Who Has The Most Diserable Celeb Bod?


According to a recent poll, the beautiful Kate Winslet has the most desirable celebrity body.

We have to admit she does look fab! Especially after having kids.

Also included on the list is Halle Berry, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Megan Fox & Lily Allen.

Really? Silly Allen’s desired? By whom!?

What’s more surprising is which celebs are on the bottom of the list: Kate Moss, Katie Price and Victoria Beckham all have a desirability of 1%.

Guess being skinny, orange, and having big fake tittays is out.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, who commissioned the YouGov poll, says “it shows a positive shift that women are more likely to see Kate Winslet and Kelly Brook as the ideal body shape rather than Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham.”

That’s a good thing!

Which celeb body do U want???

[Image via WENN.]


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