Katie Price Claims To Have Gay Drag Videos Of Ex Alex Reid!


Okay, a little intriguing, but still mostly horrible!

Jordan‘s marriage to Alex Reid was about as permanent as the glamor model’s hair color, and it appears that their split has become less than amicable, and because of that, the world may be getting some very NSFW footage of the drag queen/reality contestant/cage fighter!

According to Katie‘s Twitter:

“Wish alex reid would stop selling stories about me!”

“I’m sure if people saw pic&vid clips of him as roxanne its enough to turn anyone off.”

And her boyfriend, Leandro Penna, elaborated:

“Alex reid should worry ive seen video of him as a women SHOCKING it explains why Katie finished with him what a weird freak gay.”

“I am not homophobic, I have no problem with gays, it is Alex’s sickening behaviour I have a problem with.”

Oh, just lovely!

Nothing better than publicly trying to exploit your ex’s personal life and painting them as some sort of sexual deviant!

And even better! Associating “weird” and “freaks” with being gay!

Well done!

If this is how you two relate, then perhaps you are actually made for each other!

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