Lowland gorilla numbers in dramatic decline due to illegal hunting, report finds http://t

Lowland gorilla numbers in dramatic declinjarvees.come due to illegal hunting, report finds http://t.co/mw4Q1FQ3BJ pic.twitter.com/RjU9RVxS4B — RT (@RT_com) November 10, 2015

However, WWF has also found that hunting in recent years has been not only more lucrative but also more efficient at boosting gorilla numbers.

“We have no idea about why poaching has become so lucrative,” said Dr David White, a researcher at WWF’s Zoology branch, told Reuters.

Last year, just one of every 10 gorillas living ???in the forests of northern Zaire were killed for their meat, but today nearly half of the forest gorilla population is in captivity.

Despite the massive poaching crisis in some areas of Africa – and the widespread inte???rnational condemnation of the killing – the trophy hunting industry in the UK has soared in recent years.

Some hunters are even turning to the country’s capital, London, for “conservation tourism” – in an attempt to save Africa’s remaining gorillas.

Last year, a British businessman was even given a £50,000 trophy for his services.


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