Angelina Jolie Working With Disney To “Clean Up” Image Amid Brad Pitt Divorce?

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Divorce

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Is Angelina Jolie working with family-friendly Disney to “clean up” her image amid her “ugly divorce” from Brad Pitt? That’s the claim in one of this week’s celebrity magazines. Gossip Cop, however, can correct this highly inaccurate premise.

According to the National Enquirer, Jolie is getting help from Disney with “damage control,” so that her divorce from Pitt doesn’t affect the release of the Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil when it’s released in seven months. To make its story seem believable, the supermarket tabloid alleges it has “insiders” who say (in unison), “Having Angie and her children at Disney’s Dumbo premiere was no accident. Disney wants to show her off being a great mother.” “[Jolie] knows the damage that the divorce has done to her image,” adds the same unnamed and unverifiable “insiders.”

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The truth is Jolie has been bringing her kids to movie premieres for years, well before she and Pitt split up in September 2016. Also, it’s not like the actress has suddenly aligned herself with Disney to “clean up” her image. Jolie starred in Disney’s Maleficent, which was released in 2014, a good two years prior to her filing for divorce.

As noted above, the Oscar-winner’s children have accompanied Jolie for more than a decade to film openings, some of which are decidedly not Disney-esque. For instance, Maddox and Pax were with Jolie at the 2013 premiere of Pitt’s World War Z in London. And Shiloh attended the U.S. premiere in 2014 of Unbroken, which Jolie directed. And all of Jolie’s kids joined her for the world premiere of First They Killed My Father, which most certainly was not a family movie.

Simply, Jolie recently took her kids to Dumbo because, as previously established, they often go to premieres, and also because she thought they would enjoy the movie. Sources both within Jolie’s world and at Disney assure Gossip Cop her attendance was unrelated to her divorce from Pitt or some master plan to “clean up” her image. The Enquirer or its collective “insiders” made up that narrative, much like several of the outlet’s other tales.

Just a few days ago, for instance, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it untruthfully contended Jolie was drinking booze because Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have been secretly meeting up. Interestingly, the magazine claimed in that article how Jolie was “caught drinking a large glass of wine” at the Dumbo premiere. That actually 100 percent contradicts the latest report about Jolie attending that film with her kids as part of Disney’s plot to “clean up” her image and to “show her off being a great mother” amid her divorce from Pitt. For the record, Jolie just had a few sips of red wine at the movie’s party.

Just two weeks before that untrue story, Gossip Cop corrected the very same publication when it falsely insisted Jolie was moving to New York to get away from Pitt. In that piece, the tabloid’s supposed tipster explained Jolie wanted to go cross-country to make it “more difficult” for Pitt to see his kids. That is not what a “great mother” does. In fact, a move like that would quite possibly lead to Jolie losing custody of her children.

Also this past month, Gossip Cop looked back at another article from that magazine which absurdly maintained Jolie was “heartbroken” Pitt and Aniston were getting back together. Of course, as their reps have repeatedly confirmed to us, Aniston and Pitt are not reuniting romantically. Maybe it’s time the publication begins doing “damage control” on its own behalf, considering how frequently wrong it continues to be about Jolie and her family.


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