Reverb “Boy Band” Video – Watch “Stay” Group Performance!

Reverb Boy Band Video


The group Reverb performed together for the first time on Thursday’s “Boy Band,” singing “Stay.” Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, “Boy Band” premiered on ABC last week. The new reality show started with 30 singers hoping to be part of the next great boy band. Nick Carter, Timbaland and Emma Bunton are the “architects” who are putting the final group together. On the series premiere, they narrowed down the 30 contestants to 18 and put them into three groups of six. The first group, Uplift, performed during that episode, with one member getting eliminated afterward. After the second and third groups perform and face elimination, the panel will shuffle members as they see fit and continue to evaluate the performers until just five are left standing. At the end, the newly-formed boy band will be awarded a deal with Hollywood Records.

After Uplift had its turn on the stage last week, tonight’s second episode of the competition focused on Reverb and its six members: Jon Klassen, Brady Tutton, Andrew Bloom, Jaden Gray, Camry Jackson and Chance Perez. As Gossip Cop previously noted, Gray was one of the standouts during the auditions, stunning the architects with his performance of “Hallelujah.” But now he had to prepare to perform with five others instead of solo. And one of them would be going home by the end of the hour.

When the show started, Timbaland said he wanted some echoing (in a nod to their name “Reverb”) and “a lot of loud singing,” while Carter said these six were put together because they have the “strongest vocals in the entire competition.” But how would they sound together? After some bonding and hijinks in a hotel pool, Bunton encouraged the young guys to “connect and look after each other.” At the same time, each needed to have their own “character,” the Spice Girls singer said. And they were well aware that while they’re performing as a team, they are also competing against each other.

After treating Bunton to an on-the-spot rendition of Jon Bellion’s “All Time Low,” the work began in earnest. At vocal rehearsal with vocal producer Tim Davis, he warned them, “This is not high school. This is not your church worship team.” They were tasked with performing with Rihanna’s “Stay.” In band rehearsal with musical director Adam Blackstone, Klassen was asked to integrate piano playing into the performance. Bloom struggled with going from a lead singer to harmonizing, and there was concern about whether Gray could move beyond gospel.

A choreography session followed with choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha, who wanted to make the performance as “big” as possible, given the song is a ballad. They had four hours to figure out staging and blocking when the duo typically works with artist for six days. Each was asked to show “meaning” as they performed. It was an emotional experience as all relayed personal stories of why they related to the lyrics, and a few of the guys even shed tears.

After all that, it was performance time. Just like when Uplift took the stage, the crowd cheered as if Reverb was already a well-known act. Timbaland, Carter and Bunton were even out of their seats at different points as they watched and took it all in. “The competition has started,” Bunton declared as the two other groups looked on. She went on to praise, “Brady, your tone is angelic… Chance, I’m not the only one who’s been a fan from the start. You had the pressure of starting the song and you smashed it.”

“Jaden, thank you for believing in your voice and not your runs,” Timbaland said, adding, “Cam, natural, buddy, natural.” Carter admitted he was “shell-shocked” by the rendition and their vocal harmony, even saying it was like “the start of a Grammy performance in a lot of ways.” But he told Klassen that after starting on the piano, he “didn’t didn’t come out and didn’t take control.” He further criticized, “Andrew Bloom, I feel like you have your head down a lot when you’re performing.”

With all that in mind, the architects had to eliminate one member. And it was Jon Klassen who was cut. Check out full video of the “Stay” performance below.


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