Adele Has To Pay How Much In Divorce Settlement?!

On April 6, the Los Angeles court confirmed Adele’s request to keep the details of her divorce with her ex-husband Simon Konecki private, as it should be. However quickly after the settlement, rumour has it that the British born singer may have to cough up over $ 140 million in the nasty divorce settlement. 

Adele and her ex-husband Simon had only been together for around 3 years, yet Simon may be walking out of the marriage with nearly three fourths of Adele’s alleged net worth of about $ 190 million.

It’s important to understand this hasn’t been fully confirmed by Adele’s management or her ex-husband, yet there is a chance that the $ 140 million is the lump sum the ex-couple could split, not precisely what Simon could be fully entitled to. Either way, Adele officially filed for the divorce in California, where it’s law that spouses are entitled to half of their significant other’s income and assets throughout the time they were legally married. 

Adele’s net worth throughout their marriage skyrocketed due to her insanely successful 2016-17 world tour concerts. Her net worth supposedly leaped from $ 69 million to over $ 182 million just from one year alone, granting her $ 55 million exclusively from touring. 

Adele’s been hustling since her claim to fame, we can’t help but respect her grind, but like everything else happening in the world; Twitter is up and arms. Incels have been coming out of the woodwork siding with Simon for his “Get Rich Quick” outcome, and just about everyone else who doesn’t watch Rick And Morty are empathizing with Adele over the crushing rumors. 

At the end of the day, Adele’s “21” album is a staple of the generation, shove your toxic masculinity aside and listen to some bedroom pop once and awhile. Trust us it’s great.

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