Peter Andre Is Ready To Attack Katie Price In Custody Battle

Wonderful. Yet another couple who can’t manage to keep things civil in the name of their children.
It’s been a while since Peter Andre and Katie Price have called each other lovers, but

Attn. Peter Andre! Your EX Has A New BF For You To Hate!

Alex Reid, you might want to listen to this too!
Meet Leandro Penna, the new man in Jordan Katie Price’s life. We have no idea what the status of her current

Move Over, Starbucks! Peter Andre’s Providing The Latte’s Now!


At least he’ll have no competition with his ex, Katie Price, in this area. She’s WAY too busy to care about importing the right expresso beans!

Peter Andre has announced he is

Katie Price Covers Up Pete Andre Tat!


Well, lookie here!

Katie Price and her latest prey boyfriend, Leandro Penna, were spotted out and about last night in Londontown, with the former glamor model showing off a new tattoo on

Peter Andre’s Song Bombs



Peter Andre‘s latest single Perfect Night totally bombed on the UK Singles Charts. The song only managed to hit the #48 spot – a much different record than what the singer

Peter Andre’s Upcoming Reality Show Has Some SERIOUS Behind-The-Scenes Issues!



Well, at least he isn’t part of the drama directly this time!

Peter Andre has had a reality TV show, called The Next Chapter, in the works for ITV2, but after

Kevin Spacey’s Apology To Anthony Rapp Has Been Put On Blast By ALL Of Twitter!

kevin spacey apology put on blast
UPDATE 1:22 P.M. EST: We’ve added Zachary Quinto‘s scorching response (below)!

People are NOT here for Kevin Spacey‘s apology to Anthony Rapp.
As we previously reported, on Sunday, the Rent

Supergirl Star Hospitalized, Says He ‘Almost Died’ After Eating Chipotle!

no title
One thing Supergirl can’t save you from? Norovirus!
Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn on the hit CW show, shared his first Instagram Story Thursday night to let fans know he was alive

People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Get Out Being Categorized As A Comedy Or Musical For The Golden Globes — Including Creator Jordan Peele!

no title
In case you haven’t heard, Get Out will be considered for the comedy category at the 2018 Golden Globes.
Considering the heavy subject matter surrounding the ever present racism in our country

Peter Andre Just Can’t Quit You, Katie Price

Any by that we mean he can’t stop using you to garner a little attention for himself.
It’s been two years since his divorce from Katie Price, yet the memory of Peter