Kim Kardashian plane story just plain stinks



According to the National Enquirer, “Kim Kardashian caused a big stink when she boarded a flight at LAX carrying a just-purchased giant burrito that smelled… as odiferous as a Mexican bean factory!”

The supermarket tabloid claims, “Passengers gagged, and a guy several rows back barked at a stewardess: ‘What’s that putrid smell?’” 

Kardashian, reports the weekly rag, ‘fessed up, “It’s my burrito! I was starving and had to have something to eat. But you’re right, it smells terrible,” and had a flight attendant dispose of it.

After the burrito was tossed, the Enquirer says, “Kim’s fellow fliers thanked here, quickly cranked their air ducts on full blast… and were finally breathin’ easy a half hour later.”

Gossip Cop initially thought this story smelled bad since it neglected to mention when this allegedly occurred or where the flight was headed.

And then Kardashian herself noted the article didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star wrote on her blog, “First of all, I absolutely hate burritos! Secondly, I have never brought Mexican food on a plane. This never happened and these quotes made me laugh so much… This is just hysterical!”

Just another stinker from the Enquirer.

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