Beyoncé Criticized For Makeup In Magazine Photo Shoot

Photos from a shoot Beyoncé recently starred in are stirring up some controversy. Released on the internet today, the pictures from the magazine L’Officiel Paris feature Beyoncé wearing dark face makeup. The shoot was inspired by African Queens and was meant to serve as a tribute to Nigerian political singer Fela Kuti. Many are accusing the magazine of being offensive. They claim that treating “blackface” as art is extremely racist.

Maybe the magazine shouldn’t have used makeup similar to such a controversial historical image. However, I don’t believe that they or Beyoncé did it to intentionally offend anyone. The photo shoot was meant to be an artistic, honorable tribute to African culture. As for Beyoncé, she has long been a role model for strong women of all races. On top of that, her husband Jay-Z helped produce a Broadway musical entitled Fela! about Fela Kuti’s work.

Beyoncé has yet to make a statement but will most likely defend the purpose of the photo shoot.

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