Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Leading “Separate Lives”?

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Separate Lives

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Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian leading “separate lives”? Gossip Cop can debunk a tabloid report with this flimsy premise. It is provably untrue.

The latest edition of Closer features a headline with a fake quote, “Kanye And I Have Become Virtual Strangers.” Kardashian never actually said that, but the magazine is falsely leading readers to believe she did. The article contends that since West spent much of the past few months in Wyoming and is continuing to work on music in Los Angeles, his wife is “worrying they could become strangers.”

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“Kim feels she and Kanye are virtually living separate lives,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, claiming they “barely talk.” The supposed snitch alleges Kardashian only sees her husband when she visits him at the studio, or when he comes home to see their kids. The outlet acknowledges they recently went to Paris together for a fashion show, but asserts, “Kim hardly got to spend any private time with Kanye.”

Maintains the alleged tipster, “She’s torn between being supportive and wanting her husband back.” Though West’s perspective isn’t given, the purported insider claims Kardashian feels “desperately alone” and “can’t help but feel a bit hopeless.” But the picture painted by the publication is largely inaccurate, as Kardashian and West have been together a ton in recent weeks.

As May ended and June began, Kardashian was by West’s side at a listening party for his new album. Less than two weeks later, she threw the rapper a birthday party, for which West thanked her on Twitter and shared a picture with his arm around her. In the middle of the month, the couple traveled to New York to celebrate their daughter North’s birthday. During that trip, Kardashian and West also stepped out together at a listening party for Nas.

As for their time in Paris, that was a quick, one-day jaunt, as they swiftly returned to Los Angeles to go to a listening party for Teyana Taylor. Kardashian did a Snapchat of herself and West enjoying Popeyes together “fresh off the plane.” Amidst all this, Kardashian paid tribute to West on her website in honor of Father’s Day, writing, “I’m so thankful to have a husband who is the most caring and loving dad to our three babies.”

Conclusion: This story is all about Kardashian and West allegedly leading “separate lives” and becoming “strangers,” and yet Gossip Cop identified at least five times they were publicly together over the last month. That doesn’t count all the time they’ve spent together privately, unbeknownst to the rest of the world. And with these sightings, it’s quite apparent Kardashian doesn’t only see West at home or when she visits his studio, as wrongly claimed. Fans themselves can see how untrue this story is.

It’s also a stark contrast to the tabloid’s last (and also false) article on the couple, in which it was claimed Kardashian was going to surprise West with the supposed news their surrogate was going to carry triplets for them. That’s not even mentioned in this new and equally bogus report. Perhaps Closer should work on getting a lot closer to the facts.


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