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Halle Berry Wants To Date Chadwick Boseman?

Halle Berry Chadwick Boseman Dating

(Getty Images)

A new tabloid report claiming Halle Berry wants to date Chadwick Boseman is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. A rep for the actress tells us it’s made-up.

“Halle Crushing On Chadwick” reads a headline in the latest issue of Star. The accompanying article claims the actress recently had her team reach out to the Black Panther star to set up a dinner between them. The unreliable outlet further states that Boseman is very excited about the prospect of going out with Berry.

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“Halle is Chadwick’s dream girl,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine. “He can’t believe she’s interested in him.” This entire article is based on information from an anonymous and untraceable “insider,” but Berry’s spokesperson tells Gossip Cop on the record there’s no truth to it. We’re told the actress isn’t pursuing Boseman, nor did she have anyone in her camp reach out to him.

It’s possible this bogus story was concocted because Berry gave Black Panther a shoutout at the GLAAD Media Awards earlier this year. “Each story builds on the next,” the actress said while presenting an award. “It’s like that old saying goes: behind every Black Panther is a great black Catwoman,” Berry added in reference to her own superhero movie.

It’s worth noting, Boseman is rumored to be dating singer Taylor Simone Ledward. Although the two haven’t confirmed their relationship, the actor brought her as his date to the Oscars in March. The pair were also spotted sitting courtside at an NBA All-Star game in February. Regardless of what Boseman’s relationship status may be, Berry hasn’t asked him out.

Additionally, Star has proven in the past to know very little about the actress’s personal life. The magazine wrongly reported in 2016 that Berry and Olivier Martinez were calling off their divorce and getting back together. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The tabloid’s sister outlet, OK!, falsely claimed last year that the actress was trying to win back ex-boyfriend Alex Da Kid. There was no truth to that narrative either.

Berry’s dating life and her supposed suitors has been an ongoing topic among the tabloids. She was recently linked to Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum, neither of whom she dated. Just this week, another publication falsely claimed that Berry is dating John Wick: Chapter 3 co-star Keanu Reeves. It’s clear that the gossip media has little insight into the actress’s love life. This latest article about her nonexistent pursuit of Boseman is another example.

Reformed Party Girls: Where Are They Now?

Even party girls need to grow up!

Just ask Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears. It’s crazy to think that over a decade ago these three starlets were partying up a storm in Tinseltown. However, things have seriously changed over the years.

We’re being completely serious. To catch up on what your favorite party girls are up to these days, be sure to proceed (below)…

CLICK HERE to view “Reformed Party Girls: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “Reformed Party Girls: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “Reformed Party Girls: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “Reformed Party Girls: Where Are They Now?”

CLICK HERE to view “Reformed Party Girls: Where Are They Now?”

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Bachelorette Star Becca Kufrin Opens Up About Garrett Yrigoyen’s Social Media Controversy

Every rose has its thorn…

As we reported, according to screenshots shared by former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey, current Bachelorette contestant Garrett Yrigoyen — who won Becca Kufrin‘s first impression rose — reportedly liked several social media posts mocking trans people, undocumented immigrants, left-wing women, and Parkland high school shooting survivor David Hoggs.

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On Wednesday, in an interview with E! News, Kufrin responded to the controversy by telling the publication:

“I’ve heard a little bit about it these past couple days… I’ve just been so busy traveling around the country with press that I haven’t really been able to read too much up on it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and at the end of the day I wanted to go on this journey to open up myself and have people see my love story unfold and I would hope that they would stay open and respect me but also stay open and respect these 28 guys that went along on the journey with me.”

While filming the hit ABC show, Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s ex and her suitors were not allowed to use phones or computers. Because of this, the reality TV starlet was able to get “a much better picture of who these 28 guys” are.

“It’s different, but it’s nice in a way, because I was truly getting to know these guys for them, and hav[ing] conversations face to face with them about things that were important to me… So I feel like I got a much better picture of who these 28 guys were, as opposed to just looking on their social media and trying to make a decision of who they were by not talking to them.”

At the end of the day, Becca is going to do whatever she wants, whether you like it or not!

“People form their own opinions, but at the end of the day, I know who I am and my friends and family know the type of person who i am, and I can only hope the guys feel that same way. It’s going to be tough. I think social media is a huge presence in our lives these days. There’s no getting around that fact. It’s difficult for people to say certain things about any of these guys, and so I would really just hope that they watch the entire journey and get to know them for who they really are.”

There you have it…

[Image via Garrett Yrigoyen/Instagram/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Rihanna Reaction To Drake, Pusha T Feud Is Made-Up

Rihanna Drake Pusha T Feud

(Getty Images)

A certain website is claiming to know Rihanna’s reaction to Drake’s feud with Pusha T. The problem is that its two “exclusives” on the subject are rather contradictory. Gossip Cop can explain how the inconsistencies show the stories are made-up and the alleged insight is fake.

On Tuesday, HollywoodLife announced in a headline, “Rihanna’s On Team Drake In His Beef With Pusha T: She’s ‘Tired’ Of Seeing People Try To ‘Drag Him Down.’” The piece begins by asserting Rihanna is “totally supporting” her ex and “has Drake’s back” as he and Pusha T trade barbs via raps. A so-called “source” is quoted as mimicking the headline, “Rihanna is totally on Team Drake in his beef with Pusha T.” This alleged tipster goes on to contend the singer is “tired of seeing others try to drag Drake down. Even though Rihanna has moved on from her relationship with Drake, she still quietly has his back in situations like this, where haters come after him.”

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It all leads the site to editorialize, “It’s good to know she is still sticking up for him and not letting any personal issues affect what she feels she knows to be true.” But how does that square away with what the blog is claiming just one day later? On Wednesday, the outlet offered up a new headline declaring, “Rihanna Regrets Ever Dating Drake As Lovechild Drama Explodes: She Hates Being ‘Dragged’ Into It.” In the wake of Pusha T accusing his rival of being a “deadbeat dad” with a secret son, another “anonymous “source” is quoted as saying, “Right now she’s regretting ever dating Drake, she really hates getting caught up in this kind of drama. One thing’s for sure, she’s incredibly glad she’s not having Drake’s baby.”

That’s a pretty interesting comment since earlier this week marked one full year since HollywoodLies, as the online publication is known for its tendency to make-up bogus stories, speculated Rihanna was pregnant with Drake’s baby. Not only did Gossip Cop bust that claim 12 months ago, but the passage of time has underscored just how untrue it was. Now consider that in the course of 24 hours, the website has gone from maintaining Rihanna is on “team Drake” to contending she “regrets ever dating” him.

Even the outlet opines, “Rihanna turning her back on Drake is incredibly surprising considering the loyalty she’s shown only recently.” And, making it all the more clear these stories are phony, the “source” in the second article goes on to say, “Rihanna isn’t going to comment on Drake’s situation.” Then why would she have a “source” close to her leak to a gossip blog how she feels about this subject at all? Of course, Gossip Cop has been assured on several occasions over the years that those in her inner circle don’t go dishing to HollywoodLies.

That should be apparent from all the times the publication has published falsehoods about her, including the aforementioned pregnancy claim a year ago. And the fact of the matter is, if the website really had “sources” connected to Rihanna, it wouldn’t have published inconsistent narratives just hours apart. However Rihanna feels about Drake’s feud with Pusha T, it’s clear HollywodLies doesn’t really know her actual reaction.

Drake’s Love Child! Lil Tay Smoking! Kendall Jenner Cheating Scandal! AND…

Drake‘s baby with a porn star rocks the music world!

9 year old Instagram star Lil Tay caught hitting a hookah!

Cameron Dallas wants to be the next Post Malone – even though he can’t rap!

Roseanne blames her messiness on Ambien! Ambien claps back!

Donald Trump threatened NFL owners not to hire Colin Kaepernick!

Brody Jenner‘s wedding snubbed by Caitlyn Jenner as well as Kendall and Kylie! OUCH!!

Kendall Jenner in cheating scandal!

Kim Kardashian doing… good work!

Nick Jonas‘ hot new hookup!

SZA‘s health crisis!

And so much MORE, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Meghan Markle, Courtney Love, Raven Symone and Anne Hathaway.


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MEGHAN MARKLE cozies up to George Clooney’s wife:

Proud Harry Potter Nerds Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Are Instagram Official!

Thank you, Pete Davidson, for blessing us with this glorious photo!

On Wednesday, the Saturday Night Live comedian proved he and Ariana Grande are making their relationship work despite identifying with different Hogwarts houses! Love a good Harry Potter rivalry!

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Making their fling Instagram official, the 24-year-old shared:

the chamber of secrets has been opened …A post shared by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on May 30, 2018 at 10:00am PDT

Ari also posted from the outing:

in case u forgotA post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on May 29, 2018 at 12:18pm PDT

Have fun, kiddos!

[Image via Instagram.]

Meghan Markle NOT Pregnant With Twins, Despite Report

Meghan Markle Twins

(National Enquirer)

Meghan Markle is not pregnant with twins, despite a tabloid cover story published less than two weeks after she wed Prince Harry. This report actually uses a four-year-old photo of the new Duchess of Sussex to tell its pregnancy lie. Gossip Cop can bust it.

The front of the new National Enquirer features a photo of Markle with an arrow pointing to her midsection and the announcement, “Meghan & Harry Having Twins!” But this picture is from 2014. In fact, the magazine’s sister outlet, OK!, used the same exact image to dupe readers into thinking Markle was pregnant and had a visible baby bump last October. In busting that story, Gossip Cop pointed out that other pictures of Markle at the same event show her stomach perfectly flat. The National Enquirer is shamefully copying its fellow gossip publication with this photo deception, which is a strong indication that it should not be trusted.

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The article inside the issue begins with the contention that Prince Harry and Markle are “already telling pals that she’s pregnant — with twins.” Why hasn’t Kensington Palace made an announcement then? The tabloid builds in a convenient explanation, with a so-called “source” claiming, “They won’t announce for some time, or until the end of the first trimester, as is the American custom.” Well, which is it — Will the pregnancy not be confirmed “for some time,” or will be it be made official at the “end of the first trimester”? Neither the magazine nor its supposed “source” really seem to know.

Nevertheless, this purported “well-placed palace mole” goes on to allege that “all the signs” that Markle is expecting “have been there for months.” Like what? Without evidence, the outlet claims Markle “secretly visited fertility docs months before” the royal wedding. “Additional fertility-ensuring measures” are said to have included a consultation with a nutritionist, and putting Prince Harry on “cleansing supplements and vitamins.” Again, the publication offers no proof to back up these assertions.

The tabloid does contend alongside a picture that Markle’s “baby bump made an early appearance” when she and Prince Harry stepped out last week to celebrate Prince Charles’ birthday. Yet no reputable outlet observed the former “Suits” star at that event and similarly concluded she was pregnant. Rather, credible media like People ran multiple stories that covered everything from Markle’s having a “fit of giggles” to how her outfit marked her first style choice as a duchess. Nothing was said about a “baby bump.”

It should also be noted that the National Enquirer maintains Markle “isn’t due until February 2019.” Gossip Cop suspects the magazine is actually hoping this narrative is long forgotten by then. But we keep track of everything, and that includes a tale two months ago from this same outlet that alleged Markle and Prince Harry were planning to adopt like Angelina Jolie. This new article doesn’t say anything about adoption at all.

Additionally, while Kensington Palace generally doesn’t comment on tabloid stories as a matter of policy, a royal staffer with whom Gossip Cop spoke on background laughed over this “twins” narrative. Prince Harry has spoken several times over the years about wanting kids, and children could be in his near future. But there is nothing to substantiate the contention that Markle is currently pregnant with two babies.

5 Things That Aren’t So Great About Being Famous

Often when people think about being famous, the first thing that comes to mind is lavish homes, fast vehicles, invitations to the best parties, and beautiful clothing. Yes, it’s true that being famous comes with all sorts of perks and a considerable amount of money. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that fame also comes with its challenges.

Many celebrities will admit that they miss their lives before the fame. Here are some of the ways that fame isn’t always so great.

Constantly Being Photographed

Imagine stepping outside of your house the same way that you did this morning to take out the trash. Your hair was thrown up in a knot, you were wearing your finest pajama pants with holes in awkward places, and you probably looked super grumpy.

Now imagine that there is a group of 17 paparazzi waiting outside of your door who take a photo of you in this condition. Next thing you know you see yourself on the worst dressed list in the back of a magazine.

Celebrities are constantly under the pressure of having to run from the paparazzi who are determined to get a photograph. In some cases, the paparazzi can be so aggressive that it can even be fatal. Most notably the famous death of Princess Diana who was fleeing from photographers when she got into a car accident which resulted in tragedy. Unfortunately, these photographers are so desperate to get that million dollar shot, that they don’t consider it could lead to someone getting hurt.

Scrutiny on Your Appearance

It’s difficult enough to have to listen to the voice inside of your own head which is constantly criticising and judging your appearance. However, celebrities are judged by the entire world from bloggers to news shows.

The slightest change in their hair or body shape can lead to a series of magazine covers and terribly cruel commentary.

Lack of Normalcy

Even though it may seem fun to imagine walking down the street and everyone recognizing you, it can start to feel stressful after a while. Once upon a time, these people could go the store for a pack of gum as if it were no big deal, however, after the fame the smallest trip outside the door is a full-fledged spectacle.

Financial Pressures

Although receiving big paychecks is hardly something which many famous people complain about, it can be a lot of pressure.

With a lot of money comes great responsibility and pressure. Between negotiating contracts, finding the best way to invest their funds, and having to worry about whether people are using them or not. Money isn’t always the end of our worries but can sometimes add to them.

Strained Relationships

It can be challenging for famous people to maintain relationships. Since there is so much pressure from the media and their schedules are often quite full, love can be a challenge for stars and starlets.

I Am Obsessed With Money | Anxiety & Life Update

Learning from the past.

Focusing on the future. Perhaps a bit too much.

And trying to work it all out in present. Actively working at bettering our life!

Watch! Enjoy! Share!

Nicole Kidman Furious Over Jennifer Aniston, Keith Urban “Secret Rendezvous” Is Fake News

Nicole Kidman Jennifer Aniston Keith Urban

(Getty Images)

Nicole Kidman is not “furious” with Jennifer Aniston and her husband Keith Urban for having a “secret rendezvous,” because it never happened, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news story that alleges Kidman was “reeling” that Urban and the former “Friends” star had a private meet-up. Not only are we told it’s a complete lie, but more importantly we can also easily prove it.

According to the often disproven New Idea, Kidman was “livid when she saw the pair had been out to dinner together.” The tabloid asserts the “Big Little Lies” star “felt her husband had betrayed her trust.” An either ill-informed or possibly made-up “source close to the actress” claims, “Nicole absolutely hit the roof when she found out Keith and Jen had been out to dinner together.” The almost assuredly concocted “source” continues, “She knew nothing about their night out until much later and she really felt like she’d been betrayed.”

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The same alleged “insider” contends Urban reassured Kidman, “There’s nothing going on and they were just meeting up to discuss a new project together.” Still, maintains the unnamed source, “[Kidman] can’t help but be worried.” The highly suspect tipster further shares that Kidman “knows Jen is really charismatic and funny, and could imagine there being chemistry between the pair.”

But that’s not the end of the fake quotes. The purported “insider” also states, “The fact that Jen has just filed for divorce means that people are going to put two and two together.” “Seeing Keith out with Jen having such a lovely time is going to make her feel jealous,” adds the phony “source.”

There’s more nonsense, but Gossip Cop is going to cut it off right here. Glaringly, the tabloid does not mention some journalism basics, including noting when or where Aniston and Urban secretly met up. Was it in New York, Los Angeles, or even at the palace in Genovia? And when did they have this “secret rendezvous”? Was it yesterday, two months ago, or just a week from… never?

And how exactly did Kidman find out about Aniston and Urban’s supposed “dinner together”? The untrustworthy magazine says, “She saw the pair had been out to dinner,” but “knew nothing about their night out until much later.” One naturally infers that Kidman must have seen photos of her husband wining and dining Aniston or perhaps read an article about it. There’s one tiny problem with that: We searched and there are absolutely no recent photos or articles about Urban and Aniston sharing a meal together.

Another tip-off that the tabloid’s reporting skills are not exactly up to par is the line about how “Jen has just filed for divorce.” Actually, Aniston and Justin Theroux announced in mid-February they had split, but neither has filed divorce papers. That, however, is the least of the publication’s problems.

Naturally, New Idea didn’t have any photos of Urban and Aniston together, so it tried to muddy the waters by illustrating its article with a picture of the actress presumably leaving a restaurant, a concerned looking Kidman in the middle, and a photo of the country singer looking carefree after a fun meal. While Gossip Cop admittedly couldn’t identify the origins of the Kidman and Aniston photos, we discovered the image the tabloid used of Urban was cropped so that Kidman herself was cut out of the frame, which had captured the happy couple after a Valentine’s Day dinner in 2013.

The magazine, which teases this story on the cover of its current issue, also has a photo of Aniston and Kidman looking awkwardly together at another event. Gossip Cop found that the picture of the women caught in a weird pose was taken at the 2017 Academy Awards. However, Aniston and Kidman are friends, as clearly seen in the photo of them backstage during the same Oscars ceremony (see above).

And while Gossip Cop has already transparently proven how the tabloid’s tale is simply a work of fiction, we still reached out to reps, as a last step in our fact-checking. We have yet to hear back from Kidman and Urban’s spokespeople. Aniston’s rep, however, tells us on the record the alleged “secret rendezvous” or “dinner together,” as claimed by the tabloid, “never happened.”

Curiously, the publication makes no mention how it previously tried to do a variation on this theme with Kidman and Theroux. Back in December, well before Aniston and her husband split, the tabloid ran a completely fictitious article about how Theroux and Kidman were “hiding” their chemistry from Aniston and Urban after sharing dinner together. The reality was Kidman and Theroux simply attended the same Louis Vuitton event in New York, along with a list of other celebrities. The was no truth whatsoever to that story and there’s none to the current article that manufactured a fake dinner date with Urban and Aniston.