeup-Free Selfie For Her 44th Birthday!

Slay, momma!!

Gwyneth Paltrow proved she’s aging backwards on Tuesday as she posted a makeup-free selfie in honor of her 44th birthday. Werk!

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Taking to Instagram as her big day came to a close, the Goop founder posted a beautifully natural photo (above) with the inspiring caption:

“#nomakeup for my 44th birthday, embracing my past and future. Thank you for the instalove #goopgoesmakeupfree @goop”


Happy birthday, Gwynnie!

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