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Here are 3 Celeb-Endorsed Beauty Tips

With the advent of Photoshop, it became a game trying to figure out how truly flawless the faces on the covers of magazines were, but any key eye can spot the fakes from the real thing. Many celebrity women are more than happy to share the beauty tips they employ to maintain radiant, smooth skin everyday — without the need for Photoshop touch-ups.

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Regular Facials

Besides the fact that facials cleanse and detoxify your skin, they also stimulate collagen production, which most people know helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Many celebs will include light therapy as part of their facial treatments. Light therapy is designed to strengthen the elastin fibers and increase collagen production from the inside out. 

The fact that Kim Kardashian West will get a facial or schedule a hair-removal appointment at 10 pm on a weeknight is a testament that proper skincare has no set time. You have to implement a skincare routine that works best for your schedule. Though most people can’t afford the luxury of after-hours appointments, that doesn’t mean they can’t indulge in spa-level treatment at home. 

Purchasing a high quality at home hair removal device is a great investment and doesn’t require a celebrity’s bank account. You can learn more at Silk’n about the bevvy of affordable options on the market that deliver the same results you get from the dermatologist’s office.


Every celebrity will tell you that the secret to their youthful glow is staying hydrated. However, consuming water isn’t the only way to counter aging. According to Gabrielle Union, whenever she needs to, she literally refreshes her face by submerging it in ice water, which leaves her skin feeling smooth. 

For years now, dermatologists have been saying that hot water, especially on your face, can dry out your skin by stripping it of its natural oils. Cold water, on the other hand, will tighten your pores and lock in moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid

One of the latest buzzwords circulating through the beauty community is hyaluronic acid. Plenty of cosmetic companies have been citing it as a key ingredient in their skincare products and for good reason. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the skin and connective tissues. Its sole purpose is to keep the moisture in your body so that your skin can stay hydrated and more firm-looking.

As expected, the amount of hyaluronic acid produced by the body decreases with age. To combat this, you can incorporate this substance into your beauty routine in a variety of ways. There are supplements available at health stores to help you retain this vital skincare ingredient.

Celebs like Kerry Washington, who swears by hyaluronic acid supplements considers it to be a gift from heaven and is grateful for its contributions to her regular beauty and skincare regimen.

Getting older shouldn’t make anyone feel ashamed. It is a privilege that unfortunately some will take for granted. Aging can actually be a graceful process when done correctly, and if you want to look your best as you age, consider supplementing your hyaluronic intake, keeping hydrated, and investing in at-home hair removal devices — you’ll be glad you did.

Truth About Justin Bieber’s Mental Health

Justin Bieber mental health truth

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Justin Bieber’s rise from child star to pop icon has kept him in the spotlight for more than a decade. Growing up in the public eye is difficult, but the singer has opened up lately about his personal struggles and mental health in an effort to be transparent with his fans. Unfortunately, the tabloids have used Bieber’s personal struggles as inspiration for fake stories. These are just a few of the wrong rumors about Bieber’s mental health that Gossip Cop has had to debunk.

In February, Star published a cover story falsely claiming Bieber was put on suicide watch and had “lost the will to live” after he began receiving treatment for depression. The magazine alleged that Bieber’s “mood swings and fits of tears” were preventing his wife, Hailey Baldwin, from helping him “beat his demons.” The piece even claimed Bieber’s weight had dropped to 130 pounds and he was breaking out in pimples “more than he ever did as a teenager.”

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In reality, the outlet was just desperate to capitalize on the then-recent news regarding Bieber seeking help for depression. A source in Bieber’s camp assured us no one in his inner circle was concerned about him harming himself, and the entire premise of the story was “completely false.” Additionally the singer had been spotted socializing and smiling in public at the time the story was published.

A few weeks later, In Touch wrongly reported Baldwin was on the verge of splitting from Bieber over his depression. “Hailey is absolutely miserable,” an unnamed “tipster” told the outlet. “Her entire life has become consumed by Justin.” The magazine based its report on an Instagram post from Bieber, who asked fans to pray for him after he admitted to “struggling” and “feeling super disconnected and weird.”

The tabloid completely missed the parts of Bieber’s post where he reassured everyone that he was doing fine and not to worry about him. Meanwhile, Baldwin’s repeated social media posts gushing about her husband disproved the article’s allegations about her growing tired of him.

Earlier this week, NW falsely alleged Bieber was put on suicide watch after posting a note on Instagram, where he opened up about his past struggles, ranging from drug use to depression, and his rise to fame. The tabloid further alleged that Baldwin was having difficulty handling her husband’s mental state.

Gossip Cop had busted similar claims about Baldwin and Bieber’s relationship, but we’d never covered the tabloid’s next allegation. Bieber’s note mentioned “doing heavy drugs at 19,” which the outlet flat-out alleged were crack cocaine and crystal meth. The singer’s past drug tests have never revealed either of those drugs in his system, and the singer clearly isn’t struggling with any addictions currently. Unfortunately, this was just another misrepresentation of a message posted by Bieber on social media.

Shortly later, Heat claimed Bieber’s mental health struggles were taking a toll on his relationship and that Baldwin was sick of “playing therapist” for him. “Hailey’s exhausted, and it feels like she’s constantly managing Justin’s mood swings,” an anonymous insider told the magazine. “Of course, she wants him to get better,” the alleged source added, “but she currently feels more like his carer than his wife.”

Once again, this was all incorrect. Baldwin frequently posts about Bieber on social media, even referring to a recent outing as the “the most perfect day with my person.” People magazine, a far more legitimate outlet, recently reported how supportive Baldwin is when it comes to Bieber’s mental health. The magazine also noted that Bieber was seeing therapists on both coasts, so it didn’t make sense that Baldwin would be stuck feeling like one.

Bieber’s time in the spotlight has been admittedly tumultuous at times. However, his openness and candor regarding his mental health are admirable. The gossip media, however, often frames his struggles into something they’re not just to sell magazines. Gossip Cop will continue to call out these tabloids when they do so.

Kevin Hart’s Friends Fear He’ll Never Recover From Car Crash Injuries?

Kevin Hart Car Crash

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Kevin Hart’s friends do not fear he’ll never recover from the injuries he sustained in a car crash earlier this month, despite a false report. Although the comedy star suffered major back injuries in the accident, he’s on the mend and his condition is improving. Gossip Cop can confirm that his inner circle isn’t worried otherwise.

Hart was involved in a major car accident over Labor Day weekend when his vehicle went off the road and crashed into a ditch on Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles. The comedian was in the front passenger seat of the car, which was being driven by his friend. Hart sustained major back injuries in the crash and spent 10 days in the hospital before being released earlier this week. He underwent back surgery while in the hospital and is currently recovering in a rehab facility.

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The National Enquirer is exploiting the situation by wrongly reporting that Hart’s pals “fear he may never fully recover.” A doctor who hasn’t treated the actor is quoted as saying, “Back surgery has a high failure rate. There are so many different structures in the spine which can leave lasting damage or pain.” Once again, this medical professional has never met Hart and knows nothing about his condition.

On the flip side, Hart’s wife Eniko is optimistic about his recovery, telling TMZ on Thursday that he’ll be “just fine” and “back on track in no time.” Also this week, Hart’s close friend Dwayne Johnson gave an update on his condition during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The movie star said, “Everything is good, I spoke with Kevin, I actually refer to him as my son.” He added, “We spoke to his pediatrician and he’s doing very well.”

Meanwhile, the president of the comedian’s company HartBeat Productions said in a statement that Hart is “doing fine” following his back surgery and is “expected to have a full recovery very soon.” It’s safe to say that Hart’s wife, his close friend and his colleague know more about his condition than the Enquirer and a random doctor who’s never met the comedian.

In addition to all of these people in Hart’s inner circle saying he’s doing well, Gossip Cop also checked in with a source close to the comedian, who tells us the tabloid’s report is untrue. No one close to Hart fears he’s never going to recover. The unreliable outlet is simply trying to capitalize on the comedian’s car accident.

Kate Middleton Four Months Pregnant With Twin Girls?

Kate Middleton Pregnant Twin Girls


Kate Middleton is not four months pregnant with twin girls, despite a false tabloid report. The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t expecting two more children with Prince William. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim otherwise.

According to OK!, Middleton was “sporting a fuller figure” and “glowing” when she stepped out in public in early August. The story is filled with quotes from a supposed “palace insider,” who says the Duchess and Prince William were “thrilled” when they learned “Kate was pregnant again,” and “recently found that she’s having twins – two girls!” We should mention from the start that no real “palace insider” would refer to the Duchess of Cambridge as “Kate.”

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The outlet further contends that palace aides are busy “figuring out the logistics of how the Cambridges will easily transition from a family of five to a family of seven.” The “source” goes on to say that Prince William “is urging Kate to take care of herself and relax as much as possible,” adding, “She’s only four months along, but William’s insisting she go on bed rest at seven months.” We should mention again, a palace insider wouldn’t refer to the Prince of Cambridge as simply “William.”

Regardless, Gossip Cop can confirm that the story is made up. People magazine, a much more reliable outlet than OK!, also features Middleton on its cover this week. That story is all about how the Duchess has been ramping up her royal duties, not “relaxing,” as the tabloid claims. Earlier this week, Middleton unveiled her latest garden design in a ceremony where she was photographed wearing a floral dress. It’s clear from the images that she’s not “sporting a fuller figure,” and certainly doesn’t appear to be four months pregnant with twins.

Gossip Cop should also mention that OK! has a terrible track record when it comes to predicting Middleton’s pregnancies. Almost exactly a year ago, the tablioid ran a false cover story declaring Middleton was pregnant with her fourth child. That incorrect report came just five months after her son Louis was born, and time has proven it to be unequivocally false.

Somewhat astonishingly, this latest story isn’t even the first time the outlet has wrongly reported that Middleton was pregnant with twin girls. Gossip Cop busted the magazine in December 2017 for coming up with a nearly identical story. At the very least, Middleton was actually pregnant at the time that article was published, but she was expecting just one child – a boy, Louis – not two girls. As for this latest twins report, a Kensington Palace staffer confirms it’s more nonsense.

Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler Splitting Over His Role As Elvis Presley?

Vanessa Hudgens Austin Butler elvis split

(Getty Images)

Are Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler headed for a split because his role in the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic is taking up all of his time? That’s the story in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can confirm it’s total nonsense.

According to Star, the couple of eight years are having problems as a result of Butler’s starring role in Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis biopic. “Austin signed his soul away,” an unnamed “pal” tells the magazine. “He’ll be committed to the project for up to a full year, not to mention months of choreography and prep ahead of the filming in Australia.”

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The tabloid further alleges that Hudgens is starting to feel less important to the actor after scoring the lead in the Elvis project, in addition to his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “She doesn’t begrudge Austin’s desire for success,” adds the questionable source, “but everybody’s worried Austin’s big break is going to be the last straw for them as a couple.”

For starters, the basis of this story doesn’t make much sense. Shooting on Luhrmann’s Elvis movie isn’t scheduled until early next year, so Butler obviously isn’t dedicating all of his time to the project just yet. The film is still in pre-production, so the tabloid is just inaccurately guessing the length of time it will take to film the movie.

For comparison’s sake, Luhrmann’s last film, The Great Gatsby, was filmed between September and December 2011, with a few reshoots in January 2012. Prior to that, he managed to film the Nicole Kidman/Hugh Jackman film Australia in five months, despite setbacks from mudslides, heat waves and equine flu. Luhrmann’s a detail-oriented, but highly efficient director, so to imply that the Elvis movie will bog down Butler’s life for more than a year is coming out of left field.

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who confirms that the magazine’s report is false. Both Hudgens and Butler have had busy careers during their eight years together, and their schedules haven’t caused issues between them in the past. Meanwhile, Hudgens herself posted the news of Butler’s casting as Elvis on Instagram, calling herself over the moon and “so proud of my honey.”

It must also be mentioned, Hudgens and Butler frequently flaunt their love on social media. Just a few weeks ago, Hudgens made an Instagram post wishing Butler a happy birthday and calling him her “everything.” Those are hardly the words of someone who’s at a “breaking point” in their relationship.

Of course, the gossip media has proven to have little insight into the couple’s romance. Back in 2017, Gossip Cop called out HollywoodLife for falsely claiming Hudgens and Butler were engaged. The two are going strong but they’re not headed down the aisle yet. The tabloids simply don’t know much about their lives on or off the set.

Truth About Gwen Stefani Forcing Blake Shelton To Lose Weight

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani weight loss truth

(Getty Images)

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating since 2015, and the unlikely pairing of the pop star and country musician has made them a popular target for the tabloids. Many of these fake narratives involve Stefani supposedly forcing her boyfriend to lose weight. Here are a few wrong rumors on the subject that Gossip Cop has busted.

Back in March 2017, the National Enquirer falsely claimed Stefani had banned Shelton from drinking alcohol to get him to lose weight, giving him an ultimatum of dating her or continuing his “regimen of guzzling beer, rum and tequila.” Gossip Cop ran the premise by Stefani’s spokesperson, who told us it was simply “not true.” In the time since we corrected the article, the couple has been spotted drinking cocktails together on multiple occasions, and Shelton even owns a brand of vodka.

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In December 2017, the same tabloid published a very similar story about Stefani ordering Shelton to lose weight or risk losing her. Shelton dropped several pounds after his divorce from Miranda Lambert in 2015, but the Enquirer claimed he had gained it all back during his time dating Stefani.

An alleged source claimed Shelton had gotten too comfortable in the relationship, causing him to get “pudgy again.” The outlet further contended that he initially brushed off Stefani’s concerns by joking about the weight, but after he began eating fatty foods behind her back, she put her foot down. In reality, Stefani’s spokesperson laughed at the report and told us on the record that it was “nonsense.”

In January, the Enquirer tried to push this storyline yet again with a piece about Stefani demanding Shelton get fit or get dumped. This time, the tabloid stated that Stefani’s concern over her boyfriend’s weight supposedly emerged when she realized she wanted to have a child with him. The outlet said the No Doubt singer feared that Shelton’s diet of steak, fried chicken, mac and cheese and alcohol would prevent him from living long enough “to see their child grow up.”

Once again, the publication was completely wrong. In fact, Stefani has stated in interviews that Shelton is more active in the gym than she is, and there are no indications that the two are planning on having a child. Stefani’s spokesperson also told Gossip Cop at the time that the rumors were “untrue.”

Less than two weeks ago, the Enquirer’s sister publication, the Globe, came up with a story about Stefani forcing Shelton to stop eating meat for his health. The magazine asserted that Stefani was banning Shelton from consuming “meat and bad carbs” until he lost at least 20 pounds. The article also said Stefani’s passion for working out and vegetarianism had Shelton struggling to keep up with her.

Gossip Cop busted the story after pointing out that Stefani had made Shelton a pepperoni pizza for his birthday in June. And as we’ve mentioned in previous busts, Stefani often refers to Shelton her personal trainer due to how dedicated he is to working out and fitness. Stefani and Shelton’s different backgrounds and lifestyles make them an easy target for these types of stories, but there’s just no truth to them.

Katie Holmes Begging Nicole Kidman To Help Save Suri From Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise Suri

(Getty Images)

Katie Holmes is not begging Nicole Kidman to help save her daughter Suri from Tom Cruise and Scientology, despite a ridiculous tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. There’s no truth to it.

According to Woman’s Day, Holmes fears that her ex-husband is planning to win back custody of their 13-year-old daughter, who he hasn’t seen in several years. The movie star’s estrangement from his daughter is believed to be a result of his involvement in Scientology, which refrains him from having contact with those who left the religion, including his ex-wife and their child.

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Holmes is headed to Australia in November for her role as the 2019 Ambassador for McHappy Day, an annual fundraiser organized by McDonald’s. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Nicole has invited Katie to stay at her home in Sydney and Nicole has cleared her schedule to she can jet in too.” The two actresses are said to be meeting to discuss Holmes’ concerns about her daughter.

“The last thing Katie wants is to lose Suri the way Nicole lost Isabella and Connor,” says the alleged tipster, referring to Kidman’s adopted children with Cruise, both of whom are Scientologists. “Nicole is only happy to help,” adds the seemingly phony source. “They are working on a dossier that they hope will work in Katie’s favor.”

Nothing about the tabloid’s article has any bearing on reality. Holmes’ spokesperson has assured Gossip Cop countless times that Cruise hasn’t attempted to gain back custody of their daughter. Suri lives with her mom full-time in New York City, and Cruise remains estranged from the pair.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted New Idea last month for falsely claiming Holmes and Kidman secretly met at a performance of Moulin Rouge! on Broadway to discuss their mutual ex-husband. That article similarly said the two met to talk about keeping Suri away from Scientology. Not only did reps for both Kidman and Holmes dismiss the article as nonsense, but the two actresses saw the Broadway show a week apart from each other.

In July, Gossip Cop called out NW for making up a story about Holmes and Kidman meeting up in Paris to talk about Cruise, their kids and Scientology. Individual spokespeople for both actresses confirmed that story was fiction as well. It was invented simply because both Holmes and Kidman happened to have been in Paris around the same time.

Now that Holmes will be traveling to Kidman’s native Australia, Woman’s Day has decided to get in on the action with yet another phony premise about the two getting together. These covert meetings haven’t happened before and there isn’t one being planned in Australia this November. Cruise’s ex-wives haven’t been meeting up around the globe to talk about him, nor does Holmes have any concerns about Suri’s well-being.

Taylor Swift Pushing Joe Alwyn To Marry Her Through Song Lyrics?

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn lyrics propose

(Getty Images)

Taylor Swift is not pushing Joe Alwyn to marry her through the lyrics of her latest album, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim. It’s simply not the case.

According to Life & Style, the lyrics of Swift’s new song “Lover,” featured on her new album of the same name, are a clear indication she wants to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend. “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey,” sings Swift, “but I want ’em all.” The outlet also claims the line, “I’d marry you with paper rings,” is a direct message to Alwyn to propose.

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An alleged source tells the outlet that Swift has even “put together a vision board for their wedding.” This display is said to consist of ideas for the singer’s desired wedding, including the classic “big white dress” and a “huge cake.” The singer’s plan, according to the tabloid, is to hold a ceremony in “a castle near Joe’s hometown” of London.

The questionable tipster adds, “Most of Taylor’s friends are already married and starting families of their own,” which is one of the main reasons she’s supposedly pressuring her boyfriend to get down on knee. “Luckily, Joe has every intention of spending the rest of his life with Taylor,” adds the insider. “He’s just waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question.”

Gossip Cop checked with a source familiar with the couple, who tells us the story is simply false. The reality is that a musician most famous for singing songs about relationships is still singing songs about relationships. “Paper Rings,” the second song the article references, was co-written by fellow singer-songwriter Jack Antonoff. It’s not exactly accurate to say that Swift was the sole source of those lyrics. Regardless, lyrics from a pop song aren’t exactly meant to be taken literally.

It should be noted, the only castle near Alwyn’s hometown of North London is the Tower of London, which is actually possible to rent for events. Other than Windsor Castle, which is only available for royal weddings, all of the other castles in the area are either just ruins or remaining framework — not quite ideal venues. Why wouldn’t Swift specify the Tower of London on her “vision board?” The outlet didn’t bother to do much research before making up its story.

Of course, the tabloid frequently print fiction about Swift’s relationship. In June, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style‘s sister publication, the National Enquirer, for falsely claiming Swift and Alwyn were planning a Fourth of July wedding. Star, another sister outlet, published an incorrect article in April about Swift racing Katy Perry to the altar. Gossip Cop will continue to swiftly bust more false rumors about the pop star.

Brad Pitt Confronted Angelina Jolie’s Bodyguard For Flirting With Her?

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Bodyguard

(Getty Images)

Did Brad Pitt really confront one of Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards for flirting with her? That’s the phony claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve learned it’s untrue.

According to OK!, Pitt isn’t happy about his estranged wife supposedly getting close with the man hired to keep her and their kids safe. “Angelina is always smiling when she’s with him,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “They have great chemistry. She seems to melt whenever she’s around this guy. Brad recently got wind that Angie has nice little flirtation going with her bodyguard and decided he needed to stop it.”

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The anonymous insider goes on to say that Pitt finds the situation extremely unprofessional and especially doesn’t like that it goes on in front of his kids. “The word is that Brad asked the bodyguard to accompany him to the Venice Film Festival under the guise of needing extra security,” adds the tipster. “And while there, he confronted the guy and told him to watch himself. He made it clear he wants strict professionalism at all times – and that mean no romance or suggestive talk.”

The tabloid’s report is coming from an untraceable “source,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Pitt’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that it’s total nonsense. The movie star’s rep confirms he never got into any sort of altercation with one of Jolie’s bodyguards. The unreliable magazine doesn’t even bother to identify the bodyguard causing these alleged problems.

It should be noted, Gossip Cop has debunked similar narratives in the past. Back in June, we called out OK!’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, for falsely claiming Jolie was “falling for” one of her bodyguards. One month later, the tabloid published a phony follow-up story about Jolie having a “showdown” with her bodyguard’s girlfriend.

It’s unclear if the “bodyguard” mentioned in this latest piece is the same one referred to in those previous articles. It hardly matters, of course, considering that this ongoing narrative is a work of fiction. Jolie isn’t developing a relationship with any member of her security team.

Gossip Cop should also mention, OK! is the same magazine that published a cover story in April about Jolie secretly dating Colin Farrell. The unreliable outlet quickly dropped that phony storyline after it became clear the two weren’t a couple. The lazy tabloid is now borrowing the bodyguard scenario from one of its sister outlets. Repeating lies doesn’t make them true.

Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Cruise Sad About Jamie Foxx Split?

Katie Holmes Suri Jamie Foxx Split Sad

(Getty Images)

Is Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise sad about her mom’s split from Jamie Foxx? That’s the phony premise featured in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can set the record straight.

“How Suri’s Coping With Losing Her Second Dad,” reads a headline in the latest issue of In Touch, which claims the 13-year-old had come to think of the actor as a father figure in the years since she’s been estranged from real dad Tom Cruise. An unknown source is quoted as telling the magazine, “When Suri asked about Jamie, her mom told her the truth – that they had broken up.”

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The anonymous insider adds, “Suri was sad, but she’s able to handle it. She’s a lot more mature than people think. She trusts her mom.” In reality, the unreliable tabloid has absolutely zero insight into how Holmes’ daughter feels about her mom’s breakup.

For starters, trusted sources have repeatedly assured us that Foxx was never like a “second dad” to the teenage girl. The actor spent a very limited amount of time with Suri while he was dating her mom. Holmes and Foxx had an unconventional romance and lived their own lives when they weren’t together.

As for this latest take on the subject, Holmes’ spokesperson says on the record that it’s completely untrue. The actress’s rep assures us In Touch knows nothing about Suri and should “stop using Katie’s daughter to sell magazines.” Holmes’ relationship with Foxx was kept totally separate from her family life.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time a tabloid has decided to drag Holmes’ daughter into a story about the actress’s romance with Foxx. Back in 2017, Gossip Cop busted In Touch’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, for falsely claiming Foxx would be legally adopting Suri. That obviously didn’t happen.

Last year, Gossip Cop called out Woman’s Day for making up a story about Holmes’ daughter begging her to dump Foxx. The young girl never made such a request. Shortly after that, NW wrongly reported that Suri was fighting with her mom over Foxx moving in with them. The actor never lived with Holmes or her daughter.

As recently as April, Gossip Cop debunked a phony story claiming Holmes wanted Foxx to replace Cruise as Suri’s new father. Nothing about this ongoing saga has ever been true. Suri wasn’t involved in her mom’s relationship with the actor. Now that Holmes and Foxx have split, the gossip media is just trying to involve Suri in the breakup too.