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Celebrity Halloween Costume Photos 2015

Celebrity Halloween Photos 2015


It’s Halloween 2015 on Saturday, and Gossip Cop has all the best celebrity costume photos!

Gossip Cop has spent the last few days tracking down Halloween photos with celebrities. We started with a gallery of throwback pictures showing stars in their childhood costumes on Thursday. And on Friday we featured all the celebs who began celebrating Halloween a little earlier this year.

Now that Halloween is officially upon us, some of the best costumes are finally being revealed. Gossip Cop’s personal favorite so far is Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum both dressing up as the Cat in the Hat (see above). A close second would be Neil Patrick Harris and family, who were inspired by Star Wars.

Snooki’s family also went with Star Wars costumes. And she had multiple get-ups, starting off her day as a cat. Miley Cyrus portrayed a “high as hell” Cinderella, while Reese Witherspoon seemed to dress up her house, but not herself.

Nicki Minaj was one very sexy fairy princess. Eliza Dushku pulled off a convincing Maleficent. And Hugh Jackman seemed to be Mario. Many stars also wore wild costumes to the Casamigos Tequila party on Friday night, which is where the Tatums stepped out. Check out the photos below, and come back for updates!


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nggCapArray.push(“\”Cindersmelly high as hell and her bra strap showin\” (Instagram)”);
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nggCapArray.push(“\”A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away….\” (Instagram)”);
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  1. 1.David Spade

    David Spade

    “Me as Pizza rat with @rickyfowler and mike melman. I hope this was a halloween party” (Instagram)

  2. 2.Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

    Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

    (Getty Images)

  3. 3.Julianne and Derek Hough

    Julianne and Derek Hough

    (Getty Images)

  4. 4.Debra Messing

    Debra Messing

    “DARLA from ‘Finding Nemo’ and A Mets baseball player! #Halloween2016” (Twitter)

  5. 5.Channing Tatum

    Channing Tatum

    “Jenna’s tiny hat. Makes me laugh every time.” (Twitter)

  6. 6.Eliza Dushku

    Eliza Dushku

    “Little #SnowWhite don’t know what’s about to git her… #Malificent #Halloween” (Instagram)

  7. 7.Fergie


    “Karrrrrrrlllll and choupette… ooh la la… #chanel #funhalloween” (Instagram)

  8. 8.Goldie Hawn

    Goldie Hawn

    “Happy Halloween!!!!!” (Twitter)

  9. 9.Gwen Stefani

    Gwen Stefani

    (Getty Images)

  10. 10.Holly Robinson Peete

    Holly Robinson Peete

    (Getty Images)

  11. 11.Hugh Jackman

    Hugh Jackman

    “Happy Halloween!” (Twitter)

  12. 12.Jenny McCarthy

    Jenny McCarthy

    “Happy Halloween! #CobraKai” (Twitter)

  13. 13.Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    “#romyandmichelle #halloween @kellysawyer n I invented post-its” (Instagram)

  14. 14.Joanna Krupa

    Joanna Krupa

    (Getty Images)

  15. 15.Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner

    “Babes” (Instagram)

  16. 16.Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna

    Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna

    (Getty Images)

  17. 17.Lori Loughlin

    Lori Loughlin

    (Getty Images)

  18. 18.Lucy Hale

    Lucy Hale

    “Happy halloweeeen” (Instagram)

  19. 19.Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus

    “Cindersmelly high as hell and her bra strap showin” (Instagram)

  20. 20.Molly Simms and Scott Stuber

    Molly Simms and Scott Stuber

    (Getty Images)

  21. 21.Neil Patrick Harris

    Neil Patrick Harris

    “A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away….” (Instagram)

  22. 22.Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj


  23. 23.Paris and Nicky Hilton

    Paris and Nicky Hilton

    (Getty Images)

  24. 24.Peta Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy

    Peta Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy

    (Getty Images)

  25. 25.Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon

    “We’re ready for ya trick-or-treaters!! Happy Halloween !!!” (Twitter)

  26. 26.Seth MacFarlane

    Seth MacFarlane

    (Getty Images)

  27. 27.Snooki


    “One of many costumes today! GYM TIME” (Instagram)

  28. 28.Snooki


    (Getty Images)

Neil Patrick Harris’ Kids Have Better Halloween Costumes Than You, So Don’t Even Try

Whatever you’re planning to wear this Halloween, you can just throw it out, because these two have you beat. More »

Neil Patrick Harris’ Kids Have Better Halloween Costumes Than You, So Don’t Even Try is a post from Crushable – Entertainment, Hot Guys, Movies and Celebrity News.

Jason Mraz MARRIES GF Tina Carano!

The handsome crooner can now really call someone as his!

Jason Mraz just married Tina Carano last Sunday, and he was just too happy not to share it to social media.

Jason Mraz and Tina Carano wedding
(c) Instagram

“Today I was made the luckiest man in the world,” says the ‘I’m Yours’ musician on Instagram together with a gorgeous shot of Tina.

The ceremony was held in Virginia through a scenic outdoor motif in the woodlands, at the Historic Polegreen Church [Mechanicsville].

Jason Mraz and Tina Carano
(c) Splash News

The couple met via mutual friends back in 2007, when both were still attached with other people.

“After several years of crushing on him, the stars finally aligned — and now he’s my stud,” Carano tells The Osider.



More on Jason!

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“We Are The World” Video Premiere

How Celebrities Are Dressing Their Kids

Celebrities have always been icons in fashion, so it only makes sense that their kids would be fashionable as well. From Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, to Gwen Stefani’s son, Apollo Rossdale, these kids truly dress to impress. Let’s take a closer look at what’s currently trending in the kids’ fashion world.

Leggings and Sweats

When it comes to micro-fashion, leggings and sweats are all the rage, both for nighttime wear and a day at the park. Bold patterns are welcome, and no kid can go wrong wearing animal prints. As a perfect example of this, check out this photo of Liv Tyler walking with her son Milo, and look at his trendy sweats.

Tyler with Milo

Statement Hair Accessories

No little girl’s hair is complete without the right accessories, and stars like Jessica Alba know which styles go best in their daughters’ hair. Specifically, Jessica’s girls Haven and Honor are rarely seen without a silky bow, barrette, or hat atop their heads.

Designer Extra-Feature Shoes

Want the best kicks for your kids’ feet? You might take a page out of Kate Hudson’s book and get your child some Zoo York sneakers with built-in skates. Sketchers Kids also has a line of light-up shoes that your toddlers will love. Liam McDermot, Tori Spelling and Deam McDermott’s son, seems to love his!

Hipster Styles

There aren’t many young men better dressed than Gwen Stefani’s boys. She posted one photo on Instagram of her hanging out with her youngest, decked out in a biker’s jacket with baggy pants and trendy hair.

Tutu Skirts and Ruffles

It’s no surprise at all that North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, is an icon in fashion. She’s been seen multiple times wearing the trendiest of clothing, including ruffle and tutu skirts. What’s more, her skirts are often paired with daring, but successful accessories, such as a blazer or a fur cape.

Metallic Belts

It’s finally socially acceptable for your little ones to tuck in their shirts, provided they have a rockin’ belt to complete the ensemble. Metallic belts are in, and they’re great for completing outfits of all colors on your little ones. Madonna’s daughter, Mercy, is the current expert on this topic. Her metallic belt paired with jean shorts and a floral tank was spot-on.

Belted Dresses

When it comes to style, all eyes are on Harper Beckham. With legendary professional soccer player, David Beckham, for a dad and fashion icon model, Victoria Beckham, for a mom, it’s no wonder that she’s touted as one of the best-dressed kids in Hollywood.

This past spring, she was seen wearing a belted dress while attending the “London in Los Angeles” event with her dad. Though the sleeveless look may no longer be fitting for the upcoming cold months, the style still applies with a long-sleeve version of the outfit.

Let’s face it. Celebrity kids dress better than we do sometimes – okay, most of the time. There’s much to be learned when it comes to dressing your kids fashionably, but if you want them to be ready for the spotlight, it’s best to instill good fashion in them from the time they can walk. Good luck!

Leah Remini Opens Up About Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ BIZARRE Scientology Wedding! WATCH!

What the WHAT?!

On Friday, Leah Remini opened up to ABC‘s 20/20 about her tumultuous relationship with the Church Of Scientology.

In one jaw dropping clip, the actress recounts going to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ wedding and boy, was it weird!

Not only did the church make her invite BFF Jennifer Lopez and (now) ex Marc Anthony, they tried to recruit her!


To see the video, ch-ch-check it out (above)!

“The Talk” Hosts Dress As Music Stars For Halloween Lip Sync Contest (VIDEOS)

The Talk Halloween Lip Sync


The Talk” held its annual Halloween show on Friday, and the hosts celebrated by each dressing up as a different singer and participating in a lip sync competition. Watch the videos below!

Sharon Osbourne channeled Sia for a spirited rendition of “Chandelier.” Sara Gilbert did her best Celine Dion and sang the ballad “Power of Love.” Julie Chen took on Madonna with “Express Yourself.” Sheryl Underwood hammed it up as James Brown for “Living In America” (and then refused to break character afterwards). And Aisha Tyler rocked out to “Single Ladies” as Beyonce.

The lip sync competition was guest-emceed by Joey Fatone and judged by the studio audience, in addition to home viewers who could tweet their votes. The hosts of “The Talk” go with a different theme every year when choosing Halloween costumes, and obviously this year’s show was inspired by pop music.

As Gossip Cop has reported, just about every TV talk show celebrated Halloween this week. The anchors of “Good Morning America” and “Today Show” got dressed up in fun Halloween costumes. Additionally, the ladies of “The View” dressed as Disney villains, Ellen DeGeneres impersonated Kim Kardashian, and Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan covered a wide variety of TV and movie characters. Also, Jimmy Kimmel held a costume pageant.

Check out the video below of the hosts of “The Talk” lip-syncing various singers’ songs while in character, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

The REAL Jess Is Speaking Out About That Trip To Florida — And Calling BS On Zola’s Twitter Tale!

#ZolasStory lives on!

Internet superstar Zola‘s story about a vacation gone awry is still one of our favorite parts of 2015, and now it looks like her partner in crime is finally sharing her side of the story.

While a hoax Twitter account claiming to belong to Jess popped up on social media on Thursday, the mother-of-one spoke to the press on Friday about what really happened down in Florida.

And, you guessed it, she claims everything Zola said was a lie!

Related: The Best Tweets About Zola’s Story Of Sex, Murder, & Insanity

According to her version of events, the supposed murder straight up didn’t happen, and no one got arrested in Las Vegas because she’s never even been to Sin City.

Plus, Jess says that Zola was actually the one who turned to prostitution after failing to make much money stripping back in March.

We’re inclined to still believe Zola, just because of how detailed her original story was, but maybe it’s Jess who’s telling the truth??

Which one do U believe??


[Image via Jessica Rae/Instagram.]

Ariana Grande “Focus” Music Video

ariana grande new single focus

(Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Ariana Grande premiered her new single, “Focus,” at midnight on Friday. Watch the music video below!

“Focus” is the lead single from the singer’s upcoming album, Moonlight. Grande has spent the last few weeks teasing the song, as well as its cover art, which can be seen at right. In the hours leading up to the track’s release, the pop star held a countdown on Twitter, and retweeted messages from fans expressing their excitement.

Aside from collaborations with Cashmere Cat, Andrea Bocelli, and others, this is the first new music from Grande all year. Her last single, “One Last Time,” came out in February, but had previously been released as part of her 2014 My Everything album. With three more dates left on her “Honeymoon” tour, there’s a good chance “Focus” will be added to her set list, though fans will have to wait until December to find out.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet for the Moonlight album, but this should at least wet Arianators’ appetites. Grande joins the recent trend of performers debuting new music and the accompanying video simultaneously, which Adele and Justin Bieber did to great success last week. Listen and watch “Focus” below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think!

WATCH: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ “Half and Half Halloween Costume Pageant” 2015 Video!

Jimmy Kimmel Live Halloween Costumes


Jimmy Kimmel Live” held his annual “Half And Half Halloween Costume Pageant” on Thursday, and a number of celebrities, including Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, were mocked. The premise is simple: Kimmel took half of one costume and mashed it with half of another costume, leading to such creations as “EmoJesus,” “Trumpty Dumpty,” “Pill Cosby,” and “The Walking Bed.” Watch the video below.

The first mashup halloween costume the audience had to guess combined an emoji head atop of a man in a white robe for “EmoJesus.” Next, a guy came out in a Fred Flintstone outfit with dreadlocks and holding a bong. An audience member guessed “Fred Flintstone,” which was pretty good, but the actual answer was “Dread Flintstone.” After that came out a huge Humtpy Dumpty with Donald Trump’s face, which the audience figured out was “Trumpty Dumpty.”

The Godzilla monster was next to come onstage, with the words “silly string” emblazoned across the front of its chest. That half-and-half combination created “Godzilly String.” Next up was a cobwebbed-looking mattress with an ax in it. An audience member was 100 percent correct to guess “The Walking Bed.” Following that was a pill on top of a guy in a Bill Cosby sweater, which naturally was “Pill Cosby.” And finally, Wilmer Valderrama came out with the hind quarters of a llama for the mashup of “Wilmer Valder-llama.”

Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s 2015 “Half And Half Halloween Costume Pageant,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

Caitlyn Jenner Son Burt: I Don’t Associate With Kardashians (VIDEO)

Burt jenner kardashians caitlyn

(Instagram/Caitlyn Jenner)

Burt Jenner is making one thing clear, he does not associate himself with “Keeping With Up The Kardashians.” Although members of his family, including dad Caitlyn Jenner, have starred on all 10 seasons of the hit reality show, when asked about it Burt replied, “I plead the fifth.” Check out the video below to see what else Burt had to say about Caitlyn and his former step-siblings.

Caitlyn’s oldest son Burt may be a Jenner, but for a long time that’s all the truck racer had in common with his father. On Thursday, in a segment on Australia’s “Today Show,” Burt admitted that while he barely had a relationship with his father in the past, since Caitlyn’s transition this year the two are closer than ever.

Burt, who at times interchanged pronouns, explained, “I think he’s realized that family means a lot to him. Just like anybody else in life, all you got is family.” Not only are the father and son closer, Burt revealed Caitlyn is much nicer than Bruce ever was. “She is a better person. Honesty is always the building block for any relationship, and at least we have that now,” noted Burt.

And while Burt’s relationship with his dad may have improved, one thing that hasn’t changed are his feelings about the show that made his family famous. Burt has made a handful of appearances on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” which catapulted his little sisters and former step-siblings to fame, but he says he doesn’t associate himself with the show.

When asked about the series on the Australian “Today Show,” Burt replied, “I plead the fifth.” He added, “I don’t really associate myself with it much. I don’t watch it. It’s just not part of my life.”

Watch Burt Jenner’s “Today Show” interview here, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.