Megan Fox Threatening To Divorce Brian Austin Green For Admitting He Hooked Up With Tori Spelling?

Megan Fox Brian Austin Green Tori Spelling Divorce

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Megan Fox is threatening to divorce Brian Austin Green for admitting he once hooked up with Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Tori Spelling? That’s the bogus claim in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve learned it’s untrue.

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live earlier this month, Green admitted to having a fling with Spelling during the original run of 90210 back in the ’90s. The actress herself had already publicly spoken about the tryst, so when Green was asked to confirm it, he acknowledged, “We hooked up. We did. But we were young and so that’s what young people do.”

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According to Woman’s Day, Green’s wife of nine years is enraged by his comments. “Megan finds it really disrespectful that he felt the need to announce that,” an anonymous source tells the magazine. “She’s reminded Brian she’s filed for divorce before and she’d do it again. To say he’s in the dog house would be an understatement.”

The magazine’s story is based on claims from an unidentified “insider,” but Gossip Cop reached out to Fox’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record there’s “zero truth” to it. The actress isn’t threatening to divorce her husband over a relationship from his past. Furthermore, Green didn’t exactly go out of his way to “announce” his past hookup with Spelling. The question was posed during an interview on a live talk show, and he actually seemed hesitant to answer it at first. Not to mention, the news was already out there.

The outlet’s story just seems like a weak attempt at capitalizing on the popularity of the 90210 reboot. OK! was guilty of this last week when it falsely claimed Jennie Garth was furious with Spelling for casting Denise Richards on BH90210 without running it by her first. The story was total fiction. In reality, Garth and Spelling are close friends and there’s no drama between them on the set of the reboot.

Of course, this also wouldn’t be the first time Fox’s marriage has been the subject of a bogus report. Gossip Cop busted NW last year for falsely claiming Josh Duhamel was pursuing Fox, despite her being happily married to Green, with whom she shares three kids. The story was concocted simply because Duhamel and Fox were making a movie together. It’s seems the gossip media just enjoys throwing the actress and her husband into fake love triangles. Green’s recent admission about a years-old romance with Spelling hasn’t impacted his marriage.


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