Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce Papers Signed?

(OK Australia)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is “over,” according to a completely wrong tabloid cover story. This false narrative is being sold with a lie about divorce papers being signed. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

The latest cover of OK! Australia blares, “Kim & Kanye: It’s Finally Over! Divorce Papers Signed!” As seen above, the front of the edition even features a photo of legal documents. Anyone seeing this cover would rationally assume the picture shows Kardashian and West’s paperwork to dissolve their marriage. There’s really no other reasonable interpretation. But these are not the couple’s divorce papers.

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It’s not until the very end of the article inside the issue that it becomes clear the documents have nothing to do with West at all. The divorce papers showcased are from Kardashian’s 2004 divorce from Damon Thomas (see below). Because these papers are a matter of public record, they’ve been circulating on the internet for years. The tabloid is now deceptively using them on its new cover with the date and names blurred so that fans are duped into thinking they are current court papers that prove Kardashian and West are getting divorced.

As for the actual contentions in the report, they are word-for-word the same as this week’s untrue In Touch cover story, which wrongly announced a divorce for Kardashian and West. As Gossip Cop has pointed out before, Bauer Media has owned both publications, which allows them to share content and trick readers on both sides of the globe. (Bauer recently sold In Touch to AMI, but the deal does not take effect until July 1.) Notably, In Touch also featured a photo of the Thomas divorce papers in its article, but did not also put it on the cover the way that OK! did (see below).

But apart from that difference, the narratives are exactly the same. And nowhere in the text of either report is it actually alleged that Kardashian and West have signed divorce papers. That’s because they don’t, and their marriage isn’t “over,” either. Just over a month ago, Kardashian honored West on Twitter for their anniversary, stating twice that she intends to spend “forever” with him. While they may not reach that goal, as many celebrities marriages don’t, they certainly haven’t split yet. In fact, a few days ago, when another gossip publication tried to claim Kardashian and West are leading “separate lives,” Gossip Cop pointed out all the time they’ve spent together throughout June.

Conclusion: The cover of OK! announces there are “divorced papers signed” for Kardashian and West, but inside the issue, it’s revealed the divorce papers are really from her first marriage. The actual article makes no mention Kardashian and West signing divorce papers for their marriage, and only features the same misguided and false claims that were published by sister outlet In Touch. Gossip Cop rightly debunked that report, correctly explaining that the couple is still together. Nothing has changed, aside from this tabloid tacking on an additional lie.




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