Amber Heard Sues ‘Sexploitive’ Movie Producer Over Nude Scenes Shot Without Her Permission!

Amber Heard is back in court. And this time, it has nothing to do with Johnny Depp. Well, almost nothing.

The Justice League actress is being sued by producer Christopher Hanley and his wife Roberta Hanley over their film London Fields.

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Amber filmed the crime flick back in 2015, but the Hanleys attest Amber has been conspiring to undermine the film (which still hasn’t been released). They’re looking for recompense in the form of $ 10 million.

Well, Amber finally responded in court on Thursday with her own countersuit, telling the judge:

“This case shines a spotlight on the dark underbelly of Hollywood.”

Her attorney explained in her cross-complaint:

“Amber Heard is the latest victim of this lascivious and sexploitive couple. A rising film star, Heard agreed to play the lead in the motion picture entitled London Fields based on Martin Amis’s novel. After reading the script, she insisted on specific restrictions about nudity and sex scenes in the film as a condition to agreeing to appear in the Movie. Hanley… expressly agreed to Heard’s terms, and they were memorialized in the Nudity Rider to her contract.”

The Hanleys also caused to be filmed secretly several additional nude and sex scenes with a body double for Heard and included them in the ‘Producer’s Cut’ — also in violation of the Nudity Rider. The secret filming of this body double footage was not on the schedule that had been provided to Heard and was shot with a skeleton crew only after Heard had completed filming and had left the set. The body double footage included an explicit pornographic sex scene that Heard would never have agreed to do herself… The body double footage was designed and intended to leave anyone who saw the images with the distinct impression that it was Heard.”

That sex scene was apparently between Heard’s character — Nicola Six — and a policewoman. And a baton. So yeah. Classy.

If the producers did indeed go behind Amber’s back to violate her nudity rider, the judge may throw their suit out completely.

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But that’s not all. Amber also claims in her cross-complaint that the producer demanded “continuity photos” of her — something she says the producer had no business getting his hands on:

“Such photos can include various states of undress during wardrobe changes. There is no legitimate business purpose for Hanley to have such photographs after filming was concluded, and the Hanleys had and have no rights to use such photographs for any proper purpose after filming ended. The Hanleys’ prurient interest in exploiting Heard — both on and off camera — speaks volumes about their values.”

It seems everyone else involved is on Amber’s side.

Director Matthew Cullen is suing the Hanleys as well, as he alleges they hijacked the film to create their “producer’s cut.” And the main cast refused to show up to support the film when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Not a good sign.

This is just the latest scandal the troubled film has faced. We told you this case had almost nothing to do with Amber’s ex. Well, it happens to be the movie she was filming when she and Depp were filming together when she was accused of cheating on him with their costar Billy Bob Thornton.


London Fields also stars Jim Sturgess, Theo James, and Cara Delevingne. But we doubt we’ll ever see it at this point.

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