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John Mayer NOT “Desperate” To Talk To Taylor Swift At Gigi Hadid Birthday Party

John Mayer Gigi Hadid Birthday Party Taylor Swift

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John Mayer was not “desperate” to talk to Taylor Swift at Gigi Hadid’s birthday party, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. It’s made-up nonsense.

And, not surprisingly, it’s coming from the fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife. Hadid had a star-studded bash on Thursday to celebrate her 21st birthday, and both Swift and Mayer were among the celebrity attendees. But the webloid is the only outlet claiming that Mayer made it clear at the private event that he hasn’t “moved on” from his long-ago fling with Swift.

“It’s so obvious that John still has feelings for Taylor,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “He kept trying to get her into a conversation, but Taylor wasn’t interested. She really just wanted to have fun with the girls and dance, which is what she did.”

Oddly, despite its “source” saying Mayer was attempting to get Swift’s attention, the site then quotes “a different source” who says there was “no interaction or engagements” and “nothing awkward at all.” The second “source” goes on to say there was “no drama or awkward moments at all,” despite the first “source” saying how “obvious” it was that Mayer was interested in Swift.

So which was it: Did Swift give Mayer the brush-off, or did the two happily steer clear of each other? HollywoodLies apparently couldn’t decide which storyline it wanted to go with, and ended up combining them into one contradictory piece. And this isn’t the first time the bad blog has been caught fudging the details of a run-in between the two singers.

Back in 2012, the webloid falsely said Swift and Mayer had a “nasty confrontation” at the Sunset Tower Hotel, even though they never actually crossed paths. Clearly HollywoodLife’s “reporting” hasn’t gotten any better over time.

Lady Gaga Rides Motorcycle With Bradley Cooper – WATCH VIDEO

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Motorcycle Video

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Lady Gaga rode a motorcycle with Bradley Cooper on Friday night, making for a surprising sight in Santa Monica. Watch below.

The two pals dined together at Giorgio Baldi, a ritzy Italian restaurant right near the coast. Gaga and Cooper were snapped by paparazzi leaving the establishment, and of course peppered with questions as to whether they were on a “business date” or something else. Both stayed mum, though, and hopped on the actor’s bike.

Cooper was driving, with Gaga sitting behind him, just as they did when arriving. They wore helmets, and drove off into the night as photographers snapped away. Gaga hasn’t mentioned the outing on social media, and Gossip Cop fully expects sensational outlets to speculate that something is going on between the stars.

Gaga, of course, is currently engaged to Taylor Kinney, while Cooper has been in a relationship with Irina Shayk. In February, Gossip Cop correctly debunked false reports wrongly claiming he and the model had split. Earlier this month, she posted an Instagram photo of them together for the first time.

Gaga has largely been laying low since her year got off to a huge start with a Golden Globes win, and performances at the Super Bowl, Grammys, and Oscars. A few days ago, she posted a tribute to Prince. Check out video of the singer’s motorcycle ride with Cooper below.

Columbus Short’s ‘Wife’ Claims She’s One Of Jay Z’s ‘Beckys’

Will the real Becky please stand up?

As you’ve probably heard, Beyoncé released her epic album-film Lemonade on Sunday, where one of the most talked about moments was the song Sorry.

In the tune, the songstress hints at husband Jay Z‘s infidelity by singing the lyric, “He better call Becky with the good hair.”

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While many have speculated that the mistress is either Rachel Roy or Rita Ora (both have denied), could Karrine Steffans be the woman in question?

On Friday, Columbus Short‘s maybe-wife (read the complicated story HERE) wrote an entry on XOJane.com where she says she hooked up with the rapper 15 years ago.

The 37-year-old said :

“Over 15 years ago, I had Beyoncé’s husband. Yes, I was one of Jay Z’s Beckys back in the year 2000 for about three minutes, which is about as long it takes me to satisfy a man in the back of a Maybach while overlooking the beaches of Malibu.”

Holy smoke! She is spilling some tea!

According to Miz Steffans, she met him while working as a music video actress.

“I was a 21-year-old California transplant who’d been tossed into my first music video after a fateful meeting with director Hype Williams. A single mother raising my son on my own, I jumped at the chance to make $ 2,500 a day to dance around and look pretty next to the artist – Jay Z.”

She continues:

“Chauffeured away from the set, down the winding road, and closer to the shoreline, Jay and I feasted on our attraction to one another – rabidly and quickly. After just a few minutes, I lifted my head from his lap, wiped my lips, and knew we’d made a mistake.”

But before she faces the wrath of the Beyhive, this encounter happened BEFORE he was married to Queen B.

“This was pre-Yoncé, of course, but the fact is that a Becky is a Becky, and I was the Becky for many men, and they were all my salvation and my destitution. They were my reason and my rationale, my life and my death, and eventually, my fame and my infamy.”

We just hope all of this Becky drama comes to an end!

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Chris Brown Trespasser Danielle Patti Arrested Again At Home

Chris Brown Trespasser

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Chris Brown’s repeated trespasser Danielle Patti was arrested again at the singer’s house early Thursday morning, Gossip Cop confirms. Brown was home at the time, but we’re told he was never in any danger. Patti, who actually was granted a temporary restraining order against Brown in March after she alleged he threatened to kill her, pled not guilty on Friday to the latest trespassing incident.

Gossip Cop is told Patti wandered onto Brown’s property when his front gate was opened, but his personal security quickly grabbed her and called the cops. In December, Patti similarly waited for someone to drive off his property before driving through the open gate. At the time, Brown’s security asked her to leave, and only called the police when she refused. Patti was booked for criminal trespassing then, and Gossip Cop learned it was far from her first unwanted visit to Brown’s home.

When getting her restraining order against Brown, Patti alleged that at the time of her December arrest, she was dating Brown, and as she was trying to leave, the singer’s security blocked her access out in an effort to have he busted for trespassing. Gossip Cop has reached out to Brown’s rep for a comment about Patti’s latest arrest for trespassing. We will update as soon as we gather more information.

Seth Rogen Talks Acting With Real Tiger On ‘Graham Norton Show’ (VIDEO)

Seth Rogen Graham Norton Show

(Graham Norton Show)

Seth Rogen appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which he listed the dangers of acting in a scene with a real tiger. Watch the funny video below!

“It was very counterintuitive,” Rogen admitted about using an actual tiger for his movie The Interview, which he reminded the audience was his North Korean comedy that “almost started a war.” The actor further explained on the British talk show, “We thought we’d be able to use visual effects like in Life of Pi and use a digital tiger, but then we realized we had no money and had to get a real tiger.”

Rogen explained the on-set animal trainer didn’t help alleviate his fears about working with the large feline, which had previously been part of a stripper’s act. When the actor asked, “Is it safe?” the trainer responded, “Well, they are killing machines.” The wrangler also advised Rogen against “shooting the scene at night” and “in a big open space,” both of which had planned on doing.

To make matters worse, the trainer then had his 18-year-old son take over the handling of the animal because the teen supposedly “had a much better relationship with the tiger.” Rogen added, “There was one point where he got into a fight with his dad while he was holding the tiger. He was like, ‘Shut up dad! I’m doing this,’ and we were like, ‘There’s a f***ing tiger here right now!” Thankfully, the actor noted, “No one got killed by the tiger.” Watch a highlight from Rogen’s “Graham Norton Show” appearance below!

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Replaced By His Own 21-Month-Old Daughter For #TakeYourKidToWorkDay! See The ADORABLE Pic!

There are a ton of great late night hosts right now — but isn’t it about time a woman lands the job?!

That’s exactly what Jimmy Kimmel‘s 21-month-old daughter Jane was thinking about as she decided to take her dad’s seat on his show during rehearsals after the funnyman brought her to his job for Take Your Kid To Work Day yesterday.

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And OMG she looks so disinterested and hard to please! Clearly more a David Letterman than a Jimmy Fallon

Ch-ch-check out Jimmy’s ADORABLE photo of his future fill-in (below)!

So cute!!!

But Kimmel wasn’t the only late night host that had to deal with kids as James Corden‘s coworkers’ children flooded the comedian’s set during a HIGHlarious bit.

Check it out (below)!

[Image via ABC.]

Miley Cyrus Had A Lunch Date With Liam Hemsworth & His Family Down Under! Look!

For a guy who says he’s “not engaged,” Liam Hemsworth sure is spending an awful lot of time with his former fiancée… who just so happens to be rocking a ring on THAT finger!

On Thursday, Miley Cyrus joined the Hunger Games star and his family for a lovely lunch Down Under!

The blonde beauty and the brunette babe were snapped in Australia’s Byron Bay after grabbing some food with the hunk’s parents.

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Photogs say the former Disney darling, the Aussie actor, and his loved ones all sat in a quiet corner of the eatery. Sounds like a cute and cozy outing to us!

If this precious pair really isn’t gearing up for a trip down the aisle like the 26-year-old claims, we can’t help but wonder why Miz Cyrus is spending so much time with her longtime love’s fam!

After all, she was also caught on camera shopping with her main man’s sister-in-law, Elsa Pataky, on Thursday. Plus, she had a girls’ day out with Chris Hemsworth‘s wife earlier this month, too.

Their rekindled relationship sure seems serious, since Miley’s awfully close with Liam’s family. But what do U think, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Splash News.]

Khloé Kardashian Was An Awkward Teenager Just Like You And Me!

Khloé Kardashian wasn’t always a confident bombshell!

On Thursday, the KUWTK star posted the ultimate #TBT pic of her back in the day!

In a post labeled Tweenage Khloé, the tall diva shared the (above) snap of her and her grandfather (Kris Jenner‘s father).

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She added the caption :

“My mom had this pic in an old photo album in her house. I don’t remember where or when this was! I’m pictured with my grandfather (on my mom’s side), and my dad was there too. This was after my parents divorced, but the whole family was super close, so both sides always hung out together. I loved that!”

That’s so sweet!

Nowadays, KoKo is super comfortable in front of the camera, and isn’t afraid to strike a pose!

It just goes to show that everyone — even celebs — have awkward phases!

[Image via Khloé Kardashian.]

Beyonce Did NOT “Cover Up” Jay Z Divorce At “Formation World Tour” Opening

Beyonce Formation Tour Divorce Jay Z

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Beyonce did “cover up” a supposed divorce from Jay Z at the opening night of her “Formation World Tour,” despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which comes from an outlet desperate to cover its own butt.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Beyonce launched her highly-anticipated tour on Wednesday night in Miami. Jay Z was sitting in the audience, along with other family and friends. And after performing songs both old and new, the superstar dedicated her final one, “Halo,” to her spouse.

“I want to dedicate this to my beautiful husband. I love you so much,” Beyonce said in front of the crowd of thousands. To most rational people, it was a sweet public declaration of love and unity. To RadarOnline, however, it was a “cover up.”

The webloid has been insisting that Beyonce and Jay Z are on the brink of divorce for weeks now. So, when presented with evidence to the contrary, the site essentially accuses the singer of being a liar. But we know who the real liars are.

After all, this is the same bad blog that claimed Beyonce was five months pregnant in January. Hey, RadarOnline, is she just covering that up, too? Beyonce’s comments last night weren’t “all for show.” But there are clearly certain things that are all for traffic.

Brett Rossi’s Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen Thrown Out

Charlie Sheen Brett Rossi Restraining Order

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Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancee Brett Rossi had her temporary restraining order against the actor thrown out on Thursday by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, who ruled that Sheen was not an immediate threat.

As Gossip Cop reported, Rossi filed an emergency seven-day restraining order against Sheen earlier this month after alleging to the the Los Angeles Police Department that he made death threats against her. In her legal documents, Rossi claimed an audio tape exists of the actor telling an unidentified person that Rossi “needs to be f*cking buried.”

Rossi didn’t appear in court on Thursday, but one of her attorney’s reportedly explained she was in Atlanta for an appearance at a strip club. That apparently did not sit well with the judge, and Sheen’s lawyer argued that her allegations are meritless. But a hearing to address a possible permanent restraining order is now scheduled for May 18.

And although Rossi’s temporary stay-away order has now been vacated, police are still investigating the alleged death threats. Also still in play are Sheen and Rossi’s dueling lawsuits. She sued Sheen back in December, alleging he was verbally and physically abusive during their relationship, forced her to get an abortion, and put her at risk by withholding his HIV-positive diagnosis from her. Sheen immediately filed a countersuit, insisting he was innocent of all the charges Rossi cited against him, and she was lying in an attempt to extort him.