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Happy Birthday, Tiger Woods!



We’d like to extend some birthday wishes!

Tiger Woods turns 34 today!

Woods, as everyone knows, is a machine-like golfer of grace and precision whose personal life, as smooth as the manicured greens he dominates, rarely enters into headlines. His legacy as a sportsman and family man of high standing remains almost unchanged from one year ago.

Here’s wishing Woods well as he prepares for an exciting 2010!! Maybe one day he’ll give us something unexpected to write about!

(Just kidding.)

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Star Mag Reunites Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner



Here’s hoping Star magazine opens 2010 with better luck than it’s finishing 2009… especially since the tab’s strategy seems to be:

1. Throw stuff against the wall.

2. Hope for the best.

It was a losing bet this week with the mag’s Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner story.

“The couple who work together stay together!” blares the weekly in a poorly timed item that hit newsstands just as Gossip Cop and others confirmed the Taylors were no longer a couple.

Lautner “is lobbying hard for his honey [Swift] to be cast as his girlfriend in the upcoming hostage thriller Cancun,” Star claims, adding that after meeting on the set of Valentine’s Day, “boy T wants his sweet T by his celluloid side once again.”

The mag’s “source” goes on to declare that Lautner is “very serious about her and wants it to work out.”


Gossip Cop looks forward to “working with” Star magazine in 2010 and beyond!

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CONFIRMED: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller to reconcile




Despite the whole 911 call, the alleging Charlie Sheen threatened to kill her with a knife, and the actor being arrested because of it, Brooke Mueller and the “Two and a Half Men” star are looking to reconcile.

You read that right.

Mueller’s attorney Yale Galanter says the two remain “very much in love” and “want to try to work it out.” Sheen’s lawyer, Richard Cummins, also noted the couple wants to reconcile.

Gossip Cop would like to know in the comments section if you think the two should get back together.

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Police chief in Matthew Broderick and SJP case gets almost three years in prison



Barry Carpenter, the former Ohio police chief who prosecutors alleged had broken into the home of Michelle Ross – the surrogate who carried Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins, Marion and Tabitha – was just sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. 

Last month Capenter was found guilty of the three felonies of receiving stolen property, theft in office and tampering with evidence after he testified that he took photos of a file that contained ultrasound pictures of Broderick and Parker’s twins. He denied, however, that he intended to sell the items to the paparazzi. 

Carpenter’s attorney says he’ll appeal the decision.

There’s been no comment yet from either of Broderick’s or Parker’s camps.

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Who Has The Most Diserable Celeb Bod?


According to a recent poll, the beautiful Kate Winslet has the most desirable celebrity body.

We have to admit she does look fab! Especially after having kids.

Also included on the list is Halle Berry, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Megan Fox & Lily Allen.

Really? Silly Allen’s desired? By whom!?

What’s more surprising is which celebs are on the bottom of the list: Kate Moss, Katie Price and Victoria Beckham all have a desirability of 1%.

Guess being skinny, orange, and having big fake tittays is out.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, who commissioned the YouGov poll, says “it shows a positive shift that women are more likely to see Kate Winslet and Kelly Brook as the ideal body shape rather than Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham.”

That’s a good thing!

Which celeb body do U want???

[Image via WENN.]

Angelina Jolie Keen For Open Relationship

ANGELINA Jolie has told partner Brad Pitt that she’s keen to see other people — both men and women!
The bisexual actress — who recently said she doubts fidelity is “essential for a relationship” — suggested to Pitt, with whom she raises six children, that they try an open relationship.
“Angie’s been hinting that she’s interested in […]

David Beckham ‘Employs Armed Bodyguard’

DAVID Beckham has employed his own armed bodyguard.
The soccer superstar — who recently moved to Italian football club AC Milan for three months — has beefed up his personal security amid fears he will be kidnapped.
A team of 50 security guards will reportedly shadow Beckham and the other AC Milan stars.
“Some of the fans in […]

Britney Spears ‘Training to Become a Masseuse’

BRITNEY Spears is secretly training to become a masseuse.
According to British tabloid the Daily Star, the Toxic hitmaker is learning about herbal detox and has taken a series of master classes.
“Britney wanted to focus her attentions on a new hobby and that’s massage,” a source said.
“She has always been interested in herbal and alternative medicines.
“Now […]


RIHANNA’s friends fear that the star is on a mission to “drive herself into the ground”.
The Umbrella hitmaker has apparently been spending all her free time partying, boozing and getting tattoos.
Rihanna recently got the message “Never a failure, always a lesson” inked on her breast.
“She’s going too far with it,” a source told Britain’s Now […]

Kourtney Kardashian Keen to Have Another Child!

KOURTNEY Kardashian is thinking about having another baby!
The Keeping up With The Kardashians reality TV star gave birth to son Mason Dash Disick — her first child with beau Scott Discik – on December 14.
And Kardashian says she’s already got her sights set on baby number two.
“Right now I’m obsessed with Mason and want to […]