Seth Rogen Talks Acting With Real Tiger On ‘Graham Norton Show’ (VIDEO)

Seth Rogen Graham Norton Show

(Graham Norton Show)

Seth Rogen appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which he listed the dangers of acting in a scene with a real tiger. Watch the funny video below!

“It was very counterintuitive,” Rogen admitted about using an actual tiger for his movie The Interview, which he reminded the audience was his North Korean comedy that “almost started a war.” The actor further explained on the British talk show, “We thought we’d be able to use visual effects like in Life of Pi and use a digital tiger, but then we realized we had no money and had to get a real tiger.”

Rogen explained the on-set animal trainer didn’t help alleviate his fears about working with the large feline, which had previously been part of a stripper’s act. When the actor asked, “Is it safe?” the trainer responded, “Well, they are killing machines.” The wrangler also advised Rogen against “shooting the scene at night” and “in a big open space,” both of which had planned on doing.

To make matters worse, the trainer then had his 18-year-old son take over the handling of the animal because the teen supposedly “had a much better relationship with the tiger.” Rogen added, “There was one point where he got into a fight with his dad while he was holding the tiger. He was like, ‘Shut up dad! I’m doing this,’ and we were like, ‘There’s a f***ing tiger here right now!” Thankfully, the actor noted, “No one got killed by the tiger.” Watch a highlight from Rogen’s “Graham Norton Show” appearance below!


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