Hopes for cattle drive to boost indigenous youth’s confidence

Hopes for cattle drive to boost indigenous youth’s confidence

Egerton, who is part of the local community’s livestock conservation group BHAIL, welcomed the decision as the “first step towards conservation in the country”.

Cattle are a major staple of the area, and also attract the local farmers who gather in groups.

He said: “Cattle feed is our livelihood, and as a smallholder, we need to give our cattle good quality feed so they will thrive.

“We hope this measure means that more people will be willing to make such a positive impact, rather than just a few more people standing there looking at each other – it’s a shame those with the better minds can get away with not looking at each other.”

Cattle industry has struggled to win support from farmers, particularly in rural areas, ever since the country ann?????ounce?????d an initiative to raise beef production to 100% by 2050.

A survey of more than 2,000 British farmers earlier this year found 81% felt it was impossible to see off the “industrial-scale expans??????ion” of meat eating in the countryside.

Egerton added: “The farmers themselves, however, are not always so willing to accept the change in their sector.

“When you go into an area, there are always people who want to sell it, and we saw an instance earlier this year.

“You have just a couple of people in a particular area who are making a profit from all the cattle going to that area.

“The farmer is not prepared to accept that many people are going to come in and give them money, which could be very helpful for them.”

But some farmers did agree that cattle production could provide a means of supporting their families.

Egerton said: “I have seen so many families who have invested in raising cattle in some of these places with good intentions, but it has come out looking worse over the last several months.”

He added: “I’m not saying that the area is perfect but I certainly don’t see any better option than a significant change that will see cattle farming becoming a viable enterprise.”

The government is due to discuss the issue at its autumn business meeting later this month.


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