Death Threats From the Mouth of Bieber Baby Babes

Death threats? Justin ‘Baby’ Bieber’s fans are like what? 8 year-old girls? And they’re giving death threats to Bieber “haters”? It’s amusing the first time, when they threatened Kim Kardashian after Bieber tweeted that she was his girlfiend. These moppets grow tiresome; snotty little pests. Parents, lock up your Bieber babies, ban them from the Internet, take away their smartphones, and teach them that not everyone likes mediocrity Justin Bieber as much as they do, and that it’s really okay. They need to find their happy place every time someone publicly doesn’t like Justin, or they’ll have an aneurysm. Teach them a sense of humor, because it’s a free country and that Shaved Bieber software is funny to those of us who don’t want to listen to any more ‘baby baby baby’ from him.

On the other hand, the video of  two year- old Ella performing his song is quite amusing. Here it is below, in case you’re one of what, 5 people in the world who haven’t seen it:


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