Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher Marriage In Trouble After He Testifies In Murder Trial?

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Marriage Murder Trial

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Ashton Kutcher recently testified in a murder trial against a man who’s since been convicted of killing two women, and according to a tabloid, the situation has caused problems in his marriage to Mila Kunis. Gossip Cop can correct the phony story. The actor’s involvement in the case hasn’t negatively impacted his relationship.

In May, Kutcher testified against accused killer Michael Gargiulo, known as the “Hollywood Ripper,” who was being tried for the stabbing deaths of two young women in Los Angeles. One of the victims was a 22-year-old fashion student named Ashley Ellerin, who was dating Kutcher when she was murdered in 2001. The actor went to Ellerin’s Hollywood Hills home on the night of her murder to pick her up for a date, but left when she didn’t answer the door. He learned the following morning that she had been dead inside the home when he arrived.

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Earlier this month, Gargiulo was found guilty of murdering Ellerin, as well as another woman he stabbed to death in 2005. The verdict came two months after Kutcher’s testimony about what he saw the night he arrived at the victim’s home. Woman’s Day has decided to capitalize on the situation by falsely alleging Kutcher is stressed to the point where he’s lashing out at his wife.

“Mila has been as upbeat and positive as always but Ashton’s been a nightmare,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “He’s short-tempered with her and the kids, and she’s had enough of it.” The anonymous tipster adds, “They never used to argue but now it’s like they’re constantly butting heads.” The supposed source further contends that Kunis has ripped off her wedding ring and it will stay off “until he can get his act together.”

Nothing about the outlet’s report is remotely true. Kunis and Kutcher, who celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary last month, are going strong. People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Woman’s Day, reported last week that the spouses are “very happy” and “have a very fulfilling life and love sharing the responsibilities of being parents.”

Last month, Kutcher shared a funny Instagram video of him and Kunis singing a children’s song together. It’s fairly clear he hasn’t been a “nightmare” to be around. In June, Kunis and Kutcher shared an Instagram video in which they mocked another tabloid for falsely claiming their marriage was “over.” Both of those videos were posted long after the actor delivered his testimony. Woman’s Day seems to be rehashing the event simply because Gargiulo was recently found guilty.

Gossip Cop also checked in with a rep for Kunis, who tells us on the record that the tabloid’s report is “all false.” The magazine’s article seems to be nothing more than a weak attempt to exploit a murder trial. Kutcher’s involvement in the case hasn’t taken a toll on his marriage in any way.


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